NBC’s newest sitcom

If shows like, Two and a Half Men and That 70’s Show can get on the air, then I think my show can too. I know I tried getting the Michael Wong Show on the air but that show was foul NBC-logoand a bit amateurish for most people’s taste. Ideas of shows I had sat dormant in my noggin. A few weeks ago, while having a few drinks with some friends, I came up with the greatest show ever. It’ll be funny, it’ll be heartwarming, and it’ll be edgy. It’ll be a comedy but with heart. Put this on the 2013 fall line up or if that is already booked then I can wait till the 2014 comedy line up. This show will win awards.

I hope someone from NBC is reading this. I promise this show will be comedic gold. I am a funny mofo. Read me blog and then try to tell me otherwise. I hope you like it. NBC, I’ll be waiting to hear from ya.


I don’t have a title for the show yet but the premise of the show will be,

after 2 years of being on his mission with the church, Eli travels to the Midwest for answers to what he should really believe and who to give his heart to. Once in the heart of America, he meets Kevin, a reformed Catholic with a drinking problem. Kevin is a bit of a germaphobe and rarely allows people into his home or his heart. He rather solve his problems by ignoring them than to actually talk about them. He is proud of his twin bed and doesn’t take kindly to people who touch him. Kevin’s best friend and selfish and overbearing roommate is Brad, a Jewish cop with put the laws of Judaism before the law of the state. He’s claims to be Jewish but Kevin has caught him gnawing on a ham bone once or twice. Brad claims to be a man of all trades but has yet to ever prove that. Brad can’t ever seem to draw the shower curtain back and that drives Kevin insane. The three guys wind up sharing a house, women, and the foibles of being alone, single, and out of work in the ever boring midwest.


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