Quitting Smoking: 1 Year

ResolutionsI hope you had a great New Year’s Eve! I hope it was safe and you didn’t do anything you’ll regret tomorrow. Now that 2012 is gone and a new year is here, what are your plans? Will you be making resolutions? Will you finally get off the couch and start running? Will you start being nicer? Stop drinking? What about all you smokers out there? Will you finally realize that smoking is a nasty habit? Not to mention, it is costly and what is probably the icing on the cake, it’ll eventually kill you. That’s not cool. Who wants to die? I know I don’t. I know I will eventually but I rather not go that way. You don’t have to listen to me. It’s okay if you smoke. I’ve said it before. It’s your choice. I am not going to shun you or look down on you because you smoked. I smoked. I never cared and never listened to people when they pointed out the facts I just listed above. I liked smoking. I enjoyed it. I was aware of the repercussions and the damage I was doing to myself. But that didn’t matter. I liked the relaxing feeling smoking gave me. I enjoyed waking up and going outside, a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. It was a great feeling. No one was going to make me quit. If I was going to quit smoking, it wasn’t going to be because you said I should. I will quit when I want to. When I am ready, I will quit. When you’re ready, you will too. The question you need to ask yourself, are you ready this year?


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Quitting Smoking: 9 Months

It is that time again to brag a little and let me ego grow just a little bit more. I am officially 9 months smoke free as of today! It is quite the accomplishment for me and for others who are also doing the same as me. Maybe today is only 3 months for you or maybe it’s just 24 hours. No matter how long you’ve been at quitting the habit, you already accomplishment so much the moment you decided to cut smoking out of your life.

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If you were to ask me what I would be doing with my life a year ago, I wouldn’t have said running. I looked at running not as a sport or as an activity to get in shape but saw it as a horrendous and grueling waste of time. Why do people run? Why put yourself through that Hell to only break a sweat and feel the pain in your feet, knees, and thighs? I disliked runners. I cursed when I saw them running. Get off the road, psychos! 

Do I want to put myself through all that nonsense? No thanks! I’ll pass. I will never run. You will never see me running just to run. If I was to ever run, it’d be from the zombies. That was then. This is now. Things are a little different. Things change. People change. I picked up running and since that day in January, I haven’t looked back. I am still wearing those same Nike shoes I put on back in January. I am still running. I am still smoke free (four months now). I never did get to the gym like I wanted but that is okay. I still run. I still get to get out there and get some sort of workout. I still like running and am pretty happy that I started it up.

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Quitting Smoking: 3 Months

I decided that I was going to quit smoking. I’ve tried it before but it failed. I went back to smoking and figured I would never attempt to quit again. The first time I quit was for 6 months. I was hoping for a healthier life. It was great knowing that I was kicking a habit that is nasty and bad for you. Actually, bad is a horrible word choice. It’s the worse kind of thing you can do to your body.  But when life hands you a curve ball and things just build up, like stress or personal issue, you turn to something to ease and relieve all that. I went back to smoking and once I took that first puff, I threw away 6 months of work for what? Those 5 minutes of smoking may have calmed me for the time being but never really solved anything. That was about 2 years ago when I tried to kick the habit. It failed miserably. It is 2 years later and this time I am going for a life record. I am quitting for good and I will not look back. Time for a healthier life.

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