My New Tattoo

After years of saying I would get another tattoo, I finally got the courage to get it done. This is my second tattoo. I like it. I think it turned out nicely. While it will mean nothing to you, it does mean a lot to me. There is a story behind it. Unlike my first tattoo, which is of a scorpion, this one has meaning and not just a tattoo of one of my favorite animals. Let me show the tattoo to you and tell you the eerie story behind it because what good is just showing it to you without actually telling a story.

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Hardcastle 19

Twenty-Six Till It’s Nineteen..ni…nineteen.

It’s quite a problem I have. It is quite a problem you have as well. You know what the problem is? Have you ever in your life heard a song on the radio or maybe caught a movie on television on night and it sticks in your head, playing over and over and no matter how hard you tried, you never could figure out who sang that song or what the movie was called? Yet, no matter how much you tried, that song was stuck on an endless repeat in your head, a constant reminder of a failed memory.

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duck face

2013: Selfie For A Year

I decided to take on a small project this year. I’ve seen many videos online where people took a picture of themselves for a year or sometimes more. I figured I could do it to. I decided to take a selfie of myself for a full year and that’s exactly what I did. While it didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, I am still happy with the outcome. It is neat to watch my hair grow back after the few times I shaved it all off. Watch the video below.

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Why Wal-Mart Fails At Customer Service & Everything Else

I never quite understood why my mother had such hatred for this company. It may have stemmed from her years at working here. Maybe it is the look of the store or maybe it is the people who work there. With all those scenarios, you have to wonder why my mother hates Wal-Mart so much. It could possibly be all those reasons listed above and other reasons I have yet and probably will not mentioned. Whatever the reason is for her utter hate for Sam Walton’s empire, I am beginning to see the light and know why (at least my reason) this place is pure garbage and cares not for their people or their customers but only for the money that drops into their pockets. It’s a business. It a horrible business and if you shop there or work there, I am sorry. For what it is worth, I’ve shopped there. Hopefully I can keep the word shop in the past tense and vow to you and myself to stay away from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart fails at customer service and everything else. Let me rant for a while.

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