I Don’t Eat There Anymore.

I am a picky eater when it comes to many things (like potatoes). It isn’t just food, it’s a lot of things. We all have our little quirks when it comes to things. I have an issue with straws. I’ll use them in certain style cups and won’t in others. I can’t use them in glass cups. I can’t and I won’t. I worked with a guy who could only have 14 ice cubes in his cup. Or was it twelve? No matter. That eff’ed up. Can’t talk really. I have problems of my own. Aside from my cup and straw rule, food is an important thing in my life. I like food. I really, really like food. If I had the chance I would eat all day. You might be thinking, what about gaining weight? Aren’t you worried about that? No I am not. I was gifted with a strangely high metabolism. I can eat and eat and not gain a pound. I am not worried about when I hit forty. I don’t think I’ll hit forty with my life style. If I don, that will be a joyous day. The angels with sing and a parade will be held in my honor.

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June Stats – Part II: Food

Sorry about slacking on posting the data for the month of June. I have been slightly addicted to the site, Bitstrips. Too fun. I mentioned in my last post that I haven’t been eating right. Actually, I never eat right. Let me rephrase what I just said. I’ve haven’t been eating. After I get home from work, I am just too lazy to leave again. I have no food in the house. I’ll shop tomorrow. I promise. Not that you care but not having food in the house blows. Anyway, here is the data for last month. Remember, next week sometime (hopefully), I’ll post the 6 month log. The post that began it all!


    • 3 Bob Evan’s Farmer’s Choice Breakfast
      • 6 Eggs Over Easy
      • 9 Strips of Bacon
      • 6 Pancakes
      • 3 Order’ of White Toast
    • 21 Blueberry Bagels
    • 5 Yogurts
      • 3 Blueberry with granola
      • 2 Strawberry with granola
    • 6 Donuts
      • 4 Chocolate Long Johns (QuickTrip)
      • 2 Maple Long Johns (QuickTrip)
    • 3 Jumbo Blueberry Muffins
    • 2 Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls With Icing

    Lunch (work meals):

    • 1 BBQ Pork Sandwich
      • side of macaroni and cheese
      • side of baked beans
    • 1 Cheeseburger
      • (lettuce, tomato, 2 slices american cheese)
      • side of baked beans
    • 1 Beef and Bean Burrito
      • side of spanish rice
      • side of spicy corn
      • yeast roll
    • 1 Chicken Enchilada
      • side of spanish rice
      • side of macaroni and cheese
      • New York Style Cheesecake
    • 7 Medium Spicy Beef Lo Mein
      • (no vegetables, no oyster sauce)
      • side of New York Style Cheesecake
    • 3 Chicken Strip Wraps
      • (lettuce, tomato, cheese, pepper, mayo)
      • side of macaroni and cheese
      • side of baked beans
      • New York Style Cheesecake
    • 1 Fried Chicken Meal (2 legs)
      • side of mashed potatoes with beef gravy
      • side of macaroni and cheese
    • 3 Grilled Club Sandwiches (with 4 miracle whips)
      • side of 1/2 bag of Frito’s Corn Chips
    • 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
      • (lettuce and tomato)


    • 1 Visit to the Clean Place
      • 1 side of steamed rice
      • 2 sides of general chicken
      • 2 sides of beef and broccoli
      • 2 sides of oriental chicken
      • 2 sides of sweet and sour chicken (no sauce)
    • 1 Deluxe Philly Time Cheesesteak
    • 2 Deluxe Chic-Fila Sandwiches
      • (lettuce, tomato, american cheese, 4 mayos)
    • 1 20 Piece McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
      • (2 BBQ Sauce, 2 Sweet and Sour Sauce)
    • 1 Plate of Macaroni and Cheese
      • (shells and Velveeta cheese)
    • 1 Burger King Whopper with Cheese
      • side of onion rings
    • 2 Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches


    • 7 Slices of Papa John’s Cheese Pizza
      • (3 were hot, 3 were nuked, 1 was cold)
      • side of 3 cinnamon sticks
    • 2 20 Piece McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
      • (4 BBQ Sauces, 4 Sweet and Sour Sauces)
    • 3 Popeye’s Chicken Dinners (3 piece dinners, mild/dark meat)
      • (4 thighs, 2 legs)
      • 2 biscuits
      • 2 sides of mashed potatoes with gravy
    • 2 Subway Cold Cut Combos (foot long)
      • (lettuce, tomato, salt/pepper, vinegar/oil on white)
      • side of Cheddar Harvest Sunchips
    • 1 Ming Garden General Chicken (ate 3/4)
      • side of steamed rice
    • 1 Burger King Whopper with Cheese (ate 1/2)
      • side of onion rings

    Drinking Snacks:

    • 1 Tiny piece of apple soaked in Everclear


    • 2 Packages Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (4 cups total)
    • 8 Cookies
      • 1 No Bake Cookie
      • 4 Chocolate Cookies
      • 6 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (3 Subway, 3 Hy-vee)
    • 1 Strawberry Danish
    • 1 Klondike Heath Ice Cream Bar
    • 3 Peanut Butter And Jam Bars
    • 1 Twix Bar
    • 1 Small Bag of Hy-vee Fruit Chews (Cherry Flavored)
    • 1 Pretzel (went to see Cedar Rapids)
    • 1 Bag of Frito’s Corn Chips
    • 1 Double Bubble Gum (original)
    • 1 Slice of Pepperjack Cheese

    Taste Testing:

    • 2 Freshly Baked Yeast Rolls
    • 1 Strip of Fajita Steak
    • 1 Small taste of peanut butter cookie dough
    • 1 Steak Sirloin
    • 1 Spoonful of Garden Supreme Salad
    • 2 Spaghetti Sauces
      • 1 with sugar
      • 1 without sugar


    • 40 Valerian Root Pills
      • (yep. still dying)

    I hate writing these up. I always feel bad after I do. I keep saying I should eat healthier or maybe try to actually eat at home. I tend to eat the same shit every month. Why not I take the stand now. I mean, I am already half way through the year. Maybe it is time for me to get cracking on cooking at home again. But I said it before, it sucks cooking for one person. How much do I make? I am not too fond of left overs. I like fresh food.  Since this is the 6 month mark, here are the links to all the months before. You can look it over if you like. I’ll do my best to get the stats up next week. It shouldn’t be too hard. Just a lot of note taking.