Ten Shows I Have Never Seen & Don’t Care To: Part 1

There are tons of great shows on television right now. There were some great shows on tv before. With so many good shows on television right now, there is no possible way I can watch them all. Sure I can DVR them but I tend to forget about my DVR and rarely record them shows I watch already. I am going to share with you 10 shows that are critically acclaimed but I don’t watch them. Some are older shows and newer shows. But these 10 shows (in no particular order) are shows that I have never seen and don’t care to. I should watch them but no. I won’t.

10. Friends

I don’t know why this show was so popular. I always thought of it as a younger version of Seinfeld, which is a show I mistakenly fell in love with. I know there was a monkey in the show at some point. I know that because I took the moniker Marcel as my name in French class. Had I known it was the name of a monkey on Friends, I would have chosen a different name. I wish I can say I have never seen an episode but I cannot. It’s funny about the episode though. While I have never seen the entire one, it seems to be the only one I always stumble upon when I am channel surfing. Even telling my friends and co-workers about it, they all laugh hysterically and tell me that it happens to be one of their funniest episodes. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that while I sat there watching, I didn’t laugh at all.


I wish I can tell you that I would give this show a chance but I won’t. I even just rewatched the above click and still didn’t laugh. Sorry if you’re a fan of the show but no amount of viewing or pestering me about it will ever make me succumb to the absent hilarity of this 30 minute garbage of a comedy. Then again… It was on for ten seasons, so obviously they were doing something right.

09. Lost

It was a show I always planned on getting into. I really wanted to watch it because all the talk about the first season was peaking my interest and I was ready to dive into the show. Six seasons later, I never sat down to watch it. From what I hear the show was good at first but after a while, it lost its edge and the story line went crazy, just like a person stranded on an island would do. I think there was time travel and a government facility on the other side of the island, yes? Did the Harlem globetrotters show up at some point? Well, f**k. I don’t know. I just recall something about a lottery, a manhole cover, and  people getting upset about the ending like it was the Sopranos all over again. Didn’t they all die on the island or something?

Faces on a milk carton

I know the show is listed as one of the best shows on TV and just like Friends, I will never jump on Netflix and catch up on Lost. I had my chance to watch the show. I had every opportunity to view it but my laziness stopped that from happening. Maybe I should start watching, The Following. I have the recorded on my DVR. I hear it’s a great show too. Hopefully I don’t forget about it and let that get lost in the shuffle like another great show I never took the time to enjoy.

08. The Office

dwightThe show is ending this week. The funny antics at Dunder Mifflin are coming to a close after nine great seasons. I have seen an episode here and there. I enjoyed them but was put off by the documentary style of filming. I have no excuse for not watching it. I was told on a number of occasions to get my ass in gear and watch it. I don’t know if it was me being lazy or if it interfered with another show I was watching at the same time. Maybe at first, I thought the show was going to take the comical approach like Frasier, a show I never understood.

I don’t have time to watch 190+ episodes. I don’t have time to listen to Dwight speak about teamwork or watch Jim and Pam torment him with silly pranks. Honestly, I wanted to watch this show. With nine seasons under its belt and the series finale just days away, I think it wold be best for me to skip this show and not try to get attached to something that will stumble and lose its appeal after the star player bowed out two seasons ago. But what do I know?

07. Breaking Bad

breaking bad


Coming off his stint on a highly underrated show, Bryan Cranston leaves Malcolm in the Middle to become a cancer stricken teacher in AMC’s hit show, Breaking Bad. I was never interested in this show. I was never looking forward to watching it and with all the rave reviews it receives, I still don’t want to waste my time watching it. I know the gist of it. I know he is dying of cancer or was. I know he’s a teacher and he makes Meth that looks a like candy. He gets in trouble and people die. He’s bald and truthfully, whenever I see the posters for the show, I think of Gordon Freeman from Half-Life the video game.

Like The Office, it too is on its final season. I never had an interest in this show. I never thought about watching it and no matter the reviews I hear the amount of people who tell me how awesome the show it, I still don’t care to watch any of it. I have never seen one episode. I haven’t even seen a single scene. The only thing I know from the show is the dude in the hat who has become an internet meme with him fist bumping and screaming, “Science, bitch!”

The show is awesome! That’s all I hear. I am told constantly to watch it. I feel left out of the talk around the water cooler. I want to be involved. I want to discuss last night’s show with someone and express my joy about it. That will not happen. I am not going to watch the show. I am not going to Netflix it and I will not borrow DVD’s from friends. It’s just another show I will never watch and never plan on it. This may knock my manliness down a level or two but that’s okay. It’s not like I avoid all great shows that are on television.

06. 24

The idea was cool. One episode is one hour in the time of Jack Bauer, the badass dude with the worst luck ever. I love spy shows. I love shows about terror and shows where shit blows up. But with 24, I never tuned in to watch Jack Bauer save the day, one episode at a time. My sister loved the show but if you asked me, she loved Kiefer a little more. She would take to Facebook or to twitter to talk about the show and how it was amazing and the cliffhangers it tossed at her. Still, I never took the bait.

Like all the shows on my list, it’s a highly praised show that never gain my interest. I don’t know what the show is about. I know that one point the dude from the All State commercials was in it. I think he was president. That right? Did he die in the show? If I watched 24 I would know these things. I would know if Jack Bauer saved the day and kept the president safe from terrorists that felt the need to attack us for 8 long seasons. At some point in time, you’d think the terrorists would get the idea that they aren’t going to win. Maybe they don’t get the Fox network where they are at. Maybe they do but they never watched it. I know I didn’t.

I never took the time to watch it. I just didn’t care to. It lasted 8 seasons and now, it’s coming back again for more. Those terrorists never learned and feel the need t attack us and Mr. Bauer one last time. Am I excited about the news? I know my sister is jumping for joy with that news. But me? I am not jumping up and down because of that. Even with it coming back for another round, I don’t think it will reel me in to watch it. I will not be coaxed into watching the show that didn’t get my attention the first 8 years.

Check back tomorrow for the top 5 shows. To be continued….



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