Day 1: The Facility

Day 1: The Facility

Within the following years, America will be on heightened alert. We’ll receive intelligence of impending attacks that will not happen. But as a safety precaution, the government will be ready. The government we trust(?) will be doing testing on biological warfare. It will be a top secret project that if ever found out, they will deny it till the reach the grave (then crawl back out).

But all is not right in his facility. A terrorist has infiltrated the American government facility. The terrorist has blended himself in with the American people quite well. They don’t see him as one of those kind of people who want to watch the country burn. He looked like one but in no way did he act like one. His desk is cluttered with nick knacks of American patriotism. A tiny American flag dangles from his pencil holder. A tacky American Landmark wallpaper changes weekly on his desktop computer. Even his coffee mug reads, “God Bless America”. He acts the part of the one who is proud to be in the land of the free. He too watched in awe when the twin towers fell. But inside, his mind is filled with pure jubilation. One win for his people.

As the worries of another attack grow heavier, he knows it’s close to time to start the attack. While no one is around, the terrorist swipes a sample of the virus. He fills up a syringe and stares at it. Inside this tube is the answer to all their problems. Those damn infidels will beg for forgiveness when they see the destruction that is to fall upon them in the coming days. The man slides the virus into his coat pocket and heads down corridor after corridor till he reaches the front door. He waves gently to the guard at the desk. They exchange words and bid each other a fond farewell. Once outside, the terrorist is gleeful. Leaving the facility was the hardest part. Now comes the easy task of the whole plot.

Testing has gone as planned. Each specimen they have tested it on, have died in matter of hours. With months of testing and planning, the government preps for a test on humans. To their horror, they learn that the man they once thought of as an average american, was nothing more than a blood-thirsty terrorist hell bent on making America pay for their crimes against the world. As the news sinks in that the virus may be in the wrong hands, the government is tipped off to a video of the terrorist who now have a sample of the virus in their hands. They ask for nothing. They don’t want money. They don’t want us to pull out of their country. They only want to watch us die. They say in the speech (any good person knows that the villain explains their plans in all entirety.) that they are not bluffing. They will go through with their plans.  And with the virus in the hands of the terrorist, America is doomed. The big question that worries everyone is where and when?

Start the infection.

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