Twenty-Six Till It’s…nineteen.

It’s quite a problem I have. It is quite a problem you have as well. You know what the problem is? Have you ever in your life heard a song on the radio or maybe caught a movie on television on night and it sticks in your head, playing over and over and no matter how hard you tried, you never could figure out who sang that song or what the movie was called? Yet, no matter how much you tried, that song was stuck on an endless repeat in your head, a constant reminder of a failed memory.

It was hard back then. It was difficult to ever solve these problems before the internet went all Big Bang and exploded with endless knowledge and amusing cat videos at your fingertips. You couldn’t jump on the web to search for the movie or the song. If you heard a song and movie back then, you had no Shazam and no IMDB to find the answer. You were stuck with nothing. It sucked. Thankfully, we have youtube to watch videos from way back then and remind us of the good times, well before music became mundane. Music will never ever compare to the 80’s or the 90’s. Those were great times. With the internet at our hands, we can figure out the song that has plagued us forever with a simple google search of a line from the song or do a search for the movie’s plot or actors and then your answer to that mystery movie will be solved. You can sleep easy now knowing that it was Scott Baio that starred as a adolescent  gangster in the movie, Bugsy Malone. 

Trust me. I had a song that lingered in my head for ages. A few nights ago, my roomie (who does really exist) and I, were watching music videos on youtube. We were feeling nostalgic that night. After browsing through many videos, he searched for a song he knew of. This song, the song he had pop up on the screen, answered the enigma I had for decades. I was excited. I was jumping up and down. I screamed! I was like a preteen at a Bieber concert. I ever hugged him and I don’t hug people. Imagine if you will. The year is 1988. You hear a song. There is no Google and there is Shazam. The song is awesome. You wish you wrote it down but didn’t. Now, 26 years later, the song comes back. A song that I always knew but never really knew was finally solved. No longer do I need to lie awake at night and ask myself,

What is that song about an army guy repeating the number 19 over and over?


It’s effin’ called, 19!?  19, a song by Paul Hardcastle about the Vietnam War. I should have guessed the song title and the meaning of the song just from the video I saw 26 years ago Hardcastle 19on, Puttin’ On the Hits. Guess I wasn’t smart enough to put two and two together. Oddly enough, I heard the song about two months on the radio. I went to get some food. I left my phone at home because I was expecting to be gone for a few minutes. As I scanned through the stations, a familiar song comes on. Yes, this song. I only caught the end. I waited a bit to see if maybe, just maybe, they’ll say the title. They never did. I was out of luck. I was still unsure of what this song was called. Why must God torment me like this!? It’s a song. I am not asking for the meaning of life. I just want to know what this damn song is called. Thankfully, my roomie decided to play it. Of all the songs in the world, he picks this one.

I have to feel a bit foolish that the song I never could figure out was called, 19. That’s about all I knew. I remember my sister and I were watching Star Search Puttin’ On The Hits or something like it one day. A man came on stage and did this song. He didn’t sing it. He just danced to it. He was dressed as a soldier and lip sync’ed and did the robot along to the song. When I got the internet, I recalled this song and spent days looking for it. I tried everything. I just searched for a ‘army guy dances and says 19′ and other variations of that. Nothing ever came up. This is the video I watched so many years ago and the song had always been in my head.


The answer is solved. Now, if I can only remember the name of a movie that’s been bugging me too but I can’t find it. Maybe I need my roomie for that one too.

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