The Easter Bunny: A Man-Sized Mutant Beast

My attempt at doing an April Fool’s Day joke failed just like Obama’s organization. I had something else planned. I was going to do something great. You know, promise something and when the time comes, don’t do anything and use the excuse that things of that magnitude don’t just happen over night. Or in Obama’s case, over 4 years. Enough talk about Obama and his lack of change. To the real purpose of this post. Bunnies. I want to talk to you about bunnies and how evil they are. How much these furry rodents scare me and how I will runĀ far, far away. Lobsters, giant bunnies rabbits, and clowns. While lobsters and clowns are scary, neither of those two compare to the horror of a giant Easter Bunny. I will tell you about the creature. The creature that wants to gnaw off your face.

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Halloween 2011: Never Say Never

I will admit that I had big plans for a costume this year. I waited too long and what I hoped would overshadow last years costume, never happened. Hopefully, I can get to work on it early. When I say, “I”, I mean my mom. She makes my costume. She is the artist in creating my costume the last couple of years. She is a whiz at the sewing machine. Without her, neither Two-Face, The Mad Hatter, and Dick Tracy would have never came to light. I will give her credit. She can bust out a costume in no time. I will not speak of what I planned on being. Maybe I can do it next year. I still have this crazy idea of finally stopping with the dressing up and putting all that behind me. I say that but it won’t happen. I will continue to dress up. I will continue to ask my mom for help and make each year better than the next.

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Halloween Costumes: 2006-2009

This is the final set of costumes I will post before I announce to the world (at least to those that aren’t aware yet) what my costume will be this year. Comparing the set of costumes between 2002-2005 and the costumes between 1998-2001, I might have to give credit to the later ones. Maybe it was the whole “dressing up as employees” thing that started to go dry. After a few years, the shock value of it wears off and all I am left with is,

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