Have You Ever Seen: The Midnight Hour

There are many movies that stick with you forever. I am not talking about the movies that are big blockbusters that everyone and their family has seen. I am talking about the movies that not many people have. At least, you assume that you and your family are the only people to really lay eyes on it. I have talked about Mr. Boogedy and Midnight Madness. Other movies have been talked about on my site but those movies have had a wider audience. They are a little more well-known. This time around, I am talking about a TV movie titled, “The Midnight Hour“. It hit the airwaves back in 1985. It was many years later that I saw it. I remember laying on the floor. My brother and my sister were on the couch. We flipped on the TV and how we came across this movie, I don’t know. Am I glad we did? Yes. I watch this movie on many¬†occasions.

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