Shoo Doggie Shoo II: Riding The Ban Wagon

It’s been a long time since I have brought of the topic of Shoo Doggie Shoo.  Last week and the week before, I spent a lot of time looking at my old forums. I have the site online but due to some incriminating evidence, I will not have any of it live. It is fun to read and go back to. I made that site, the forum, and the movie, a long time ago. I think it was around 2006 when I last dealt with my movie, Shoo Doggie Shoo. I promised a sequel but as time past and we all went our seperate ways, the movie was shelved and I never did anything with it.

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Shoo Doggie Shoo: Part III

I eventually felt the need to create yet another movie. It was going to be a sequel to the first, “Shoo Doggie Shoo”. I guess I couldn’t really call it a sequel. I was going to base the movie off of my site and those people who had a place in the hidden forums titles, “Those We Hate”. The movie was titled, “Shoo Doggie Shoo II: Riding the Ban Wagon”. It was going to have a central plot. I was going to take different people, different posts and stories, and mold them into one story. You’d be surprised at how well everything was going to work so smoothly. I mean, take an alien invasion, a superhero, soap, Jesus, and a gang of misfits, toss in a few robots and you have a movie.

I never finished the movie. I never even got very far with it. I do have some of the files saved. I still have documents written out about how I wanted the movie to play out. Below is a trailer to the movie. I wish I got to finish this one. I bet it would have been epic. I mean these people already hated me and everyone else on my site. It’s not like it was going to matter. I mean, what can they really do?

One poster in particular was on a mission to shut my site down. He was hell-bent on getting me in trouble. I believe he said he either contacted the FBI or was going to contact the FBI. Either or, nothing happened. You people across the pond are some crazy mofo’s. Thank you to a friend down under for showing this guy for the liar he really was. You rock, Bundean!

I can honestly go on for hours about everything that went on within my little corner of the web. It was a pretty wyld ride. Eventually, the site had to close. It had a great run. It was well over 30,000 posts. It should be more but I eff’ed up one day and deleted it all. But we took it with a grain of salt and went on hating. I still kick myself over that. With the closing of TSO and the dust settling, I made the hard choice to close my forums. A sad day it was. I have the database file still. Not sure if it will ever work. Would I like to see my site again? Hell yeah, I would! I would love to relive some of those memories. We were a pretty funny bunch.











I should thank everyone. Thank you, April, Tyler, Jackie, Kami, Corp, Natalie, TJ, Heidi, Joey, Brian, The Peterson’s, and everyone else who I forgot to mention. That time of my life will always be cherished.


Shoo Doogie Shoo: Part II

I had to host the movie somewhere. It was too long to post on Youtube. I ended up buying a domain name and server space. I dropped the movie on Google Video (it’s no longer available) and embedded it on my site. After a month or two of the site sitting empty, I felt like adding a forum to it.  My forums were to be a place for me to post videos and stories I wrote and have discussions about life, television, currents events, and even to let off some steam.

The site grew beyond anything I expected. I had no real rules to the forums. I let people speak their minds and say what they wanted, even if they used words not deemed suitable for young viewers. Before long, the official TSO message boards (stratics as it is called) said my forums can no longer be linked from post on their site due to the content on mine. To circumnavigate around this, I hid the forums to any non-member. It was a way also to force people to sign up and see what all the fuss was really about. As I said above, I had no rules to m site. But eventually, people who I didn’t care for began to sign up. They weren’t interested in the site itself, they just wanted to see if they were being talked about. Truth be told, you probably were. I eventually made a mock up of rules.


1. While making old topics will be brought up about the earlier version of Pit.Calm, further discussion about how you miss it, how much cooler or more active it was, is not permitted. Discussing past events that are relevant to the topic on hand, or totally off topic is okay to mention.

2. Each forum on the internet is different in some way. Some talk about sandwiches and some talk about video games. This is an open discussion forum. Anything and everything can be discussed within these walls as long as they don’t conflict with Rule 9.

3. Everyone is welcome to post here. Posters here may not respect your views and some people might not even respect you. If you don’t like that, or feel the idea of being trolled or being called a name is lame or cruel, I suggest you don’t continue on the .calm journey. Please find another forum. I have my rules and other forums have their communistic rule.

4. Discussion of online scamming is never to be discussed. Discussion of the scamming crusade, will be locked and placed in the appropirtae locked forum. Please keep all scamming discussions to PMs or go find a website just for that.

5. Lurking about the forums and not being part of the discussion, gives many people rage. Rage is not something that goes over well here. It is not being said that you post and live on .calm, thought many do, a simple hello or hi, or whatever else people say in greeting would be nice.

6. Lame attempts at trying to disrupt the board or posters, will not get you banned. No one gets banned from .Calm. You get limited. If you don’t know what that means, I suggest you try it out.

7. This is not a site to promote the sales of online goods. I don’t care how much Jesus went in to the making of the soap. The posters at .Calm are more in to body wash. Soap has been proved by scientist to not only wash away dirt but also sins.

8. Your opinions matters slightly.

10. Rule 9 is not mentioned in the RoCs. While, we do our best to not have rules, sometimes you need them. Sometimes a few rules may not be mentioned. This is the safety net to .Calm. If it is felt that your actions are in poor taste or just not found funny, smart, etc…rule 9 will be drawn on you. Respect rule 9. It has been the most broken rule on pit.calm.

11. Drama lies within. Hate lies within. If you don’t want to stress youself out, stay the hell out. If you need to vent or whatever, I suggest you join the poster group and do so. Please be aware that doing this can and probably will conflict with a numbers of the following rules.

12. For good measure, don’t be a fucking dumbass.

You’d be amazed by people. How many times have people said to you, “I don’t care what people say about me.” You know what? People do. To those that said it, I am 100% certain you had a hate thread. Yes, I had hidden forums. Those who had access to it were people I trusted. This group became known as “the lemmings”. We had love threads too. We had post about our plans to infiltrate the stratics network. We found their hidden forums and saw them discussing us, like we were discussing them. Every so often, a fellow Lemming was banned from stratics. But using their savvy internet knowledge, they found their way back on the boards. What was our crowning achievement?


Shoo Doggie Shoo

Back in early 00’s, I signed up to play the game, The Sims Online. I have been a fan of the offline game since its’ release. Sadly, the online version never met the expectations the game itself did. For those that did play, we enjoyed it. I’ll admit, towards the end (before the game was cancelled), I grew tired of it. I had my reasons. I am sure many of the players did. The game lacked updates, we were told of future features to come that didn’t, and how repetitive the game became. Once you maxed out your skill level, there was nothing else to do. Sure it was a social game but there is only so many times you can play “skill till you drop” and have “pee parties’.

When I first started playing, I kept to myself. I rarely went out to make friends. But play a game for 5 years, you’re bound to create friendships. I still am friends with some of those players today. Aside from the antics I had within the game, I found enjoyment on the official message boards of The Sims Online (TSO). Again, I posted seldom at first but as time went on, I was a little more vocal. Not much being vocal about what I wanted the game to be but nonsense sort of things.

One post on the board became a legend of sort. A poster by the name of, Kari started it. Late one night, she posted about a man trying to kidnap her. She went on to discuss how he drowned her friend in a lake and that she was next. During this ordeal, she posted about it. She fended him off with a stick. Before long, the thread was locked and she went into hiding. Either she hid or the kidnapper story was real.

Jumping away from TSO, I also am a fan of management games. Games such as, Roller Coaster Tycoon, SimCity, and The Movies. The Movies was a game where the player managed a movie studio. You hired actors, wrote scripts, publicized the movies, and even had the tools to create movies within the game. I like to think of myself as creative, so this tool was perfect. I made a few movies, one which is already published on here. You can watch it here.

I was feeling creative one night and thought, why not create a movie based on the post Kari made. And so I did. I will admit, it was a tedious process. Lots of editing went into the making of this movie. I asked fellow posters to help out with movies. I went as far to add inside jokes to the movie. The movie finished off to about a length of 30 minutes. Was it a success? I like to think so.