The End of Days – Scenario III: Zombie Virus

You knew this was coming. I am obsessed with zombies and I firmly believe this will be the reason the world comes to an end. Go ahead and laugh if you want. I don’t mind. I’ll stick to thinking zombies will end the world and you can stick to thinking that there is a man in the sky looking down on us. I did start a blog entry last year or so about the days leading up to a zombie outbreak and how it’ll spread across the globe but I had writer’s block and the blog story never was finished. Now that it is getting closer to the last day on Earth, I think I just might get back to it and post it. I think it was a good story. You are welcome to read up on it here. I believe I have three parts to it. Take your time and read it. I’ll wait here for you to finish.

Day 1Day 2Day 3

Zombie VirusDone? Good. So, the world is coming to an end and there are zombies crawling out from their graves. I’d be scared too. I was scared of the Thriller video when I was little. If I saw a real zombie shuffling his or her way towards me, you’d bet I would scream like a little girl. I just need to be prepared. I will need a group of people to join me as we battle the undead and fight our way to a safe haven. I have a place in mind and the buildings/businesses surrounding this prime spot is just littered with goodness. If my group can manage to make it, I will make sure we fortify my place of employment and from there, we’ll have access to weapons, drugs, and endless amount of food. See? I plan this stuff out. I am not going to let some zombies eat me and kill my fellow group of Daryl Dixon wannabes. I am going to be very selective about who joins my group. Not just anyone can join. You’ll need to prove yourself. I will be a good leader and I will enforce rules that all must follow when they enter into our group. The most important rules is if anyone is bitten by a zombie, you are shot on sight. There will be no waiting around for you to change or waiting for a cure. You’re dead. No time for good-byes.

I am sorry if you think I am blowing smoke out my ass when I talk in great length about the zombie apocalypse. But this is one of the two most likely scenarios to take place when the calendar goes from the 20th of December to the date we all fear – the 21st of December. I am not trying to scare you. We already had one outbreak of the zombie virus in Florida but the CDC covered it up with some story about it being, bath salts. I know better. We know better. I know that what happened there is just the beginning. Open your eyes and listen to me! I am trying to warn you and make sure you know what to do when you spot one of them lingering towards you. I want you all to be ready. I want people to start stock piling up on food and non-perishable items. The Mormons are doing it. They know the zombies are coming. They’ve been getting ready forever. I should thank Joseph Smith for his pledge to keep mankind alive after the zombie rise and start to depopulate the planet. No telling how long it’ll take before the world is in ruins. It might take months or it might take years. The people who ready themselves now or who have already been doing so, we’ll have the greatest chance of survival. They may survive it all and be stuck living in a world overrun by the undead. Scientists and myself, do not know where the zombie virus will start but you can be sure that once it infects patient zero, we’re eff’ed. It’ll spread like wildfire and everyone you know and love will not be the same person you grew up with. They’ll be dead, they’ll be cold, they’ll be hungry for your brain.


You might live on! The zombie virus isn’t going to wipe out mankind all in one day. That’s just silly. I’ve been playing, Plague Inc for days now and it takes me years to infect the whole Zombie Graphworld with my virus I named, The Shelly Virus. If you are going to be one of the few that do survive, please do what you can to keep the human race alive. You’ll need to breed. You will need to bring some babies into this world and throw that wrench into God’s plan as he tries to wipe everything he created off this failed, little planet of his. Don’t give up so easy. This virus may wipe out 90% of the world’s population but you might be lucky enough to be in that 10% that held on to some hope. If you are in that 10% of survivors, congrats. Know this though. You will be sleeping with one eye open all the time. No one is your friend anymore. You’ll be living in a dog eat dog world and only the strong survive. Keep your guns close and if you think someone is going to attack, shoot them. It’s kill or be killed. This is the world we’re going to be seeing soon. When 12/21 arrives, all those Romero movies we watched and all the hours playing Resident Evil or Dead Rising will pay off. This isn’t a game. It’s life. Deal.

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