The Man With The Wooden Teeth

It has been a long time since I’ve posted a dream. I am shocked to say that I haven’t been dreaming as often as I normally do. Every so often a strange dream will happen but it is short and not worth posting. I went to bed early last night. Not sure why I did. I normally stay up late and find something to do to entertain me. Be it booze, television  or maybe a movie. But that didn’t happen. I took to my bed about six in the evening and within 10 minutes, I was out. I was out and in dreamland. Below is the dream I had. It was the first thing I did when I woke up around 9:30 that same night. Don’t worry. I went back to bed. Slept like a baby. Twas nice. Enough of me rambling. Go ahead and read the dream and like always, I will visit dreammoods for the meaning behind it.

I Have Terrible Luck With Skiing.

I am not a skier. I have never been. I don’t have an interest in it and never will. I had two separate times when I went skiing and both times they ended in terrible tragedies. Okay, so it wasn’t tragic. If you read on, you will realize that I have a terrible relationship when it comes to putting on skies and going down a hill. I am not a sporting person. I prefer to run but I have been lacking in that department. I would play football with friends that was probably the greatest time I ever had playing football. I am not going to say skiing is a sport. It is a leisure activity but if you were to ask someone who takes skiing as a career, they will argue with me and say, yes, skiing is a sport. Skiing is a sport just like Nascar is a sport. I am rambling on because I want to lengthen this introduction to more than just a few sentences. Keep reading and you will understand why I don’t ski and why I have terrible luck with it.

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Dream: My Younger Self

If you have read any of my dreams, you know first hand that I probably smoke crack and probably need some help from a brain doctor. I never analyze a dream and never do I take them for something other than just a hodge podge of random thoughts and memories that are bouncing around in my head. If I took each dream I had as some prolific meaning, I would never be able to live. Dreams are nothing more than just thoughts in our heads. Random occurrences that seep out and mold into one thing and that one thing becomes our strange, and questionable dreams. If you honestly think your dream means something, then you are mistaken.

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Kim Kardashian & The Blister-Faced Baby

It’s that time again for another one of my famous dreams. None of the dreams I have posted on here are made up. They are all real. Not real, real but real in the sense that I actually dreamt them up. I had this dream last night. I entered it in my phone at 3:47am. I immediately wrote it down. I almost passed on doing so but I knew if I did that, I would have forgotten the dream and all would have been lost. I hope you like this dream. It’s just as eff’ed up as  the others. Click any of the following links (here, here, here, or here) to read the other dreams I’ve had. Or you can click ‘continue reading’ to read my newest dream. Enjoy!

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