A Solar Flare Is Coming And It’ll Take Us Back To The Dark Ages

One of my favorite movies is, Escape from L.A I know it isn’t the greatest movie ever. It is a bit cheesy but I can ignore the cheese and look to what really mattered to me the whole movie. I loved the ending. I loved how Snake (Sorry, his name is Plissken) clicks a button on the whole world is sent right back in the dark ages. I was 16 at the time and any movie about the end of the world excited me. Movies like that still do. We have 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, The Knowing, The Walking Dead, etc…

But what if one of those movies becomes reality? What if all the end of the world movies I love so much weren’t Hollywood pictures but predictions of impending actual events that will happen. Cataclysmic events that when they do happen, will destroy the world we love and bring on the final days. Earth will no longer be the blue marble in the galaxy but left as a dark spot floating 92,960,000 miles from our Sun.

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My run in with a serial killer: He wanted to put the lotion on my skin.

If you know anything about Missouri and the way Mother Nature treats us, you are fully aware of how awful it is. Never do we have a normal week of the same and consistent, boring weather. Each week or to make it seem more legit, each day we are subjected to the ever-changing weather patterns of the awful and almost hellish, style weather. It’s a roller coaster of seasons.  Trust me. In Missouri, you can (and you will) bear witness to all four seasons in a single week. It doesn’t matter which seasons you’re in. It can snow in the summer and it can be sweltering hot in the middle of December. It’s just how Missouri is. We are used to it but as much as we are used to the undecided weather that is dumped on us, we still bitch and moan about the weather, no matter if it’s cold or hot.

The other day, we were ravaged with a mixture of rain, ice, and snow. Combine all that into a 24 hour period and you have what most Missourians considered, Snowmageddon. I have a new car now. My old car would have died if I tried driving anymore than a foot away from the apartment. Now that I have 2.0, I have no issues driving in the arctic style weather. If you are wondering if this post is about the weather and not about the run in I had with a possible serial killer, then you’re wrong. This is not about the weather. I have discussed previously about the weather here and here. I hate snow and I hate ice. I just feel if I am going to talk about my chance meeting with a possible serial killer, I should build up a back story and not just throw you head first into what could have been my final demise.

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The End of Days – Scenario IV: Natural Disasters

This is the final entry in my four-part series about the End of Days. I already discussed about the Anti-Christ being Obama. I talked about the asteroid that will wipe out life as we know it. I talked yesterday about the field I am well versed in – the zombie virus. All those things are possible outcomes of what will happen on 12/21/2012. There is still one more scenario I will discuss with you. The last possible threat we could face on the 21st of December is the wrath of Mother Nature. I am talking about a global catastrophe. This will be far more powerful than all the Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes combined. By the time Mother Nature is done with us, no one will be left. The world will be wiped out and human life will be over.

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It’s Hot…even for a penguin.

It is hot outside.  Why is Mother Nature doing this!? She’s making our lives horrible. Listen to me! Do not go outside for anything. You’ll burn up. You’ll melt! I am not leaving my house. I won’t go out. I mean it. I won’t be. I will skip running. This heat is too much. I took a snapshot of the local weather this morning. See for yourself. Oh, pardon the crappy photoshop. I am a noob. No matter. It’s F**king hot!

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