Twenty-Six Till It’s Nineteen..ni…nineteen.

It’s quite a problem I have. It is quite a problem you have as well. You know what the problem is? Have you ever in your life heard a song on the radio or maybe caught a movie on television on night and it sticks in your head, playing over and over and no matter how hard you tried, you never could figure out who sang that song or what the movie was called? Yet, no matter how much you tried, that song was stuck on an endless repeat in your head, a constant reminder of a failed memory.

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2013: Selfie For A Year

I decided to take on a small project this year. I’ve seen many videos online where people took a picture of themselves for a year or sometimes more. I figured I could do it to. I decided to take a selfie of myself for a full year and that’s exactly what I did. While it didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, I am still happy with the outcome. It is neat to watch my hair grow back after the few times I shaved it all off. Watch the video below.

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NBC’s newest sitcom

If shows like, Two and a Half Men and That 70’s Show can get on the air, then I think my show can too. I know I tried getting the Michael Wong Show on the air but that show was foul NBC-logoand a bit amateurish for most people’s taste. Ideas of shows I had sat dormant in my noggin. A few weeks ago, while having a few drinks with some friends, I came up with the greatest show ever. It’ll be funny, it’ll be heartwarming, and it’ll be edgy. It’ll be a comedy but with heart. Put this on the 2013 fall line up or if that is already booked then I can wait till the 2014 comedy line up. This show will win awards.

I hope someone from NBC is reading this. I promise this show will be comedic gold. I am a funny mofo. Read me blog and then try to tell me otherwise. I hope you like it. NBC, I’ll be waiting to hear from ya.


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Shoo Doggie Shoo II: Riding The Ban Wagon

It’s been a long time since I have brought of the topic of Shoo Doggie Shoo.  Last week and the week before, I spent a lot of time looking at my old forums. I have the site online but due to some incriminating evidence, I will not have any of it live. It is fun to read and go back to. I made that site, the forum, and the movie, a long time ago. I think it was around 2006 when I last dealt with my movie, Shoo Doggie Shoo. I promised a sequel but as time past and we all went our seperate ways, the movie was shelved and I never did anything with it.

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The Sleepover

The SleepoverFound this video a week or so ago on the interweb. It’s a great short film. On the site Vimeo, the short film is described as,

a town living “between the sequels” of its infamous masked killer. 

Watch the film and I bet you’ll agree that this should be made into a full length feature film.

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