Top Ten Scary Movies

JasonWhy does it always seem that people want to know what your favorite movie is? That’s a really hard question to answer on the spot. I have hundreds of movie I can say are my favorite. But to choose just one? I don’t think anyone can. I thought about it and decided to change the format of this topic. I was going to just do a top ten of my all time favorite movies but that is not going to satisfy me. Why not do a top ten list of genres? This way, I can give you at least 50+ movies that I can say I love dearly. Since I love the horror genre more than anything, I’ll start with that. This thing is going to be hard. I don’t base this off of current trends or what other people say should be on the list. These are my personal favorites. Hopefully, I can continue this category weekly. I’ll just have to think of how many genres there are. Now, on with the list!

10. Thinner

One of my favorite Stephen King books. The movie was the greatest but it wasn’t the worse. Gypsies are evil people. I saw, “Drag Me To Hell”. That gypsy was just as bad. They do know how to put a curse on people. Billy, is getting a little somethin’-somethin’ from his wife in a car ride home. He accidentally hits a gypsy woman with his car. The judge lets Billy (a lawyer) off with a not guilty plea. The police officer perjuries. The three are later met by a gypsy who curses each one. Billy can eat and eat but will not gain weight. With the help of some friends, he goes to find the gypsy to remove the curse.


09. Ravenous

This is one movie I have loved since the first time I saw it. It takes place back in the 1800’s in California. Guy Pearce stars as, Captain Boyd. He is sent to  Fort Spencer. There, he is met by a stranger (played by Robert Carlyle), Colqhoun. Colqhoun tells him about Col. Ives and the wagon trail they were on. Ives promised a shorter route but the one taken, took longer than expected. This eventually led to some cannibalism. (sweet!) Colqhoun tells them there are survivors from the wagon trail hiding in a cave up in the mountains. Boyd, along with a group of soldiers, and Colqhoun, go to inspect the cave. There is when we discover that Colqhoun is really Ives and the trip to the cave was a trap. It’s a great flick. You can’t go wrong with cannibals. Besides, “Silence of the Lambs”, I don’t know if there is any other cannibalistic movie I adore. Bon Appetite!


08. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

One word. Zombies.

“They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”


07. Trick R’ Treat

Don’t get your panties in a bind. I know this movie just came out but it’s already on my list of movies I’d watch over and over. The movie takes place on Halloween night. We are given four stories. Each story is a separate story but they all weave in and out of each other. It’s not gory at all. Anna Paquin (True Blood) is in it. Brain Cox always stars. I don’t know if this could ever really become a series but if it could, I’d see them all.


06. From Dusk Till Dawn

The troublesome Gecko brothers are in a heap of trouble. After robbing a bank, kidnapping a bank teller (Richie ends up raping and killing her), and blowing up a liquor store, you need some place to hide. Only logical place is Mexico. Seth and Richie take a family and their RV hostage. They are needing to get past boarder patrol and meet up with Carlos. The father, (Harvey Keitel) is a lost pastor. His daughter, Kate and Scott are along for a family vacation. They get past boarder patrol and are on their way to the “Titty Twister”, the rendezvous point. Inside, they are treated to some nice eye candy, booze and truckers with attitudes. It’s the kind of the place the Geckos like. After Richie is attacked, he bleeds. Now, the sexy strippers are revealed as the nasty, evil vampires they are. Blood and gore commence!


05. Saw

I don’t want to make it sound like I loved all the “Saw” movies but I have seen them all. The first one is still the best of the series. Hm… If I was to put the movies in order of how I liked them, it would go something like this. Saw 1, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw VI, Saw V, Saw II. It’s sad to think they want to make 2 more. I don’t know how many they can make. Too many this quick and they’ll ruin the series (not that they haven’t already). Each movie seems to raise the bar, doing whatever it takes to make it bloodier with a lot more gore. Jigsaw is a mastermind. He never kills people. He lets the victims choose. I don’t know what I would do if I was in their shoes. Would I sacrifice an arm or a leg to save myself? Would it make me appreciate life if I did? Probably not. I would resent myself for what I did. I know that when part VII and part VIII come out, I’ll see them. They keep saying that the movie will tie it all up and answer all our questions, but I still haven’t seen it happen. Until next time, do or die. Make your choice.


04. IT

It’s a f**kin’ clown. That’s the scariest thing ever. Plus, Stephen King wrote it. Anything he writes is scary. Those two things will make any thing scary.


03. Hatchet

It’s gory. It’s got a good back story. Did I mention it’s gory? The story of Victor Crowley. He lived with his dad in the woods. Victor was deformed and ridiculed by the other kids. One day, some kids wanted to scare Victor. Accidentally, they set fire to the house with Victor inside. His dad, grabbed a nearby axe to break down the door and free his son. What he didn’t know was, Victor was pressed against the door. Victor died from the blow. Victor still haunts the swamp. A group of tourist decide to take a haunted New Orleans tour of the swamp. The boat runs ashore and they tourist are left to wander the swamp and get back to safety, unless Victor finds them first.


02. Poltergeist

“They’re hereeeee.”

Creepy girl. Check. Spooky ghost. Check. A suburban family first finds nothing wrong with the poltergeist in their house. Things go from light-hearted to scary as hell. The tree, the clown, the man in the bathroom. This movie had it all. What followed after part one, were two lame excuses for movies. Though, part III did have a great line I still quote to this day. God, Kane was a scary looking dude. This is number two on my list. What’s number one? Scroll down!


01. Scream

Scream reinvented the way horror movies are made. It was edgy, smart, funny, and scary. Following on the success of “Scream”, we were treated to some great movies and some that just fell flat. “Urban Legends” is one I would say was well made. It isn’t on my list of favorite movies but still a great movies. As for a shitty movies? I’ll give the nod to “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Just the name alone is a mouthful. I would go and tell you about the movie but it’s been so long since I’ve seen it. I think Freddy Prinze Jr’s character knew the killer or was the son of the killer. What’s even worse, is they made 3 more. Was it 3? I think the 3rd one was Direct to DVD.

I am pretty excited about the 4th and 5th Scream coming out. The first one was the best (in my opinion). Part III next and last was Part II. Part III did have a cruddy ending. Her brother from the same mother? Really? It was a stretch but the movie played out well. I don’t know what will happen in 4 and 5. The original killers are dead. Could one of the remaining Woodsboro natives have a hand in it? Will Sydney snap? Courtney Cox and David Arquette are returning. Neve Cambell too. It’s nice to see they all agreed and will reprise their roles. Seeing someone else play their roles will ruin it. Sure Katie Holmes got replaced in, “Batman” but that was okay. She’s nuttier than the Tom “Spaceman” Cruise.


Greatest opening scene. Ever.

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