Titanic Being ReReleased

James Cameron isn’t too happy with the results of the 3D version of his epic movie, Titanic. I checked out his twitter account to see if there was any news about his failed attempt at bringing Titanic back a newer generation. After reading reviews about how the movie didn’t live up to its first release, James took it not as a slap in the face but as a challenge. Be sure to open up you calendar on April 10th, 2013. James Cameron is rereleasing Titanic for a third time. This time he promises it won’t disappoint.

The kids today don’t care much for the movie. They don’t see the appeal the movie had like we did when it first came out. Even selling out and making the movie 3D didn’t’ do anything to make the movie any better. Leo still got to bang the girl inside the car and the 3D effects did nothing to make it any more erotic. Even the nude painting scene fell flat. Every guy hoped to see Kate’s tits fly off the screen and gave them the feeling that they were motor boating her. Did it happen? No. What did we get to experience in 3D? Water coming at us and lots of it.

You’d be surprised how many people are angry over that. We wanted motor boating. We wanted tits. Send out some angry tweets and send angry letters. Your voice will be heard. Cameron took notice and let people know that he was sorry and was going to make it up to them. Below is a snapshot from his twitter account I was lucky to grab before he deleted it. Not sure why he did. Maybe it’s because the link he posted is to the below video. Check out the video to his newest attempt at bringing back this movie. Sorry, James. But this ship set sail along time ago. Stop trying to bring it back. Stick it the important things, like traveling to the to lowest spot on Earth. Enjoy the clip. Will you be seeing Titanic: 2013 when it comes out? Let me know via reply!


Titanic: 2013


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