NASCAR: Not a Real Sport

I am not an athlete. I am far from the talented people you see on television or in stadiums across America. I played little league baseball when I was younger but that’s about. Not sure why I had to make it a point that I was ‘younger’ when I played little league baseball. Be weird if I was to play now at my age. Frowned upon and a little creepy too.

I know about sports. Enough to hold a conversation? No, probably not. I can’t tell you much about baseball, football, basketball or any other sport. I like sports. I’d go to the stadium to watch a game or I’ll go to the park for a rousing game of Turkey Bowl but to sit and watch the people on television? I can’t do it. I just can’t. 

Baseball is a sport. Football is a sport. Soccer can be a sport. Boxing is just fighting. Basketball is a sport. Golf is a past time. Tennis is a leisure activity. Bowling is for sheets and giggles. NASCAR is driving. NASCAR is not a sport. People need to stop calling it a sport and acting like Gordon, Stewart, and men like them, are real athletes. They are people who can drive really fast and have a OCD issue with bumper stickers and car decal. But they aren’t athletes. Driving in a circle multiple times doesn’t put you in the class of being an athlete. I can drive around in circles for hours and you don’t see me claiming to be one. Driving around in circles isn’t a sport. It’s called being lost. If they are athletes, then so am I. That makes you and everyone else a bona fide athlete. But we’re not. We are not in the same category of people like, Elway, Brett, Jordan and Bird. I’m sorry if I upset people. I am sorry if I upset you and your wife  or sister (whatever she rather be called in social situations). NASCAR isn’t a sport. It never has and never will be. Maybe it’s just me but I just cannot grasp the concept of NASCAR. It’s basically this,

  • car drives by you
  • you cheer
  • you wait
  • car drives by you again
  • you cheer again
  • you wait again

Did I get it right? Isn’t that pretty much what this “sport” is all about? A bunch of men who drive around in a circle only stopping when they need gas, ask for directions, see a flag, or someone wrecks. Okay, sure. A wreck is a pretty cool thing to witness but I don’t think I would drop money just to see Danica Patrick and all 5’2 of her crash into a wall. Speaking of her, can you really call NASCAR a sport knowing that a woman is involved? Looks like NASCAR is turning into the WNBA but still with only one HUGE difference. WNBA is an actual sport.

Nascar Isn't A Sport

Back to wrecks. I know you don’t go to see someone wreck. That is just wrong. People wreck all the time on highways, streets, and in parking lots. How is that any different? Why? Cause they’re going hundreds of miles an hour when they do crash into a wall or another athlete driver? If you like NASCAR and really want to see a wreck, just check out your family history. I’d say check out the family tree but that’s just a straight line and we’re talking about driving in a circle and not drag racing.

Baseball takes skill. You need to run fast. You need to be a good hitter and need to pitch well. If you can’t do those things, use steroids. Football is just the same. You need good speed and gotta be big to take those hits. Those are sports. Those take training. NASCAR takes one skill. Know the brake from the gas. If you can figure that out, you’re ready to drive around a big circle while people cheer you on.

If you think NASCAR is a sport, let me know. Sound off below and do your best to explain to me why I should classify driving as a sport. Do a good job and I might listen. But I probably won’t. Not because I am stubborn but because you think NASCAR is a sport. It’s driving.

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  • Pit Weston

    I only read to the part where you said ‘could not be more wrong’. Did you read this post or another one?

  • You know-it-all Brother-in-law

    You absolutely could not be more wrong. I think you should go out to the Kansas Speedway and take a couple laps. I’m pretty sure that they have some days out there where they offer classes so you can learn how to drive. This is from someone who doesn’t even like NASCAR.

    I even had the same thoughts/feelings on the matter until I got edumacated. It’s an extremely tough sport that requires incredible focus, stamina and strength. Every one of those drivers is in excellent shape just from the workout they get while “driving”. The average driver loses over 10 pounds during a single race due to the loss of fluids they experience, even while doing their best to maintain hydration.