It’s Hot…even for a penguin.

It is hot outside. ¬†Why is Mother Nature doing this!? She’s making our lives horrible. Listen to me! Do not go outside for anything. You’ll burn up. You’ll melt! I am not leaving my house. I won’t go out. I mean it. I won’t be. I will skip running. This heat is too much. I took a snapshot of the local weather this morning. See for yourself. Oh, pardon the crappy photoshop. I am a noob. No matter. It’s F**king hot!

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Fence Wrecker

I haven’t shared a dream with you in a while. I had a few while on vacation but never did recall much of them when I woke up. One was about a neighborhood and an alien invasion. I think my neighbor had a time traveling device that was gonna help save the world. The other dream was me going to work but flipping out cause I had on a pair of shorts. There was more to it but like I said, that is all I can recall. Maybe I was that lazy on vacation that even the thought of recalling a dream was too much work. Yes. I was pretty lazy on my vacation. Am I upset? No. Would I do it again. Yes.

I did dream last night. This was a pretty good dream. No zombies in this dream. It’s not even that off the wall. Not sure what or how I even got this in my head but you can read the dream below. Repeating myself like always, I’ll add what¬†dreammoods.com says the dream means. You be the judge. Deep meaning or just a eff’ed up dream.

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Q & A: The Legend of the Dead Zombie Wife

The Dead Zombie Wife story has been going on for at least a year now. It is a made up story. I like to call the legend, factual fiction. I am going to answer some questions I’ve been asked and some questions I am going to pretend I was asked. The part of this post is to shed some light on the story and why I write what I write. Enjoy.

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