Duck Dynasty & All Reality Television Is Dragging America Into The Gutter

I am not a fan of reality television. I don’t like it. I don’t care  for Survivor or The Bachelor. I have no desire to watch those and the other countless shows that tend to milk America and show the world that our country is a being emptied into a steady cesspool of reality television. Once Survivor hit the air, it seems that every network wanted a piece of the action. What better way to draw in viewers and ratings than to subject the public to the pitfalls of our friends, family, and neighbors? I hope I am not the only one who hates reality television. I’m sure I am not the only one who changes channels or, if an ad comes on the TV about a new reality show, doesn’t throw up a little bit in their mouth? It’s garbage. Plain and simple. Nothing entertaining about it. Judge me if you want but I am a firm believer that watching normal people on TV isn’t qualified as entertainment. I work in retail. That’s entertainment enough. I get enough pleasure just watching people around me. Why would I need an “unscripted” show to appease me and fill my head with an hour of garbage? Continue reading


NBC’s newest sitcom

If shows like, Two and a Half Men and That 70’s Show can get on the air, then I think my show can too. I know I tried getting the Michael Wong Show on the air but that show was foul NBC-logoand a bit amateurish for most people’s taste. Ideas of shows I had sat dormant in my noggin. A few weeks ago, while having a few drinks with some friends, I came up with the greatest show ever. It’ll be funny, it’ll be heartwarming, and it’ll be edgy. It’ll be a comedy but with heart. Put this on the 2013 fall line up or if that is already booked then I can wait till the 2014 comedy line up. This show will win awards.

I hope someone from NBC is reading this. I promise this show will be comedic gold. I am a funny mofo. Read me blog and then try to tell me otherwise. I hope you like it. NBC, I’ll be waiting to hear from ya.


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Ten Shows I Have Never Seen & Don’t Care To: Part II

This is the second part to my list of 10 television shows that I haven’t watched and don’t care to. If you missed the past entry, you can view it here. The list is in no order. I am just sharing with you hit shows that I should watch and enjoy but don’t. Maybe I am lazy. Maybe I find the acting to be stale and the storyline boring. I already mentioned five of them, I guess I can continue on with the other five shows I don’t care for. If you are looking for some long rant about why the show sucks, don’t look here. A majority of the shows I am listing I have never seen. Continue reading


Ten Shows I Have Never Seen & Don’t Care To: Part 1

There are tons of great shows on television right now. There were some great shows on tv before. With so many good shows on television right now, there is no possible way I can watch them all. Sure I can DVR them but I tend to forget about my DVR and rarely record them shows I watch already. I am going to share with you 10 shows that are critically acclaimed but I don’t watch them. Some are older shows and newer shows. But these 10 shows (in no particular order) are shows that I have never seen and don’t care to. I should watch them but no. I won’t.

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