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Back in early 00’s, I signed up to play the game, The Sims Online. I have been a fan of the offline game since its’ release. Sadly, the online version never met the expectations the game itself did. For those that did play, we enjoyed it. I’ll admit, towards the end (before the game was cancelled), I grew tired of it. I had my reasons. I am sure many of the players did. The game lacked updates, we were told of future features to come that didn’t, and how repetitive the game became. Once you maxed out your skill level, there was nothing else to do. Sure it was a social game but there is only so many times you can play “skill till you drop” and have “pee parties’.

When I first started playing, I kept to myself. I rarely went out to make friends. But play a game for 5 years, you’re bound to create friendships. I still am friends with some of those players today. Aside from the antics I had within the game, I found enjoyment on the official message boards of The Sims Online (TSO). Again, I posted seldom at first but as time went on, I was a little more vocal. Not much being vocal about what I wanted the game to be but nonsense sort of things.

One post on the board became a legend of sort. A poster by the name of, Kari started it. Late one night, she posted about a man trying to kidnap her. She went on to discuss how he drowned her friend in a lake and that she was next. During this ordeal, she posted about it. She fended him off with a stick. Before long, the thread was locked and she went into hiding. Either she hid or the kidnapper story was real.

Jumping away from TSO, I also am a fan of management games. Games such as, Roller Coaster Tycoon, SimCity, and The Movies. The Movies was a game where the player managed a movie studio. You hired actors, wrote scripts, publicized the movies, and even had the tools to create movies within the game. I like to think of myself as creative, so this tool was perfect. I made a few movies, one which is already published on here. You can watch it here.

I was feeling creative one night and thought, why not create a movie based on the post Kari made. And so I did. I will admit, it was a tedious process. Lots of editing went into the making of this movie. I asked fellow posters to help out with movies. I went as far to add inside jokes to the movie. The movie finished off to about a length of 30 minutes. Was it a success? I like to think so.




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