Halloween 2012

My favorite holiday came and went again. I had a fantastic costume planned. I was all set on doing it but I always procrastinate and never complete it. I never even started it. I looked at some photos of it and got ideas of how to. But I failed and another great costume never happened. Instead of doing a very elaborate costume this year, I instead went old school. I was a zombie this year. How did it turn out?

Not so good. It could have been better. I really had this image in my head of how I was going to look. I looked at videos online. I looked at other people’s make up and how they zombiefied themselves. Even with looking at the photos and everything, I failed. I am not saying it was a horrible costume. I just think I could have looked better. I could have looked a hundred times better.

I was told I looked like Mark Twain by one person and another said Einstein. I wasn’t going for that but it works. Again, I am not too happy with how it turned out. I really wish it was epic. I wish that it turned out how it looked inside my head. But it didn’t. Will next year be any better?

We’ll see. I am thinking that next year will be the final costume. I am going to try and do what I wanted this year. I will just need to start on it soon and not slack anymore. It will take some time to make and it will be a huge project for my mom. Yes, I said my mom. My mom is the whiz behind the costumes. She will break out the sewing machine and she will create my costume and I will be happy. Next year will be a great costume and it will also be the final and last costume I will wear on Halloween.

I say that now about not dressing up anymore but we know that won’t happen. We know I’ll dress up. Check out my previous costumes below.

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