Have You Ever Seen: ThanksKilling

I am a huge fan of Netflix. It’s my go to device for movies. If I haven’t seen a movie, I go there. If I want to watch some old sitcoms, I go there. If I need to relax and watch a cheesy horror movie, I go there. Today was a “cheesy horror movie” night. Before I watched this movie, my sister lent me a movie to watch. It was called, “For Sale By Owner”. Tom Skeritt was in it. I know him from Picket Fences but I really remember him from Poltergeist III. FSBO wasn’t very good. It was a slow movie. The ending was the director and/or writer telling the viewers,

“Eff you. Everything you just watched meant nothing. I’m bringing in Phantom Indians and Cannibal Pilgrims. How about them apples?”

I understand the ending to some extent but there are some questions that still linger about what really went on. It was a cheap ending that makes the viewers feel dumb. Don’t bother paying any attention to what is going on. At the end, you’re spoon fed everything. 

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Have You Ever Seen: Mr. Boogedy

Another movie from my childhood is a Disney movie. Every Sunday night, Disney treated people to “The Wonderful World of Disney”. The movie aired back in 1986. I was 7 years old when it came out. I cannot recall if the movie scared me or not.  The movie is about a family that moves to a small New England town to set up shop with their Gag City business. The house they move into is haunted by the hamburger face ghoul named, Mr. Boogedy and a sick child named Jonathan. But if the movie Troll scared me, I bet this did too. Mr. Boogedy is truly a fantastic movie. The movie even spawned a sequel, “The Bride of Boogedy”. Was it as good as the first one? No. Not many sequels ever surpass the original.

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Top Ten Scary Movies

JasonWhy does it always seem that people want to know what your favorite movie is? That’s a really hard question to answer on the spot. I have hundreds of movie I can say are my favorite. But to choose just one? I don’t think anyone can. I thought about it and decided to change the format of this topic. I was going to just do a top ten of my all time favorite movies but that is not going to satisfy me. Why not do a top ten list of genres? This way, I can give you at least 50+ movies that I can say I love dearly. Since I love the horror genre more than anything, I’ll start with that. This thing is going to be hard. I don’t base this off of current trends or what other people say should be on the list. These are my personal favorites. Hopefully, I can continue this category weekly. I’ll just have to think of how many genres there are. Now, on with the list!

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