Twenty-Six Till It’s Nineteen..ni…nineteen.

It’s quite a problem I have. It is quite a problem you have as well. You know what the problem is? Have you ever in your life heard a song on the radio or maybe caught a movie on television on night and it sticks in your head, playing over and over and no matter how hard you tried, you never could figure out who sang that song or what the movie was called? Yet, no matter how much you tried, that song was stuck on an endless repeat in your head, a constant reminder of a failed memory.

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Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes

My sense of humor is a little off. What mortifies most people leaves my wheezing and gasping for air as often as not. Sarcasm is a highly respected art form for me. Sardonic wit is nearly a second religion. Parody is a blast. But what really makes my day is irony. If my sense of irony were any stronger I’d grow a full beer and drink PBR all day.

damn, i wish i had a pabst


Boy, I got a good dose of it today! I got a helping of irony like what we all experienced first time we saw Ice-T portray a cop. And I loved it! Continue reading


Don’t Date Taylor Swift

The world loves Taylor Swift. She is just this sweet, girl next door person we all fell in love with. But is that really true? Is she really miss goodie-two shoe? I think it is about time someone tells the real story about Taylor Swift, You know her hit song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? I am the guy Taylor is singing about. I am the one who she berates and gets you to think that  Todd Akin is a saint compared to me. I don’t want people to see me that way. I don’t want people to assume I am a horrible boyfriend and deserve nothing. I have feelings too. You know the song. You’ve heard it every hour on the hour on your radio. It’s embedded in your brain and you find yourself humming it as it slowly overpowers, Call Me Maybe. Both songs are equally deadly but I am not talking about the Canadian. I want to talk to you about the lipstick wearing, train wreck named, Taylor Swift. You’ve heard the song. You know her side but you don’t know mine. You don’t even know the whole story. I am going to fill you in on why we broke up and why you should never ever date Taylor Swift.

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Music Review: Reali+ivi+y

I saw a link to this CD on twitter. I clicked the link and took a listen. I wasn’t sure what I would expect from a CD with no label. It’s a new era and dropping a folder of your CD on filesharing sites is the new way to go. It may not get you tons of recognition or fame but hopefully whoever does download it, will tell their friends and a chain reaction of curious listeners will follow suit. Sooner or later, your mix tape will be in the hands of some famed rapper and an east coast/west coast war will start all because you released a mix tape on twitter. Don’t release mix tapes on twitter. That’s how Biggie died. Do you want to be known as the guy that killed Biggie and/or people like him?

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Nickelback Is The Worst Band Ever

I am not going to beat around the bush. There are thousands of bands. I probably can’t even list a hundred names. But if you were to ask me what is the worst band ever, that is easy. You might think boy bands or bands that once were good but now put out terrible albums. They aren’t it. At least the bands that once put out good records have some street cred. For example, some random band’s lead singer married a hot chick. Had a baby and named it a fruit. Even with her head in a box, she’s still hot. And by the way, the ‘head in a box‘ is not a sexual reference. But if it were, it be even hotter!

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