Opening to Walking Dead: Season 4

Walking Dead returns tomorrow. I’m excited. If I was going to write it and if I really wanted to make it a memorable opening, this is how it would play out.

The show opens with a wide shot of Daryl walking alone. We change to a head shot and as the camera focuses on him, we see a walker behind him. Daryl stops and looks over his shoulder. The walker shambles near. Daryl pulls out a bow and adjusts his aim for a kill shot.

The scene changed to what appears to be the view from inside a rifle. The target is marked on the walker. Daryl pulls his crossbow and fires. The air is filled with the sound of a shot from a rifle. Daryl falls down, a single shot to the head.

The walker kneels down and begins to eat Daryl’s dead body. The camera follows a steady shot of the rifle. The camera pans from the barrel of the rifle to the person who took down Daryl Dixon. It’s Carl. He has a smug look on his face. He looks up to a shadowy figure behind him. Carl asks,

“How’d I do?”

The man takes a puff from his cigarette. It’s the governor. He smiles and gives Carl a half smile and silent but menacing, ‘atta boy’.

The scene goes black and the opening credits roll.

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