Shoo Doggie Shoo: Part III

I eventually felt the need to create yet another movie. It was going to be a sequel to the first, “Shoo Doggie Shoo”. I guess I couldn’t really call it a sequel. I was going to base the movie off of my site and those people who had a place in the hidden forums titles, “Those We Hate”. The movie was titled, “Shoo Doggie Shoo II: Riding the Ban Wagon”. It was going to have a central plot. I was going to take different people, different posts and stories, and mold them into one story. You’d be surprised at how well everything was going to work so smoothly. I mean, take an alien invasion, a superhero, soap, Jesus, and a gang of misfits, toss in a few robots and you have a movie.

I never finished the movie. I never even got very far with it. I do have some of the files saved. I still have documents written out about how I wanted the movie to play out. Below is a trailer to the movie. I wish I got to finish this one. I bet it would have been epic. I mean these people already hated me and everyone else on my site. It’s not like it was going to matter. I mean, what can they really do?

One poster in particular was on a mission to shut my site down. He was hell-bent on getting me in trouble. I believe he said he either contacted the FBI or was going to contact the FBI. Either or, nothing happened. You people across the pond are some crazy mofo’s. Thank you to a friend down under for showing this guy for the liar he really was. You rock, Bundean!

I can honestly go on for hours about everything that went on within my little corner of the web. It was a pretty wyld ride. Eventually, the site had to close. It had a great run. It was well over 30,000 posts. It should be more but I eff’ed up one day and deleted it all. But we took it with a grain of salt and went on hating. I still kick myself over that. With the closing of TSO and the dust settling, I made the hard choice to close my forums. A sad day it was. I have the database file still. Not sure if it will ever work. Would I like to see my site again? Hell yeah, I would! I would love to relive some of those memories. We were a pretty funny bunch.











I should thank everyone. Thank you, April, Tyler, Jackie, Kami, Corp, Natalie, TJ, Heidi, Joey, Brian, The Peterson’s, and everyone else who I forgot to mention. That time of my life will always be cherished.