I watched 21 movies while on vacation: 01-06

Being on vacation is such a nice thing. You get to get away from work and all the things that bog you down. Whether you work banker hours or the world of retail, which is pretty much you surrendering all weekends, both jobs come with pain and suffering. There is one perk to working and that is vacation time. Ah, yes. Vacation. You have a week away to do what you wish. Maybe you plan on taking a trip out of state. Maybe you’re going to work on that kitchen remodel you promised your wife years ago or maybe you’ll do what I did. Maybe you’ll just sit around the house and binge on Netflix. I could have worked on so many other things. I could have worked on some short stories or edited a movie I promised I’d do two weeks ago. Both great ideas but I opted to be lazy and I sat on my ass (a case of beer within reach) and watched 21 movies during my week away from work.

Since I have 21 movies to list, I am going to break it up into a few separate posts. Here are the first 6 films I watched. These aren’t reviews. I am just sharing with you the list of movies I watched. You’re welcome to share a comment if you want. Enjoy the list.

01. The Final (2010) watched on 09/08

The Final CoverA movie about a group of kids who are tormented by other students. These outcasts decide to take revenge on the popular kids and teach them a thing or two about what it is like to be the butt of jokes.

A group of high school students are harassed daily by jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends. These outcasts, Dane, Emily, Jack, Andy, and Ravi, finally fed with these bullying, lead these kids and others like them to an abounded grain silo to slowing torture them, until they are victimized to the point of becoming outcasts too.

With people being tied up, fingers getting cut off, and other acts of human torture, you have to wonder and ask yourself if people so cruel have to endure such pain?

I had already watched this movie before when it was part of the 8 Films To Die For. A decent movie with not much gore. It is available on Netflix (as of 9/8). If movies about revenge and sadistic torture is your cup of tea, give this movie a watch. Nothing ground breaking or original, just a movie to watch when there is nothing else to do.


02. Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000) watched on 09/08

I didn’t like this movie then first time and the second time I watched it, I cannot tell you why I watched it a third time. I cannot giveurban legends final cut this movie any praise about being original or for even having scares. The movie centers around a college student who plans her movie project on urban legends. Unbeknownst to her, there is someone running around the campus making their own movie, killing off all those around her. Who is the killer? What crazy urban legends can they bring to life on the screen?

The movie is also available on Netflix. I will not link to this movie because it is garbage and I don’t want to waste your time on a movie that should have stayed as a two parter and not a trilogy (which actually, they made a fourth one).

I don’t remember the second one. I hardly remember the first one. Guess the whole series is and was a waste of my time. The movie stars, Jennifer Morrison, Joey Lawrence, Eva Mendes, and Anthony Anderson.

Legends never die and obviously this franchise doesn’t either.



03. Antisocial (2013) watch on 09/08

This is a twist on the zombie genreIt isn’t a great zombie movie. It at least had zombies unlike another so-called zombie flick I watched a while ago (Mutants). We have a group of friends gathering for a New Years Eve bash. Once inside, the chaos begins. A virus is spreading across the globe, infecting people and turning them into mindless zombies. (aren’t all zombies mindless?) The movie breaks away from your traditional zombie movie and instead of a biological infection or trees making people zombies, this one brings the fear of social networking into the mix. The culprit is a Facebook-like site called, Social Redroom. 

curtosey of http://www.shedoesthecity.com

curtosey of http://www.shedoesthecity.com

A social commentary about how we are all addicted to social media (twitter, Facebookpint rest, etc…) and we are becoming “zombies” to a social world. Could cutting off the world of social media save your life and keep you from becoming one of them? Has social media really brought us to the point where we are all the same people, mindlessly walking around?

I am not saying it was a smart movie or even something I’d watch again. I did like the fact that it was something new to the ever-growing zombie genre that I love so much. The movie started off slow. Once we are aware of something going on outside, the movie picks up speed inside. Who can we trust? Who is infected? What is going on? The movie falls backwards and when it tries to make a far-fetched theory, it struggles the rest of the movie. It leaves us with a chance of a possible sequel. Here’s hoping the sequel goes the way of Myspace.


04. Flubber (1997) watched on 09/09

No need to put a plot outline for the movie. It’s about green stuff that bounces. What else is there to say? I had some co-workers flubberover that night. We drank and watched this movie. They are younger than I am. This movie came out in 1997. I was 18. They were early teens. It is no wonder this movie did nothing for me. No lie. This was the first time I had ever watch this movie and coming from the mind of a 35-year-old man, the movie was boring. I liked nothing about it.  I always loved Robin Williams (rest in peace). I enjoy many of his films but this is one that I didn’t. It has nothing to do with the acting. It just doesn’t speak to me. Maybe had I watched it when I was 18 or maybe if I was younger when it came out.

It is a Disney movie. It is a family flick with childish gags. It was amazing how my friends were laughing and getting all into the movie while I sat there, looking bored and vowing that the next movie we watch will be something from my childhood.


05. Last Action Hero (1993) watched 09/09

Such a great flick. Who didn’t want to be Danny Madigan? A boy getting transported into a Schwarzenegger movie with guns, explosions, and everything else Arnold!? I was 14 when this came out. This truly is a 14-year-old kid’s wet dream. While I wish I got to stay awake for it, I dozed off and passed out. A little too much fun that night. It’s okay. At least one of them stayed awake for it and got to experience the movie first hand.


06. Invaders From Mars (1986) watched on 09/09

I always seem to watch this movie every year. I don’t know why. It is a bit cheesy. A boy watches as a UFO lands behind his house. invaders from marsHis parents become pawns to these aliens. It is up to the boy, the school’s nurse and the US Marines to put an end to this alien invasion before they enslave the human race.

A remake of a 50’s classic. Maybe that is why I loved it so much. I recall a place in town that once showed old movies. I caught so many great flicks there. I must have seen the original there and when I came to discover the remake, I instantly had to see it. I’d say its been 10 plus years and whenever it is on TV or if I come across it on Netflix, I watch Invaders from Mars. 

If you ever suspect aliens invading your town, do two things. Hide your pennies and check the back of your significant other’s neck. You never can tell if they are one of them.

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There you go, kids. The first 6 movies I watched. It is surprising that these aren’t all zombie movies. I have a knack for only watching movies with zombies. Gotta love a zombie movie. I’ll be posting the next set of movies soon. If you have seen any of these, let me know which one. Do you like it? Hate it? Sound off below.





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