August Stats – Part II: Food

Welcome to the second part of my monthly stats of the food (or poisons) and drinks I put inside my body. I am late, so very late, on posting the data for everything I ate the last few months. I will do all I can to get them all up on the site before this month is up. Wish me luck on that.

I mentioned how I am going to change the format of how I post the stats. I’ll basically just be listing the items I ate instead of breaking it down between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I feel bad for not keeping on top of this like I have down all year. But I am happy that I have kept this up. The year is about over and I still have logged everything I’ve ate and drank for the past 10 months. Impressive? I believe so. Let’s end this babbling and get to the reason behind this post.


  • 11 Donuts were had in the month of August
    • 9 were maple cinnamon rolls
    • 1 was a maple long john
    • 1 was a chocolate long john

Cookies & Bars:

  • I had a total of 16 cookies and 3 bars. Breaking it down,
    • 3 were oatmeal raisin cookies
    • 9 were chocolate chip cookies
    • 4 were m&m cookies
    • 3 were peanut butter & jam bars (I’ll post the recipe later.)

Bagels & Muffins:

  • I had 4 bagels. All were blueberry bagels
  • I had 2 muffins
    • 1 was a mini pumpkin muffin
    • 1 was a jumbo blueberry muffin


  • I had a total of 3 yogurts
    • 2 were blueberry with granola
    • 1 was raspberry with granola


  • Had a total of 5 types of candy
    • 1 was a box of hot tamales (saw Inception)
    • 1 was a hershey kiss
    • 1 was a reeses peanut butter cup mini
    • 2 pieces of kiwi strawberry gum

Dining Out:

  • 2 visits to Popeye’s Chicken
    • 2 legs, 4 thighs
    • 2 biscuits
    • 2 mashed potatoes with gravy
  • 3 visits to Bob Evans
    • 6 over easy eggs
    • 9 pieces of bacon
    • 6 pancakes
    • 3 orders of white toast
  • 1 visit to Ming Garden
    • 1 order of General Tso Chicken
    • 1 order of steamed rice
  • 2 visits to 54 Street Bar & Grill
    • 2 Four Plays
      • 16 mozzarella sticks
      • 10 boneless buffalo chicken wings
      • 8 chicken quesadillas
      • 4 celery sticks
      • 2 orders of marinara dipping sauce
  • 1 Papa Johns Pizza Night
    • 8 slices of cheese pizza
      • 6 hot and 2 nuked
    • 5 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 visit to Subway
    • Cold Cut Combo (lettuce, tomato, salt & pepper, vinegar & oil)
    • 1 bag of original Sun Chips
  • 1 visit to Tomfooleries
    • 1 Enchilada dip with chips
  • 1 tray of Nachos and Cheese (Inception)

Eating At Work:

  • 4 wraps
    • 3 chicken wraps
      • 3 sides of tator tots
    • 1 BLT Wrap
      • 1 side of tator tots
  • 1 Triple Decker Turkey Club
    • 1 side of tator tots
  • 1 Bacon Cheeseburger
    • 1 side of onion rings
  • 1 Grilled Turkey Club
  • 6 plates of Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
    • 1 New York Style Cheesecake
  • 1 Maid Rite Burger

Snacking At Work:

  • 2 strips of bacon
  • 3 pieces of sausage
    • 1 link
    • 2 patties
  • 2 yeast rolls
  • 1 sloppy joe on a wheat roll
  • 1 burger with cheese (no bun)
  • 1/2 breakfast bar (ham & cheese)
  • 3 bags of chips
    • 2 pretzels
    • 1 original Sun Chip
  • 1 taste test of a Venita’s treat (picture below)
    • mozzarella cheese, pesto, asiago, on a ciabatta roll

Random Times I Actually Eat At Home:

  • 4 Tostino’s Pizza
    • 2 cheese pizzas
    • 2 pepperoni pizzas
  • 2 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch
  • 7Beef hot dogs
  • 1 plate of macaroni and cheese
  • 8 Peanut butter and Raspberry Jam Sandwiches
  • 1 taste test of peanut butter cookie dough
  • 18 Valerian Pills


July Stats – Part II: Food

After covering what I drank last month, you’re probably overly excited to see what I ate last month. I know. I would be too. It’s thrilling to see what I ate. I will say this. After months of promising myself to buy groceries, I finally did. There was a reason. I am on vacation. Or I was this week. I didn’t want to leave the house. So I had to stock up on food. It’s nice having food. It’s nice knowing that I don’t have to go to McDonald’s or Burger King just to stop the cravings. Then again, the human body can last 4 to 6 weeks without eating. After that, you might look at the person next to you and wonder, “Do people taste like chicken or pork?”

Grab a snack. I’ll wait.

You got one? Good. Let’s start.


  • I still enjoy a nice bagel in the morning. I don’t bother heating it up or adding cream cheese bagel sauce to it. I just eat it plain. I like bagel sauce. I prefer spreading butter and jam on it. I just eat it plain. If I am at home, then yes. I will add the butter, jam, or bagel sauce to it. Last month I had 10 bagels.
    • 9 of those bagels were blueberry. By far, my favorite bagel. I just love blueberries.
    • 1 bagel was an cinnamon raisin bagel. It would have been a blueberry but the morning bakers didn’t have any ready. It was still good. I like cinnamon. Honestly, the smell of cinnamon is joy to me.
  • Since I switched to bagels, I don’t eat many donuts at work anymore. I still love donuts. I miss Dunkin’ Donuts. There is a store I can go to but traveling 30 minutes for a donut is lame. They have the best strawberry donuts. I had a total of 7 donuts. One more than last month. Of those seven donuts,
    • 1 was from work. It was a maple long john.
    • 6 were from the local gas station, Quick-Trip. They were,
      • 3 maple long johns.
      • 3 chocolate long johns.
  • I made 4 trips to Bob Evans in the month of July. It’s tradition! I stick to the same meal. My mother does too. I stick with the Farmer’s Choice. The meal includes, eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes. Together, I had…
    • 8 eggs over easy.
    • 12 pieces of bacon.
    • 8 pancakes with syrup. No butter. I hate butter on my pancakes.
    • 4 orders of white toast.
  • Last month I had 5 yogurts. This month, I only had a total of 1.
    • It was a Blueberry yogurt with granola.

Lunch (work meals):

It seems it is becoming an issue for me trying to find meals at work. You work at a place for 16 years, you are bound to run into the same issue. I bet people at McDonald’s and such have the same issue. I would hate to work at place like that. Having to eat that food day in and day out. At least where I work, I have many choices. It’s just getting harder to decide. I should try and make it a weekly thing. You know, make each day of the week a certain meal. Like every Sunday, I get the Beef Lo Mein (thank you, John! It’s always amazing!). Who knows. It will only leave me with 7 different meals. But I can always bend the rules.

  • 8 of my meals at work were the ever popular, Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
    • I enjoyed a nice piece of New York Style Cheesecake with this 3 times.
  • I had 4 different wraps on break. Wraps have become a staple now. If we can, we are wanting to make a special menu with wraps and burgers to offer people for lunch. Make them signature items only found at our store. Of these 4 wraps,
    • 3 were BLT wraps. One of my favorite wraps.
      • 1 side of baked beans.
      • 1 side of macaroni and cheese.
      • 1 side of tortellini pasta.
      • 1 yeast roll.
    • 1 grilled chicken wrap. Not as good as the BLT but still good. Of course it’s good. I made it. No side with this wrap. *sad panda*
  • I had a whopping total of 6 pulled pork sandwiches.
    • 4 were smaller sandwiches.
    • 2 were larger sandwiches with sides.
      • 2 side of baked beans.
      • 2 side of macaroni and cheese.
      • 2 yeast roll.
      • 1 slice of Dorthy’s strawberry cheesecake (I love that woman.)
  • 1 Burnt End Sandwich. I didn’t want this. I don’t like Burnt Ends. But they mixed up handing the sandwiches to us. When I took a bit (without looking), I noticed their error. Eff you, Jake ate the Fat Man. You ruined my lunch.
  • 2 BBQ Brisket Sandwiches. I do love BBQ. Far too much. Damn, that sheet is good!
    • 2 sides of macaroni and cheese.
    • 1 side of baked beans.
    • 1 yeast roll.
    • 1 piece of white cake with frosting.
  • 1/2 of a Grilled Club. I got busy at work and didn’t get the time to enjoy it all.
  • 1 Bacon Cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, ketchup…)
    • 1 order of tator tots on the side.
  • 2 Foot Long Beef Hot Dog.
  • 1 Angus Beef Hamburger


I visited the pizza joint called ‘Pizza Street’. Went there with my sister. When there, I had…

  • 1 visit to Pizza Street.
    • 1 slice of Pineapple Ham Pizza.
    • 1 slice of Alfredo Pizza.
    • 2 slices of Baked Potato Pizza.
    • 2 slices of Pepperoni Pizza.
  • 1 foot long cold cut combo.
  • 1 6 inch cold cut combo. (would have been a foot long, but couldn’t finish it for some reason.)
  • 1 visit to Philly Time.
    • 1 Deluxe Philly Steak.
    • 1 Philly Time Chocolate Chip Cookie.
    • 1 side of Philly Time Onion Rings.
  • 3 McDonald’s 20 piece chicken nuggets
    • 6 sweet and sour sauces.
    • 6 BBQ sauces.


  • 1 visit to Ming Garden.
    • General Tso Chicken and steamed rice.
  • 2 large Papa John’s Cheese Pizza (12 slices total)
    • 7 hot slices
    • 5 nuked slices
  • 11 Papa John’s Cinnamon Sticks
  • 1 Tostino’s Cheese Pizza (BURNT!!)
    • I finally got the oven fixed!
  • 1 Tupperware of Fettuccine Chicken Pasta made by my friend. (thanks, babe!)
  • 2 Slices of Minsky’s Taco Pizza

DISCLAIMER: I am really not too sure what I had for lunch and what I had for dinner. I tried to keep track of it by marking what I had for lunch and what was for dinner. But I slip. I try to judge. Usually, I skip lunch. I am just too lazy to leave the house. By the time I do, It’s about 5 or 6. I like food. I do. Just lazy.

Drinking Snacks:

  • 1 Butterfinger Bar. Was at the bowling alley. I like to make note that I cannot play. I think I scored a 50. Maybe 60. I don’t know. I can’t bowl and my co-worker Adam can’t dance.
  • 1 8 piece mozzarella stick basket at 54 Street.


  • 1 Snickers Bar.
  • 12 Cookies.
    • 2 Jumbo Monster Cookies.
    • 4 Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    • 4 Small Chocolate Chip Cookies.
    • 2 Small M&M Cookies.
  • 1 Strawberry Strudel
  • 1 Box of Hot Tamales (went to see, Dinner For Schmucks)
  • 2 Single Off Brand Peanut Butter Cups (mini)
  • 1 Yeast Roll.
  • 4 Tator Tots

Taste Testing:

  • 1/3 size Pancake on a stick (with sausage link inside)
  • 1 piece of Polish Sausage


  • 18 Valerian Pills
    • Don’t think I am dying anymore. I just take them cause.

June Stats – Part II: Food

Sorry about slacking on posting the data for the month of June. I have been slightly addicted to the site, Bitstrips. Too fun. I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t been eating right. Actually, I never eat right. Let me rephrase what I just said. I’ve haven’t been eating. After I get home from work, I am just too lazy to leave again. I have no food in the house. I’ll shop tomorrow. I promise. Not that you care but not having food in the house blows. Anyway, here is the data for last month. Remember, next week sometime (hopefully), I’ll post the 6 month log. The post that began it all!


    • 3 Bob Evan’s Farmer’s Choice Breakfast
      • 6 Eggs Over Easy
      • 9 Strips of Bacon
      • 6 Pancakes
      • 3 Order’ of White Toast
    • 21 Blueberry Bagels
    • 5 Yogurts
      • 3 Blueberry with granola
      • 2 Strawberry with granola
    • 6 Donuts
      • 4 Chocolate Long Johns (QuickTrip)
      • 2 Maple Long Johns (QuickTrip)
    • 3 Jumbo Blueberry Muffins
    • 2 Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls With Icing

    Lunch (work meals):

    • 1 BBQ Pork Sandwich
      • side of macaroni and cheese
      • side of baked beans
    • 1 Cheeseburger
      • (lettuce, tomato, 2 slices american cheese)
      • side of baked beans
    • 1 Beef and Bean Burrito
      • side of spanish rice
      • side of spicy corn
      • yeast roll
    • 1 Chicken Enchilada
      • side of spanish rice
      • side of macaroni and cheese
      • New York Style Cheesecake
    • 7 Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein
      • (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
      • side of New York Style Cheesecake
    • 3 Chicken Strip Wraps
      • (lettuce, tomato, cheese, pepper, mayo)
      • side of macaroni and cheese
      • side of baked beans
      • New York Style Cheesecake
    • 1 Fried Chicken Meal (2 legs)
      • side of mashed potatoes with beef gravy
      • side of macaroni and cheese
    • 3 Grilled Club Sandwiches (with 4 miracle whips)
      • side of 1/2 bag of Frito’s Corn Chips
    • 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
      • (lettuce and tomato)


    • 1 Visit to the Clean Place
      • 1 side of steamed rice
      • 2 sides of general chicken
      • 2 sides of beef and broccoli
      • 2 sides of oriental chicken
      • 2 sides of sweet and sour chicken (no sauce)
    • 1 Deluxe Philly Time Cheesesteak
    • 2 Deluxe Chic-Fila Sandwiches
      • (lettuce, tomato, american cheese, 4 mayos)
    • 1 20 Piece McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
      • (2 BBQ Sauce, 2 Sweet and Sour Sauce)
    • 1 Plate of Macaroni and Cheese
      • (shells and Velveeta cheese)
    • 1 Burger King Whopper with Cheese
      • side of onion rings
    • 2 Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches


    • 7 Slices of Papa John’s Cheese Pizza
      • (3 were hot, 3 were nuked, 1 was cold)
      • side of 3 cinnamon sticks
    • 2 20 Piece McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
      • (4 BBQ Sauces, 4 Sweet and Sour Sauces)
    • 3 Popeye’s Chicken Dinners (3 piece dinners, mild/dark meat)
      • (4 thighs, 2 legs)
      • 2 biscuits
      • 2 sides of mashed potatoes with gravy
    • 2 Subway Cold Cut Combos (foot long)
      • (lettuce, tomato, salt/pepper, vinegar/oil on white)
      • side of Cheddar Harvest Sunchips
    • 1 Ming Garden General Chicken (ate 3/4)
      • side of steamed rice
    • 1 Burger King Whopper with Cheese (ate 1/2)
      • side of onion rings

    Drinking Snacks:

    • 1 Tiny piece of apple soaked in Everclear


    • 2 Packages Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (4 cups total)
    • 8 Cookies
      • 1 No Bake Cookie
      • 4 Chocolate Cookies
      • 6 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (3 Subway, 3 Hy-vee)
    • 1 Strawberry Danish
    • 1 Klondike Heath Ice Cream Bar
    • 3 Peanut Butter And Jam Bars
    • 1 Twix Bar
    • 1 Small Bag of Hy-vee Fruit Chews (Cherry Flavored)
    • 1 Pretzel (went to see Cedar Rapids)
    • 1 Bag of Frito’s Corn Chips
    • 1 Double Bubble Gum (original)
    • 1 Slice of Pepperjack Cheese

    Taste Testing:

    • 2 Freshly Baked Yeast Rolls
    • 1 Strip of Fajita Steak
    • 1 Small taste of peanut butter cookie dough
    • 1 Steak Sirloin
    • 1 Spoonful of Garden Supreme Salad
    • 2 Spaghetti Sauces
      • 1 with sugar
      • 1 without sugar


    • 40 Valerian Root Pills
      • (yep. still dying)

    I hate writing these up. I always feel bad after I do. I keep saying I should eat healthier or maybe try to actually eat at home. I tend to eat the same shit every month. Why not I take the stand now. I mean, I am already half way through the year. Maybe it is time for me to get cracking on cooking at home again. But I said it before, it sucks cooking for one person. How much do I make? I am not too fond of left overs. I like fresh food.  Since this is the 6 month mark, here are the links to all the months before. You can look it over if you like. I’ll do my best to get the stats up next week. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just a lot of note taking.















    March Stats – Part II: Food

    As promised, here are the stats to the food I ate last month. I reckon there isn’t much different than last time. At least for work that is. I still keep to the same food I like at work.


    • 1 Farmer’s Choice Breakfast
      • 2 eggs over easy
      • 2 pancakes
      • 3 strips of bacon
      • 1 order of white toast
    • 1 Bowl of oat meal (with butter and brown sugar)
    • 2 Bowls of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    • 1 Plain Bagel with strawberry cream cheese
    • 3 Bacon/Egg Cheese Strudels
    • 1 Single piece of bacon
      • I had to ease my pain one morning at work and nothing makes life better than a greasy piece of bacon!
    • 3 Cinnamon Rolls with icing
    • 13 muffins
      • 3 jumbo blueberry muffins
      • 1 jumbo apple muffin
      • 7 mini strawberry muffins
      • 2 mini apple cinnamon muffins
    • 8 Donuts
      • 3 maple long johns
        • 2 from work
        • 1 from Quicktrip
      • 1 chocolate long john
      • 2 iced cinnamon rolls
        • 1 maple iced cinnamon roll
        • 1 chocolate iced cinnamon roll
      • 1 chocolate ring donut
      • 1 glazed donut

    Lunch: (work meals)

    • 5 Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
      • 1 side of NY Style Cheesecake
      • 2 pieces of Michael’s birthday cake
      • 1 Nestle Drumstick (vanilla fudge)
    • 3 Bacon Cheeseburgers (lettuce, tomato, ketchup)
      • 1 side of tator tots
      • 1 side of onion rings
    • 2 General Chicken/Orange Chicken
      • 2 orders of steamed rice (with 2 sugars each)
    • 3 2 Piece Chicken Dinners (4 legs, 2 thighs)
      • 3 sides of mashed potatoes w/beef gravy
      • 1 sides of macaroni and cheese
      • 2 side of baked beans
    • 1 BBQ Brisket Sandwich
      • 1 side baked beans
      • 1 side macaroni and cheese
    • 3 Grilled Turkey Clubs (lettuce, tomato, yellow american cheese, bacon, miracle whip-4 per sandwich/12 total)

      • 3 bags of fritos
      • 1 slice of Michael’s birthday cake


    • 1 visit to “The Clean Place”
      • 2 helpings of kung pao chicken
      • 2 helpings of beef and broccoli
      • 1 helping of general chicken
      • 1 helping of sweet and sour chicken (no sauce)
      • 1 helping of steamed rice (2 sugars)
    • 1 visit to Margarita’s
      • 1 #5 meal (2 beef and cheese enchilada, 1 taco, rice)
      • 7 single chips w/salsa
      • 1 piece of spearmint orbit gum
    • 1 Philly Time Double Cheeseburger (lettuce, tomato, ketchup)
      • 1 side of onion rings
    • 5 Hot Dogs with ketchup
    • 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches (raspberry jam)
    • 1 visit to Pizza Street
      • 1 baked potato pizza slice
      • 1 sausage pizza slice
      • 1 pepperoni slice
      • 2 pineapple and canadian bacon slices
      • 2 taco pizza slices
      • 2 alfredo pizza slices
      • 1 piece of cinnamon roll
    • 2 sandwiches of white bread
      • 1 brown sugar ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese miracle whip
      • 1 oven roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese, miracle whip
        • 1 bag of fun size fritos
    • 2 bowls of chicken flavored ramen noodles
      • each bowl had 2 packages; 4 servings total
    • 1 plate of Velveeta macaroni and cheese (shell pasta)


    • 3 Cheeseburgers (with ketchup)
      • 1 at Perkins (asked for no pickle; whoe didn’t listen)
        • 1 bowl of Chicken Soup at Perkins
      • 2 were made at home using the famous George Forman Grill
    • 4 servings of Spaghetti and meat sauce
      • 3 servings at home
      • 1 serving at the annual, St. Pius X Spaghetti Dinner
      • 5 slices of white bread
      • 3 meatballs
      • 1 brownie
    • 1 20 piece chicken nugget from McDonalds
      • 2 BBQ Sauces
      • 2 Sweet and Sour Sauces
    • 1 Ming Garden General Chicken
      • 1 side of Steamed Rice
    • 3 Hot Dogs (ketchup only)
    • 1 Tostinos Pizza (pepperoni)
    • 2 bowls of Egg Noodles
    • 2 helpings of Rotisserie Chicken (dark meat)
      • 1 side of mashed potatoes
      • 1 side of corn on the cob
    • 2 blueberry waffles with syrup
      • 3 strips of bacon
    • 2 bowls of Velveeta macaroni and cheese (shell pasta)
      • 2 beer brats
    • 1 Dinner at Outback Steakhouse
      • 1 kc strip steak (medium rare)
      • 1 side of steamed vegetables (carrots, peapods, yellow squash, broccoli
      • 1 bowl of chicken tortilla soup
      • 7 medium spicy chicken wings
      • 2 celery sticks
      • 2 slices of rye(?) bread
      • 1 slice of new york style cheesecake with raspberry sauce
    • 1 Slice of Stouffer’s Lasagna Italiano


    • 2 slices of Northern Light Pizza
      • 2 slices of taco pizza


    • 11 Cookies
      • 2 chocolate chip cookies
      • 1 no bake cookie
      • 5 M&M cookies
      • 3 Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
    • 1 Blue Bunny Neapolitan Ice Cream Bar


    • 1 Bag of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • 2 Min Twix Candy Bars
    • 1 Caramello Candy Bar
    • 1 Double Bubble Blueberry Gum
    • 1 Piece Of Cherry Coffee Cake
    • 1 Slice of Rhubarb Pie
    • 1 Bag of Fun Size Nacho Cheese Doritos


    • 1 Single medium macaroni shell
    • 4 diced pieces of celery
    • 2 Pieces of pineapple brat
    • 1 Piece of Charlie’s Southwestern Burger
    • 1 Taste of nacho cheese
    • 3 Lime flavored Margaritaville chips with nacho cheese sauce

    There you go, kiddies! Another month down. Only 9 more to go. I should really try to eat healthier. Maybe start packing a lunch to work again. I did that once. I tried to eat better but when I did, this happened. Maybe cut the snacking out. Hmm… I don’t know. I like food to much. I do plan when I hit 6 months, to tally up everything I ate so far. Then at the end of the year, do it again. I am a very unhealthy person when it comes to food. Oh well. It’s all good.

    Perkins Burger

    Outback Steakhouse


    Mike's Birthday Cake



    I love ketchup. I think it has to be the greatest condiment ever created. They are great with onion rings, tator tots, and fries. I should rephrase that and say, when I used to eat fries, ketchup went great with it. I lost my taste for fries. That’ll be for another day. Anyway, so like I was saying. Ketchup is magical. I was at work a few days ago and a woman called about placing an order for some food. It was a birthday party for kids. She plans on getting hot dogs and burgers. I inquired about condiments. I figured they’ll want ketchup and relish. (not a fan of relish but I know kids like it) She said not to forget the mustard. I despise mustard. I think it’s horrible. I can’t explain the taste. I want to say burnt but that’s not what it taste like. I won’t even do honey mustard. She commented that she loves mustard and that her husband loves ketchup! The story doesn’t end there. Oh, no. She says, “He puts it on his steak.” Now, I can’t codemned the man for doing that. I did it when I was little. I grew up and now I like A1 or any type of steak sauce.

    To not make this man out to be some freak, I like ketchup on my ham. When it’s Easter or Christmas, or anytime we have ham, I’ll pour ketchup right on it. It’s just something I do. I get looks and people turn up their noses at me when they see me put ketchup on my ham. Eff you, people. I work with food and I have been asked some weird requests. I’ll share those later.

    What are you suppose to put on ham? I know it has brown sugar and pineapple and cloves, but what do you dip it in? Meatloaf has ketchup. Steak has its own sauce. Chicken is universal. You can put just about anything on it. Pork is smothered in gravy, or if I was eating it, I’ll dip it in an apple glaze.

    I remember when they brought out the green ketchup. That was different. It was ketchup. It didn’t taste different. I think I got it once. I mean, you had to. If someone asked about it, you can say with confidence, “Yeah, I tried it!” I did. It was just green. I am shocked that I did try it. I have such a strong passion for ketchup, I fear it being green. It’s not right. It shouldn’t be green. Some things shouldn’t be different colors or shapes. Keep it red. It’s a great color. Unless tomatoes were green, then yeah, okay. I can see ketchup being green. It’ll ruin the flow of the hot dog though. Too much green! So then you’ll need to make the mustard red and color the relish yellow.

    It’s tough being me. I can’t enjoy food without there being certain obligations with it.

    Sorry about not posting often. I got caught up in other things. I will try to keep posting more frequently.

    Till next time,