Core Beliefs

We all have some basic core beliefs. While there are some that span entire societies, i.e. to murder is bad, there are some that are more individualized. It is these that interest me. I believe that you can know a lot about a person’s character by examining what they believe. Or at least what they believe that they believe. Continue reading


Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes

My sense of humor is a little off. What mortifies most people leaves my wheezing and gasping for air as often as not. Sarcasm is a highly respected art form for me. Sardonic wit is nearly a second religion. Parody is a blast. But what really makes my day is irony. If my sense of irony were any stronger I’d grow a full beer and drink PBR all day.

damn, i wish i had a pabst


Boy, I got a good dose of it today! I got a helping of irony like what we all experienced first time we saw Ice-T portray a cop. And I loved it! Continue reading



Have you ever had a childhood memory radically changed? I have. And recently. And I want to share that experience with you the reader. WARNING: If you’re a guy in his 30’s you’re about to have a boyhood icon put under the microscope.)

Continue reading