When things get out of hand…

I do not know if I have ever really talked about my friend Denny. He was a cool guy. The kind of friend you want. Always there for support. There for a laugh and there just to be there. As most things do, it ended. Him and I are no longer friends. Not sure what caused the falling out but it happened. It was just like that. One day we are hanging out and having fun. The next day he is gone. He vanished from my life and since that day, he was nothing but a memory. Just another passing moment in my life that filled that void we all have. I think about him, just like I think about other past friends that were here and now they are not. No one ever asks about him but I still wait for some familiar topic to be brought up and when time allows it, I’ll gladly share with someone the crazy antics Denny and I shared during our brief friendship.

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The Ultimate Friend Quiz!

I think I need new friends. When I say ‘new friends’ I actually mean I need friends. I don’t have friends. Like none. Seriously. I don’t have friends. Okay, I have a few. Which isn’t a bad thing because I am not a likable person. I tune people out and when a female comes to me with an issue with something, I tend to just nod say, “oh, yeah. I understand.” I don’t. I don’t understand. You women are complicated. Friendships are complicated. This is why I don’t have many friends and stick to being a loser loner. I don’t want this to become another rules to being my wife. I think I covered mostly everything but I am sure down the road I will think of something else and I will add more fuel to the fire when I degrade women. I am going to let you decide for yourself if you are awesome enough to be my friend.

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10 Days Of Reflection

I am lucky enough to get three weeks of paid vacation. Such a nice treat. I’ve already been on two of them and they were pretty lame. Lame in a good way. I didn’t leave the house. I didn’t spend money to go on some lavish trip to some unknown destination. I didn’t visit out-of-state friends. I didn’t do anything. I did what any sensible person would do if they were given 10 days away from their job.

Not a damn thing.

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