Day 2: The Attack

Day 2: The Attack

The terrorist is back in the states. He is among the American people. A few people stare at him. They would point at him and whisper slurs to each other. Even with his photo being plastered all over the news and every national magazine, no one notices it’s him. Once you put on a top hat and a pair of “2014 New Years” glasses, you blend in with the other drunks and lowlifes. Today is his day to shine. He is going to give his life to save his people. He looks at his watch. It is ten till midnight. “Soon enough.” He says to himself. He pushes his way through the mass of people. A few women toss themselves on him. But he doesn’t want them. He is saving himself for the 72 virgins he’ll see when he dies. His watch beeps. It is his cue to get into position.

It is the cue for more than just him. Mixed and hidden in the crowd, are five other men. All of them are ready to serve their country with an act that’s logical to them but not to anyone else. Each of their watches are synchronized. One will beep at midnight. The second terrorist watch will beep five seconds after, and so on.

Each of them are in their position.  Now all they have to do is wait. It’s a minute till midnight and that triggers the ball to drop. The crowd is louder than before. As for our friendly, neighborhood terrorists, they are standing quietly. A drunk man leans over to one of them. “Hey man! It’s almost f**king New Years! Try to look excited!”

He doesn’t say anything. He stares at him, smiles and points to the ball.


The terrorists pull detonators from out of their pockets. Hidden beneath their coats are very complex set of explosives. Attached to it, is a large cylinder of the virus. Like before, the crowd ignores them. They are too busy screaming and kissing each other to notice the flashing red buttons on the remotes in each of their hands. “Death to all infidels!” The first terrorist presses the button and the city is rocked. Before anyone can react, the second bomb explodes. One by one, the terrorist detonate themselves and released the toxic virus into the environment.

People begin to run for cover. They cower in fear, covering their heads from the falling debris. Bodies are sent airborne. Arms and legs are separated from their bodies. The heavens rain down with blood and gobs of human flesh and organs. Even with the carnage Time Square is going through at the current time, it and the people there are not aware of the true horror to follow. People are sent into a panic. It is now a ‘all for one and one for all’ scenario. No one is looking out for each other. They push and shove each other to get out of the blast field. The people may be safe from the falling carcasses but from the virus that is already flowing in their veins, that is something that cannot escape from. It’ll be only a matter of time before they realize what they will become. The terrorist complete their mission. Soon, they will watch the people turn and the cities will burn. A new year is beginning and with it, an aftermath that could only be described as, “inhuman”.


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