I watched 21 movies while on vacation: 01-06

Being on vacation is such a nice thing. You get to get away from work and all the things that bog you down. Whether you work banker hours or the world of retail, which is pretty much you surrendering all weekends, both jobs come with pain and suffering. There is one perk to working and that is vacation time. Ah, yes. Vacation. You have a week away to do what you wish. Maybe you plan on taking a trip out of state. Maybe you’re going to work on that kitchen remodel you promised your wife years ago or maybe you’ll do what I did. Maybe you’ll just sit around the house and binge on Netflix. I could have worked on so many other things. I could have worked on some short stories or edited a movie I promised I’d do two weeks ago. Both great ideas but I opted to be lazy and I sat on my ass (a case of beer within reach) and watched 21 movies during my week away from work.

Since I have 21 movies to list, I am going to break it up into a few separate posts. Here are the first 6 films I watched. These aren’t reviews. I am just sharing with you the list of movies I watched. You’re welcome to share a comment if you want. Enjoy the list.

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10 Days Of Reflection

I am lucky enough to get three weeks of paid vacation. Such a nice treat. I’ve already been on two of them and they were pretty lame. Lame in a good way. I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t spend money to go on some lavish trip to some unknown destination. I didn’t visit out-of-state friends. I didn’t do anything. I did what any sensible person would do if they were given 10 days away from their job.

Not a damn thing.

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I’m going Al Bundy

With vacation now started, I have to decide what I will do.  Vacation means two things. I have plenty of free time to do whatever I want and I also am free from the clutches of a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule to word. They can do what they want but they’ll never recruit me. I am my own army.

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My Vacation Plans

I love vacation. I love being away from work and all the headaches that place gives me. I don’t ever make plans for vacation. I always say I’ll do this and I’ll do that but I don’t. I sit at home and do nothing. I waste away my time sitting at my computer reading the same articles over and over. I did chronicle what I did last vacation. Read it here and here.

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30,000 Feet And Nowhere To Go: Flight Three

I was leaving North Carolina and heading back home. I sat at the airport and waited. I didn’t run to the gate the instant I arrived. I sat alone and savored a cold drink (soda) before I walked down the line. A gentleman took a seat next to me. You know the bathroom etiquette? I shouldn’t say I don’t. I do but it has to be a life or death situation. I know to leave a space between urinals. I don’t know. By the way, the above links article says not to pee in a stall. Eff you. I have a urinal phobia. Not to mention, who knows if the fellow in the urinal next to me has a wandering eye.

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