Halloween 2012

My favorite holiday came and went again. I had a fantastic costume planned. I was all set on doing it but I always procrastinate and never complete it. I never even started it. I looked at some photos of it and got ideas of how to. But I failed and another great costume never happened. Instead of doing a very elaborate costume this year, I instead went old school. I was a zombie this year. How did it turn out?

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Halloween 2011: Never Say Never

I will admit that I had big plans for a costume this year. I waited too long and what I hoped would overshadow last years costume, never happened. Hopefully, I can get to work on it early. When I say, “I”, I mean my mom. She makes my costume. She is the artist in creating my costume the last couple of years. She is a whiz at the sewing machine. Without her, neither Two-Face, The Mad Hatter, and Dick Tracy would have never came to light. I will give her credit. She can bust out a costume in no time. I will not speak of what I planned on being. Maybe I can do it next year. I still have this crazy idea of finally stopping with the dressing up and putting all that behind me. I say that but it won’t happen. I will continue to dress up. I will continue to ask my mom for help and make each year better than the next.

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Halloween Costumes: 2006-2009

This is the final set of costumes I will post before I announce to the world (at least to those that aren’t aware yet) what my costume will be this year. Comparing the set of costumes between 2002-2005 and the costumes between 1998-2001, I might have to give credit to the later ones. Maybe it was the whole “dressing up as employees” thing that started to go dry. After a few years, the shock value of it wears off and all I am left with is,

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