Robin Williams: Rest In Peace

It’s been two years since the world lost this comedic genius. He was loved by millions and there is a funny thing about it. All these people who mourned the loss of this great man, never knew him on a personal level. I am one of those people. Yet, he connected with so many, we all felt we lost someone close to us. We saw him as an uncle, a father, a brother, or maybe that neighbor that everyone just loved. I was crushed when I heard about his passing. You’re shocked and in disbelief. You just can’t accept it. You won’t believe it. The night he died was a night I will always remember. It holds a place in my heart to a man that could make your bad day into something better. It was one of those crazy random happenstances that made that night into more than just a random night of drinking and having fun.

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I watched 21 movies while on vacation: 01-06

Being on vacation is such a nice thing. You get to get away from work and all the things that bog you down. Whether you work banker hours or the world of retail, which is pretty much you surrendering all weekends, both jobs come with pain and suffering. There is one perk to working and that is vacation time. Ah, yes. Vacation. You have a week away to do what you wish. Maybe you plan on taking a trip out of state. Maybe you’re going to work on that kitchen remodel you promised your wife years ago or maybe you’ll do what I did. Maybe you’ll just sit around the house and binge on Netflix. I could have worked on so many other things. I could have worked on some short stories or edited a movie I promised I’d do two weeks ago. Both great ideas but I opted to be lazy and I sat on my ass (a case of beer within reach) and watched 21 movies during my week away from work.

Since I have 21 movies to list, I am going to break it up into a few separate posts. Here are the first 6 films I watched. These aren’t reviews. I am just sharing with you the list of movies I watched. You’re welcome to share a comment if you want. Enjoy the list.

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Open Letter To Ben Affleck

The recent news about Ben Affleck being Batman in the Superman sequel has sent the twitter world into a frenzy. I am going to go out on a limb and say this is possibly the worst idea ever. It’s not that I don’t think he can do it, I know he can’t. I know he will bring his cheeky smirk to a character that is supposed to be dark and moody. I’ve seen Daredevil. I know the acting capability of Mr. Affleck. I should share with you that I do not like him. I am sure he’s a super nice Bostonian but he just doesn’t impress me. He reminds me of Ryan Reynolds, just with a little more talent and likability. There I go. Now I am defending this man. I hope that they reconsider this atrocity of casting and pick an actor who can fill the nipple suit with class and a cold demeanor.

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Titanic Being ReReleased

James Cameron isn’t too happy with the results of the 3D version of his epic movie, Titanic. I checked out his twitter account to see if there was any news about his failed attempt at bringing Titanic back a newer generation. After reading reviews about how the movie didn’t live up to its first release, James took it not as a slap in the face but as a challenge. Be sure to open up you calendar on April 10th, 2013. James Cameron is rereleasing Titanic for a third time. This time he promises it won’t disappoint.

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The Easter Bunny: A Man-Sized Mutant Beast

My attempt at doing an April Fool’s Day joke failed just like Obama’s organization. I had something else planned. I was going to do something great. You know, promise something and when the time comes, don’t do anything and use the excuse that things of that magnitude don’t just happen over night. Or in Obama’s case, over 4 years. Enough talk about Obama and his lack of change. To the real purpose of this post. Bunnies. I want to talk to you about bunnies and how evil they are. How much these furry rodents scare me and how I will run far, far away. Lobsters, giant bunnies rabbits, and clowns. While lobsters and clowns are scary, neither of those two compare to the horror of a giant Easter Bunny. I will tell you about the creature. The creature that wants to gnaw off your face.

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