Music Review: Reali+ivi+y

I saw a link to this CD on twitter. I clicked the link and took a listen. I wasn’t sure what I would expect from a CD with no label. It’s a new era and dropping a folder of your CD on filesharing sites is the new way to go. It may not get you tons of recognition or fame but hopefully whoever does download it, will tell their friends and a chain reaction of curious listeners will follow suit. Sooner or later, your mix tape will be in the hands of some famed rapper and an east coast/west coast war will start all because you released a mix tape on twitter. Don’t release mix tapes on twitter. That’s how Biggie died. Do you want to be known as the guy that killed Biggie and/or people like him?

The title of the CD is, Realitivity. Just replace the ‘t’ with a plus sign. I guess it adds (pun intended) some hip effect to the name. The name of the CD isn’t important. The real heart and soul lies within each track of, JGray’s feature album, Reali+ivi+ty. If you are interested in the CD, click the link here to download it. It’s free and if you’re into rap and kids who drop some, pretty sickening beats, grab it.

This is my first review of a CD. Why did I pick this CD? I don’t know. I am not a listener to the hip-hop and rap genre. I’ve listened to rap. I won’t say I hate it. It’s just not my thing. I am too white. I’m probably more white than JGray. But I will give everything a listen. I was on twitter and I saw the link and clicked it. It’s strange to see a white-ass, ginger boy rapping not about bitches and money, but to hear rap about the real problems of 19 year kid. What kind of problems do 19-year-old kids have? None really, unless you consider cramming for a test, breaking curfew, or cursing your little brother for eating the last hot pocket. That’s some deep stuff right there.

JGray is a 19-year-old kid from Missouri. He’s gonna be (well, he’s trying) the next Tech N9ne and if that doesn’t work, he can always aspire to be the next Rick Astley. We all need goals, even if those goals are unreachable or just in arm’s length. I’ve had a few days to listen to this album. I actually listened to it. It was this or jamming to One Direction repeatedly but there is only so many times I can hear prepubescent boys tell me I am beautiful.

Back to JGray’s debut album. I am not going to say this CD is downright awful. It’s mediocre. Mediocre is a nice way of saying, ‘it’s crap’. Rather than spitting rhymes in his parent’s basement, he spent some time in the recording studio creating something he can be proud of. I am sure if his parents could, they would put it on the fridge and place it next to his macaroni kitty he made at Scout Camp. I don’t want to be too hard on this kid. I should give the soulless ginger credit for doing this. I can’t sing and can’t rhyme for nothing. While he may be seeing himself like this,


I am actually hearing something like this.


Not only is he a ginger with no soul, he’s also a ginger with no talent. (I’m just kidding. I just wanted to say that cause it’s funny.) My biggest issue with the CD is not the lyrics but the beats behind them. Did he scour Garage Band’s library for them? If I didnt know any better, I would probably guess he stole the beats from Rappy McRapperson. I bet if he were to change the beats to ones that actually matched what he was muttering, it may give the song a little more pep and I wouldn’t have to drill numerous q-tips into my ear to stop what could be compared to the sound of  a banshee’s wail.

Starting off the CD, JGray introduces himself.

 I know I’m f**king white. I know I’m f**king right. By the end of the song, you’ll know that I’m f**king tight. Cause the era of swag is over. It’s f**king done. Now it’s time for JGray to blacken the sun.

Damn, Speak and Spell. Effin’ language. Damn, you white people are trippin’. It’s so nice to see that the youth of today is full of such anger and lacking on vocabulary. If you are curious, we do get a remix of his introduction track. I assume it’s in case you didn’t catch in during the first track, you have the remix to refresh your memory. There are other tracks where he reminds of us his name. Before the song is over you will know his name. Maybe it’s cause he knows before the CD is over we will all question, ‘who the hell am I listening to again?’

Skipping around some, I did find his Illiteration track to be pretty creative and it’s the second best one of the tolerable track on the CD. Listen to it below.

Maybe he tricked me. Maybe he just pulled out a thesaurus and picked words that sounded nifty. You know, words that all the cool kids are using these days. I’m normally quick on picking up things but I didn’t catch the A to Z rap till about the letter N.  Can’t say it’s a great track but I like it. Why? I’m a sucker for people who crave for the demise of Kris Kringle.

If you’re wondering what my favorite track is, it’s Shadow. I like the whole Rocky series and that speech was always one of my favorite. Kudos to this soulless bastard. We may not share the same taste in music but we do have some common ground when it comes to movies. Have you seen Se7en? 


I am confused by track 6, Sold My Soul. The artist is a ginger and that automatically makes him an effin’ liar. During this track, you’re going around telling us some ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ story and how you bought a cow to sell your soul. WTF you smoking? The cow is fine. Even the shit about the man in the hat is cool with me. But you crossed the line when you exclaimed at the end of the song that  ‘you sold your soul to the devil.’  That can’t happen. You can’t sell something you don’t have. Everyone knows gingers don’t have souls. Kids these days like honesty in music. Millions of women around the world know and feel the pain Adele is singing about. They’ve all been scorned by some dickish boyfriend in the past. As for Joel, you cannot sing about selling your soul when you don’t have one. Ginger’s of the world will not stand for your blasphemy  and they will do whatever it is gingers do when they agree on something. Ginger’s unite!

There are numerous tracks that aren’t tracks at all. It’s almost as if he had to meet some quota on how many tracks he needs to drop a CD. I won’t mention those tracks since I really can’t call them tracks at all. One track does irk me. When I listen to ‘We the People’, it is reminiscent of Eminem’s White America’. I like Eminem. I don’t know why. Maybe I think he’s a very talented lyricist.Was he JGray’s inspiration? Cause the moment I heard We the People, the first thing I thought of was Eminem’s track. Don’t take that as a compliment. Just the purpose of the song being, “I am angry. I don’t like the government. Obama is a shitty president.’  is to me, a way for rappers to connect with their listeners and feed them crap that Fox News already does. Turn off Fox News and watch Colbert or Jon Stewert. I know my voice won’t get heard. I just wish rappers would stop with their anti-american, political statements.  All rappers need a political song to express their feelings toward how the country is turning out. Let me guess. I bet JGray would vote for Ron Paul if he could.

A number of the tracks serve no purpose. Was it his intent to rehash what rap CD’s are like today? A few tracks that are songs and the rest are just movie sound clips and remixes? I am not telling people they shouldn’t listen to this album. I am not telling people this guy is lacking talent. Give it some time and a little more time working on the music, he might one day have a CD well worth listening to and sharing with friends and eventually JGray could be on the same level as these kids below. That’s fucking swag. Word to the snapbacks.


Download Reali+ivi+y here. JGray will be as giddy as a school girl at a Bieber concert. I should let it be known that this review is just me talking out my ace. I was bored. I had some drinks. I wrote this prize piece of literature.

Update (04/04/2012): Here is a link to another site to instantly listen to the CD.

Click here.

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