The End of Days – Scenario III: Zombie Virus

You knew this was coming. I am obsessed with zombies and I firmly believe this will be the reason the world comes to an end. Go ahead and laugh if you want. I don’t mind. I’ll stick to thinking zombies will end the world and you can stick to thinking that there is a man in the sky looking down on us. I did start a blog entry last year or so about the days leading up to a zombie outbreak and how it’ll spread across the globe but I had writer’s block and the blog story never was finished. Now that it is getting closer to the last day on Earth, I think I just might get back to it and post it. I think it was a good story. You are welcome to read up on it here. I believe I have three parts to it. Take your time and read it. I’ll wait here for you to finish.

Day 1Day 2Day 3

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Zombie Hunger Games

We all fear what will happen on the 21st of December this year. Depending on the election turning out like last year, we could be faced with the return of Obama. Many people believe he is the anti-Christ but still it cannot be proven. What about Planet X or a meteor crashing into our beloved planet? There is no telling what will bring civilization to its’ knees. I still believe the world is going to be overrun by zombies. Yes, just like AMC’s The Walking Dead – just with the exception of Carl running off.
Naysayers will blow their own horn and try to rationalize with people who if the zombie outbreak was to actually occur, the zombie would “die” out and all the hopes and dreams of people like me who dream of fighting zombies will fade away like the fall line up NBC. But I still believe that when December 21st hits and the Mayan’s laugh about it, we’ll all be subjected to the uprising of the undead and the hysteria that will soon follow.

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Halloween 2012

My favorite holiday came and went again. I had a fantastic costume planned. I was all set on doing it but I always procrastinate and never complete it. I never even started it. I looked at some photos of it and got ideas of how to. But I failed and another great costume never happened. Instead of doing a very elaborate costume this year, I instead went old school. I was a zombie this year. How did it turn out?

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Hollywood Superstar, Shia Labeouf

I got pretty excited when news broke about a possible ‘zombie virus’. I’ve warned people for years about a zombie outbreak and how the world will be destroyed by these creatures. Some non-believers scoff at the idea and try to shrug it off with a silly explanation that “we are the zombies food source. When we’re all gone, they can’t survive.” If we’re all gone then we lost. The zombies have taken over the planet and the human race is no more. But that doesn’t mean they’ll die. They are already dead. They can’t die just from not eating.  But other people can die from not eating. That’s the group we need to worry about. They may not take over the world like zombies can. A few handful of people may die and that would the end of it. Sure, the end of the human race is inevitable. It’ll happen. But not from zombies. At least not at first. It won’t be from the mysterious, planet X. Even Obama won’t be the end, even though he’s trying really hard. Folks, there is another reason the world is going to end. It’s happening now. It’s anarchy and this current craze is catching on. All the cool kids are doing it. This is the beginning. It all starts somewhere.

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