War is Hell

When I was little, my sister and I would play CHiPs. She was Ponch and I was Jon. We would make the hallway in our house the 405 and our mode of transportation were pillows. When we put the pillows between our legs, those soft things became bad ass motorcycles. It was pretty sweet. Not to mention, the wrecks we endured. Speeding down the stairs was always a disaster waiting to happen. Believe me, it was fun. Make believe was fun. You know what else was fun?

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Naughty or Nice

The holiday season is fast approaching. People are rushing about. They need to finish what little shopping they have left to beat the final hours before Santa arrives to bring joy and cheer to all the little girls and boys around the world. What’s that? You don’t believe in Santa? Then you probably don’t believe in the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny. They are real. They are all very real. But if Santa and the others are real, does that mean other things are real too? What about those things that go bump in the night. Are they real too? Yes, they are.

While scouring the internet one night, I came across a holiday special of a classic television show. Much like The Twilight Zone” and “The Outer Limits”, I have always loved anthology series. This series, “Tales From the Darkside” aired an episode back in 1986.  The powers of Youtube helped me out. I was searching for another episode from an entirely different show. But aside from that, I found this little gem and now know that Santa is real and so is the Grither. Be warned, people. Don’t say his name. He doesn’t like it. He’ll find you. He’ll rip off your arms with his basketball-sized fists.

Two kids get an interesting story from his parents on Christmas Eve about a creature who doesn’t like to hear his name. Be scared and don’t piss off the Grither.

The tale has a great mix of horror and humor. I wish I had parents like them. The mother is hilarious. The song, uncle Barney Bismark, and Mrs. Claus’ tasty Lasagna. I expected the ending but just the banter between the parents is enough to make this episode a gem. The link is below. Go watch it and remember, DON’T SAY HIS NAME!

Merry Christmas!






Election Year – 2012

Are you sick of Obama already? Do you think he’s put this country into greater debt? Can you do something!? Sure you can! You need to vote. Your vote will count. You can make this country a better place. Your one vote can bring this country back to the top.With a new election year coming close, there will be a wide variety of people who will do all they can to get themselves in office. I had the chance to sit down with two hopefuls. They both have their eyes on the oval office. You can watch the debate video below.


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