Ten Shows I Have Never Seen & Don’t Care To: Part II

This is the second part to my list of 10 television shows that I haven’t watched and don’t care to. If you missed the past entry, you can view it here. The list is in no order. I am just sharing with you hit shows that I should watch and enjoy but don’t. Maybe I am lazy. Maybe I find the acting to be stale and the storyline boring. I already mentioned five of them, I guess I can continue on with the other five shows I don’t care for. If you are looking for some long rant about why the show sucks, don’t look here. A majority of the shows I am listing I have never seen.

I cannot dive into the shows and dissect them, piece by piece. I am basically just telling you about why I never got into shows that are well liked by millions of people.

05. Arrested Development

I wish I could make a joke about the show and relate to the viewers in some way about it but I can’t. This is another show I never watched. I never even took the time to try to watch it. It has a great cast from all the photos I’ve seen of it. It is so good, that it’s returning for another season. You can thank the fans and Netflix for that. With it being headed by Netflix, will I partake in watching it? Not a chance. I just don’t think the show will interest me. You can pout and moan all you want but nothing you do or say will make me change my mind about watching it. Saying that I won’t watch this show, I can hear my brother-in-law cursing me. He’ll bribe me with candy and other snacks to just sit my ass down for 30 minutes and enjoy an episode. He’ll want me to watch it and he’ll he 100% positive that I’ll love it. I am sure he’ll say,

It’s right up your alley.

Is it a funny show? I bet it is. It has to be. It is returning for another season. With the amount of hype the show is getting and the loyal fans craving for its’ return, you can bet your sweet ass it’ll be around for many more seasons…seasons I’ll never watch.

04. Game Of Thrones

No words. I have no idea what the show is. Some kid is in it. I think he’s king and he’s a brat. I don’t have Showtime and can’t watch it. If I had Showtime, I wouldn’t watch it. brace yourself GoT 03. Parks & Recreation

Don't know his name but nice stache.

Don’t know his name but nice stache.

I watched episode one. I watched the series premiere. They went to a landfill. I didn’t like it. I wish the show stayed in that landfill. I love Amy Poehler. I don’t like Aziz Ansari. I don’t know anything about Ron Swanson. I don’t even know if that is his character’s name or if that is his real name. I could look but I am not going to bother to further my investigation into a show that doesn’t interest me the slightest bit. The show reminded me too much of The Office. I just don’t care for the style of filming. It bugs me. That I am sure is the main reason for not watching it. With The Office being so successful, we know that Parks & Recreation will have more than just the six seasons. The only good part of not watching this show is knowing that I have never heard one of my friends or other people at work talk about the show. Never once have I heard them give praise about the show. At least my friends have one thing going for them.  Don’t argue with me and say I didn’t give the show a chance. I did. I watched the first episode and when you’re premiering a new show to people, you need to go all out and use the big guns. I wasn’t impressed. Others were though.




02. Reality TV

This is stretching it a lot. I admit that when Survivor aired, I watched it. It was fun to watch people act ruthless and attack others on live television without even caring… even if it was all fake. After the initial shock of reality TV passed, I gave up and vowed to not watch that crap any more. I don’t watch Big Brother, Real Housewives, or Duck Dynasty. I know people thrive off of it but I don’t. I don’t think of it as entertainment. I look at it in the same way I look and feel about the crappy show, Friends.

No clue what this is about.

I avoid all reality television. It’s not TV, no matter how entertaining it can be. I will stick to watching what I watch. Go watch people make fools of themselves. We just need to treat reality TV like the folks from the Westboro Baptist Church. If we just ignore them, reality TV and those sorry excuse for human beings will go ahead.

01. The Big Bang Theory

Nothing like him.

Nothing like him.

It’s funny. It has geeks. It has references to things I love. I can relate. But I disapprove of this show because of the big reason the show is on the air. I don’t like being compared to Sheldon. It’s not cool. That isn’t the reason I don’t watch it. I just don’t know when it’s on. I never did. If I did, I’d watch but again, Sheldon. That makes me hate the show. I’ll just pass on this and hopefully when the show ends, it falls into obscurity and no one recalls its. I rather not hear twenty years from now anyone compare me to the guy who logs bowel movements.

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