Shoo Doogie Shoo: Part II

I had to host the movie somewhere. It was too long to post on Youtube. I ended up buying a domain name and server space. I dropped the movie on Google Video (it’s no longer available) and embedded it on my site. After a month or two of the site sitting empty, I felt like adding a forum to it.  My forums were to be a place for me to post videos and stories I wrote and have discussions about life, television, currents events, and even to let off some steam.

The site grew beyond anything I expected. I had no real rules to the forums. I let people speak their minds and say what they wanted, even if they used words not deemed suitable for young viewers. Before long, the official TSO message boards (stratics as it is called) said my forums can no longer be linked from post on their site due to the content on mine. To circumnavigate around this, I hid the forums to any non-member. It was a way also to force people to sign up and see what all the fuss was really about. As I said above, I had no rules to m site. But eventually, people who I didn’t care for began to sign up. They weren’t interested in the site itself, they just wanted to see if they were being talked about. Truth be told, you probably were. I eventually made a mock up of rules.


1. While making old topics will be brought up about the earlier version of Pit.Calm, further discussion about how you miss it, how much cooler or more active it was, is not permitted. Discussing past events that are relevant to the topic on hand, or totally off topic is okay to mention.

2. Each forum on the internet is different in some way. Some talk about sandwiches and some talk about video games. This is an open discussion forum. Anything and everything can be discussed within these walls as long as they don’t conflict with Rule 9.

3. Everyone is welcome to post here. Posters here may not respect your views and some people might not even respect you. If you don’t like that, or feel the idea of being trolled or being called a name is lame or cruel, I suggest you don’t continue on the .calm journey. Please find another forum. I have my rules and other forums have their communistic rule.

4. Discussion of online scamming is never to be discussed. Discussion of the scamming crusade, will be locked and placed in the appropirtae locked forum. Please keep all scamming discussions to PMs or go find a website just for that.

5. Lurking about the forums and not being part of the discussion, gives many people rage. Rage is not something that goes over well here. It is not being said that you post and live on .calm, thought many do, a simple hello or hi, or whatever else people say in greeting would be nice.

6. Lame attempts at trying to disrupt the board or posters, will not get you banned. No one gets banned from .Calm. You get limited. If you don’t know what that means, I suggest you try it out.

7. This is not a site to promote the sales of online goods. I don’t care how much Jesus went in to the making of the soap. The posters at .Calm are more in to body wash. Soap has been proved by scientist to not only wash away dirt but also sins.

8. Your opinions matters slightly.

10. Rule 9 is not mentioned in the RoCs. While, we do our best to not have rules, sometimes you need them. Sometimes a few rules may not be mentioned. This is the safety net to .Calm. If it is felt that your actions are in poor taste or just not found funny, smart, etc…rule 9 will be drawn on you. Respect rule 9. It has been the most broken rule on pit.calm.

11. Drama lies within. Hate lies within. If you don’t want to stress youself out, stay the hell out. If you need to vent or whatever, I suggest you join the poster group and do so. Please be aware that doing this can and probably will conflict with a numbers of the following rules.

12. For good measure, don’t be a fucking dumbass.

You’d be amazed by people. How many times have people said to you, “I don’t care what people say about me.” You know what? People do. To those that said it, I am 100% certain you had a hate thread. Yes, I had hidden forums. Those who had access to it were people I trusted. This group became known as “the lemmings”. We had love threads too. We had post about our plans to infiltrate the stratics network. We found their hidden forums and saw them discussing us, like we were discussing them. Every so often, a fellow Lemming was banned from stratics. But using their savvy internet knowledge, they found their way back on the boards. What was our crowning achievement?


The Chase Story.

I wrote this about a year ago. I used to run a website (www.pitweston.com). Don’t go there. It’s dead and gone. Let me explain the site to you. I used to play a game called, The Sims Online. There was a message board for players to post one. One post in particular was a classic from the day it was posted. It was about a girl, Kari (at least that was here username). In her post, she mentioned how a man was trying to break in her house and kidnap her. He already kidnapped her friend and drowned her in a lake. She was scared. But she threw a stick at him and saved the day.

Backtrack some. I owned a game, “The Movies”. It was a simulation game. You ran a movie studio. You were also able to make movies. So I thought, why not make a movie about that post. So I did that. It was a huge hit. But I needed some place to post it. So I got a website and hosted it there. The site was quiet for a while. I thought about adding a forum to it. To post my writings, movies, and what not. The site became more than I ever imagined. It was a trash talking, mud slinging site. A poster by the name of Chase posted on it. I don’t know why, but I wrote this story about him. I wrote it in parts and at times, I had a poll for the readers to decide what happened next. This is PART I of the story.

PS…It hasn’t been edited. There are grammar and spelling errors. PART II coming shortly.

One bright sunny Monday morning, chase was on his way to school. He looked so happy. He skipped the whole way, humming along to “It’s Raining Men”. He screamed in horror! His left heel broke. But he didn’t worry. He dug in his purse and pulled out some super glue and fixed it up. “Hey Chase!”
A voice called out from behind him. It was his best friend, Sally. Sally and him were like two peas in a pod. They did everything together. They went to the movies, the malt shop, sometimes they got their nails done together too. Sally reached around Chase and give him a big hug. Chase returned a hug, lifting his left leg in the air, bending it gently at the knee.
“You excited about school today Chase?” Asked Sally.
Chase smiled. “Oh course I am silly! Who wouldn’t be?” Chase and her walked side by side. He took a sip of his juice box and offered a sip to Sally, which she declined. Sally and Chase were just entering their Freshmen year in high school. It was going to be a big step for Chase and Sally. They were once the queens of the school but now, they have to start over at the bottom. Chase didn’t mind. He always preferred the bottom. Being the top was too much work for him. He liked the idea of it. A new school, new faces, a new learning experience. Chase even wondered about dating. Even Sally wondered. Would she meet the right guy? What about Chase? Sally always liked Chase Sally wasn’t dumb. She knew Chase liked her. But did he like her, like her? She had to ask. Maybe at lunch.
“Let’s do lunch Chase! I got to something to ask you.” Sally said. A smile was on her face. Chase smiled back and gave her another hug. “Okay.” he said, “Let’s get to the bus stop. We don’t want to be late to our first day of school!” Chase and Sally jogged to the bus stop and waited as the bus came to a stop. The doors opened and they entered. Sally and Chase took the two seats at the back of the bus. “Geez Chase!” Sally said jokingly. “Why always back here?”
Chase smiled and shrugged. “What can I say Sally? I prefer it in the back.”

Chase and Sally arrived at school. They entered inside. It was bigger than they thought. The bigger kids would stop and look at the freshmen and mouths insults towards them. But Chase was the bigger man. He had to be big at something. He lacks size in many departments. “Don’t listen to them Sally. We can do whatever we want.” He stuck out his tongue to the other students and made faces. As he stood there, a girl ran in to him and knocked him to his feet. “Watch it loser!” She yelled.
Chase wiped a single tear away from his cheek and held on to Sally’s hand. The bell rang and like a herd of cattle, the students scattered and went to their respected classrooms. “I’ll walk you to your class Sally.” Chase said.
Sally smiled. She knew Chase loved her. She just knew it. But how would she ask him? She didn’t want to come off as a bitch but how else do you say, “Do you like me?”
Surprisingly, Chase and Sally had their first class together. The teacher was already calling off names. “You’re both late. Find a seat and sit down.” He said to them. Chase and Sally looked around. The other students looked at them and laughed. Sally scanned the room, hoping to find two seats open next to each other. “Sally! Over here!”
It was Tina. Tina was Sally’s best friend since grade school. “I saved you a seat.” Sally looked at Chase. She didn’t say it, but it was that look in her eye. It was almost as if she was asking if it was okay. But Chase didn’t mind. He smiled and let her go about her way. Chase stood there still looking for a place to sit. In the back of the room was an empty chair. “In the back! My favorite.”
Chase walked to the back of the room and took his seat. He focused on Sally and just daydreamed about her. Sally did the same. Their eyes met and neither of them would look away. “HEY!”

Chase was startled. He looked to his right. Sitting there was a kid about his size. He gave Chase another hello. Chase responded back. The boy was playing with a pencil, blowing it up the desk and letting it roll back down, repeating this over and over. He stopped and slammed his hand on the desk, stopping the pencil. He caught Chase staring at Sally. “Who is she? She your girlfriend?” The kid was doing his best to hold back his laughter but couldn’t help it.
“Her!? NO! She’s just my friend.” Chase defended himself. He looked back at Sally who was talking to Tina, giggling about whatever it is girls giggle about.
Chase sighed. With Sally way over there, who was he to talk to now? The kid next to him tapped Chase on the shoulder. “This is going to be so awesome!” the kid said.
“What is?” Chase asked.
“Us. You know how much fun we’ll have back here? You can screw around so much in the back and no one will notice. It’s so much more fun in the back.”
Chase swung around, stretched his arm out and grinned from ear to ear. “The name’s Chase.”
“Hey Chase.” He smiled and shook Chase’s hand, “The names Riley.”

Chase and Riley chatted the whole time during class. It was almost like Chase forgot who Sally was. Why shouldn’t he? She traded him in for an old friend. Tina and Sally did go way back. They were best friends in kindergarten and still best friends to this day. After class, Chase walked to his locker. He tried a few times to open it but was having a tough time. Riley came by. Surprisingly, he was just two lockers down from him. “Let me help.” He said.
Riley banged twice on the locker and it opened instantly. “Wow! That was awesome! How’d you know what to do?”
Riley smiled and went back to his locker, “It just takes a few good pounds and it’ll open for ya.” He stopped and gave Chase a look. It was the kind of look that Sally gives Chase. “What can I say? I’m a pro at pounding the shit out of anything.”
Chase smiled back. He grabbed his books and headed off to his next class. Sally was behind him and was running quickly to catch up. “Hey Chase! Sorry about that. I didn’t know Tina was going to be in the same class.” Chase was about to speak but Sally cut him off and went about her story, talking nonstop. “Gosh, I haven’t seen her all summer. You would think us being BFF’s we would have seen each other everyday. You’re not mad at me, are you? Cause you can tell me Chase. You can tell me anything.”
“It’s okay. I did make a friend though.”
Sally’s ears perked up like a little puppy. “Oh!? Who?” She was curious about his newly found friend was. Was it a girl? Was she going to be replaced? What about the big question she wants to ask him? Would it all be a lost cause? Sally worried about it. She really liked Chase. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe they were only meant to be friends and nothing more.
“His name is Riley. He’s a really cool kid. Him and I like the same stuff. He asked if him and I could hang out this weekend.” He looked at Sally. She was happy for him but upset at the same time. She didn’t want to be replaced. This was the start of high school. She thought they would be hanging out every weekend. It was almost like they had too. She had it all planned out already.
They would date all through high school. He would work his way on the football team, she would become a cheerleader. They would join all the clubs imaginable. Senior year, they would be crowned king and queen. After high school, they would attend the same school. Her choice, of course. Then they would get a place together. He would propose to her at a fancy restaurant by candlelight, then marry 3 months later. Three kids. Two boys and a girl. They would live in the suburbs. He would work at the office and she would stay home to care for the kids. It was perfect. She had it all planned out.
Chase couldn’t ruin her dreams of a perfect life. She wouldn’t let someone else ruin it for her. If she had to she would go to the most extreme to rid him of all friends and chances he had to trade her in for someone else.
“It’s okay Chase. You can hang out with your new friend. I’ll see if Tina is doing anything. I hope her parents let her out. They are kind of strict.” But Sally did care. She was going to put an end to it. She was going to make sure that Chase and Riley don’t hang out this weekend.
“Let’s get to class Chase. Maybe we can find a seat by each other together this time.” Sally rushed up to Chase’s side and wiggled her hand in to his. “We’re going have the best time here Chase. Can’t you just see it?”
“Yeah…we will.” He said. But his mind was on something else and it was only 2 lockers down from him. Sally was right about one thing. He was going to have the best time here.

School went on about normal. Chase went to his classes and Sally went to hers. It was the final period before lunch. Sally was overly excited about it. It was going to be her moment to shine. Her moment to confess her love to Chase. It was going to be the start of a life together. Sally wasn’t worried much. She knew he was going to say yes. She was 100 percent sure of it.
Five minutes till lunch. Sally was sitting in biology class. She wasn’t even listening to the teacher. She didn’t care much about what the year was going to cover. She was only concerned about Chase. She dreamed about the moment when she asks him. Maybe Sally was dreaming too long. She felt a tap on her shoulder. It was the teacher. “You okay Sally?” He asked.
“Oh sorry. I must have spaced out.” She said with the look of embarrassment on her face.
He smiled and shook his head, “Well, let’s try to keep the dreaming at home. We don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.” He hurried her off to lunch.
Sally got to the lunchroom. It was already packed. The line was long and the tables were filling up with students. Sally looked around for Chase. Maybe he got here already and saved her a seat. She saw Tina though. But this wasn’t a day to sit by Tina. Actually, by the look of who Tina was sitting with, them sharing a seat together might never happen. The girls look like prostitutes. The make up was piled on, the hair soaked in hairspray. Any open fire near them and those girls would instantly burst in to flames. The hair and the make up were just the icing on the cake. The outfits they had on screamed, “I’m easy”. Sally had a word for those girls. She called them, “Whoes.” Tina was her friend, but those girls weren’t something she would ever want to be associated with.
Tina didn’t see Chase. That was a good thing though. It just meant she could stand here and wait for him to arrive. Sally was nervous. It was almost like she was going to propose to him. “Hey! You’re Sally, right?” Sally got a gentle tap on her shoulder.
She looked behind her. It was Riley. She sighed and gave him a fake smile. “Yeah. You must be Riley.”
He nodded. “Yeah.” There was an awkward silence between them. The looked at each other and around the lunchroom. “So…” Riley paused, “I hope you don’t mind if I sit with you two.”
Sally’s world came crashing down around her. How could Chase allow that? Why would he let this nobody sit with them. It was supposed to be her moment. Her time to shine. She wasn’t interested in talking about comic books or ISP’s or botting…She wanted to tell Chase how she felt. She barely even knew Riley but he was quickly becoming her arch nemesis. He couldn’t be here. She had plans. This lunch, their first lunch of high school, was going to be the start of their life. It was going to set in motion everything. It was meant to be. This Riley kid wasn’t going to ruin it for her. Nowhere in her plans was there a Riley. Where was he to fit in? It was going to her Chase and Sally forever, forever till they both die in each other’s arms.
Chase walked in. Sally’s eyes widened. She glowed. She waited for Chase to give her a hug and a kiss but received nothing. Instead, he went right to Riley and gave him some low five and a secret handshake. Sally was confused. How was it, that it took Chase three weeks to even kiss her, let alone hold her hand, but it took him less than 5 hours to already create a secret handshake with a complete stranger. She was beginning to hate Riley more and more. How could be come in here, acting like he’s the greatest thing and ruin what she was starting. Riley was going to ruin it all. She may as well just kill Chase and her now. Why go on living when her plans were going to be trashed.
Chase and Riley walked to the lunch line. Sally followed closing behind. In line, Chase and Riley discussed the newest X-Men comic book. Sally just stood there. Her mind wandered.
Sally found herself in a dark and empty gymnasium. She wasn’t alone. She couldn’t see very well, but there was someone hiding in the corner of the gym. Sally didn’t know why but she had to go to them. With each step she took, it echoed throughout the gym. The figure didn’t move. It just stood there in it’s safe corner. Sally continued on. Her once empty hand, was now clutching on to a knife. She didn’t question it. It felt normal, like she was suppose to have it.
She approached the figure. It was a man. A young boy to be more precise. But she couldn’t make out who it was. It didn’t really matter to Sally. It was all clear to her. She lifted the knife in the air and drove it right in to the chest of the dark figure in front of her.
“OW! What was that for!?” Chase screamed out.
Sally was back in the lunchroom. All eyes were on her. She turned red and tried to ignore the looks. It was a very uneasy feeling. It’s tough to keep your composer when you have 400 eyes on you. “Sorry Chase. I was just playing.” She said.
Sally didn’t like the dream. She killed someone. That wasn’t her. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t do that. Sally couldn’t ever imagine herself killing someone. She couldn’t even kill an animal. Sally was too nice. “I wouldn’t hurt a fly.” she said to herself.
Riley put his arm around Chase’s shoulder. No, Notoday. Not that kind of “arm around the shoulder” thing. It’s a friendship type thing. “You’re friend is strange. Let’s find a seat”, Riley looked back at Sally, “alone.”
Chase looked at Sally and shrugged. “Sorry Sally. Maybe tomorrow.” The boys walked away. They took a seat at a table and began lunch together. It was the start of a friendship and the end of Sally’s perfect life.
Sally looked at Riley and Chase. Their friendship was sickening. Sally clenched her fist. It was reminiscent of dream. “I wouldn’t hurt a fly”, she said,
“Unless that fly is named Riley.”

The first day of school was done and over. The students rushed out of school quickly. Chase waited on the school bus. He was tucked away in the back, like always. He looked out the window, waiting for Sally to show. He wanted to tell her about his day and he wanted to know all about hers. Coming out of the school was Sally and Tina. They chit chatted a bit, till they hugged each other. Sally went to the bus, while Tina entered her parents car.
“Back here Sally!” Chase said. He scooted over slightly, and patted his hand on the seat, urging Sally to sit. Sally really didn’t want to. It was over. “Why even bother?” she thought. He was going to hang with Riley all school year. She already kissed the crown goodbye. Her dreams went up in smoke. Although, Riley wasn’t here. That was a plus. Maybe she could weasel her way back to Chase. This could be her chance to get him back.
“Hey Chase!” Sally sucked it up and acted like the bitch she really was. “Oh My God! Tell me everything!” She sat down and tossed herself all over Chase. A hug, a few kisses, hands on his lap.
“Well, you met Riley at lunch…” Stop.
Exactly what Sally expected. It was going to start Riley and end with Riley. Chase had Riley on the brain. “What’s so great about Riley anyways?” Sally thought to herself. But it didn’t matter. She was going to make Riley just a memory. Sally wants the crown. If she has to go to great lengths to get it. If she had to, and Sally choked when she thought about it, but if she had to murder someone to get the crown back, she would.
Chase went on about Riley. “Did I tell you he’s loves sushi? Isn’t that awesome!? I love sushi too! He hates waffles too, just like me! And…and. Sally, you’re never going to believe this..him and I got the same thing for lunch.” Chase sighed. He was acting like a little school girl, just giggling and blushing about the whole thing. It was all about Riley.
“Yeah..I guess that’s pretty neat.” Sally rolled her eyes. She looked at Chase. She put his hands in to hers. “So Chase. I got something to ask you.”
Chase squinted his eyes. He had a look of concerned on him. What could she possibly want to ask him. It must be pretty serious. “okay….” he said.
“Well. I am going to ask you straight out. Not jumping around, beating around the bush. Going to be straight and narrow. Stick to the point, no dodging bullets, dragging it out, dragging it on…”
“Chase..wanna go out?” She did it. She asked him. It wasn’t that hard. Now, she has to see what he’ll say.
“Sure. Where?” He asked.
Sally laughed. “No..I don’t mean that Chase. I mean us. You wanna date? Like be boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Sally sat there. She waited for Chase to respond. It seemed like a whole night passed and he still hasn’t given her an answer. “Well Chase. Do you want to be a couple or not?”
Chase paused. He looked at Sally. He gripped her hand tightly in his and answered the million dollar question. “Sally, we’re friends. I don’t want to spoil that. Let’s not spoil what we have.”
Sally jerked her hand away from him. “So is this how it is going to be now? Just friends?” She sighed, “You know, I thought you were something special. I thought maybe, you know, you would be the perfect guy. But you’re just like all the other guys in school.”
“Wait Sally. I am not like all the guys in this school. I am totally different than them.” Chase put up a line of defense. He did love Sally but not like that. He didn’t want to get involved in romance. He didn’t want to spend his time thinking before he talks. Anything he says could end up being twisted to make him the bad guy.
Sally laughed. “I bet there is someone else.” Sally looked at Chase. “So…Is there someone else?”
“No! There is no one else. I promise you that. Look Sally, let’s not make this a fight. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. You’re the only friend I have. The only one!”
“Oh come on now Chase. Don’t fucking lie to me. What about that Riley kid? I thought you and him were like best friends now?”
“Wait a minute Sally. Don’t start in with that. I saw you and that other chick talking. What was her name, Gina or something like that.”
Sally sighed and tossed her head to the side. “Her name is Tina and don’t bring that shit up. you know, Tina is probably more of a man than you’ll ever be. At least she isn’t scared to tell me the truth.”
The bus came to a stop. “This is my stop.” Sally said. She got up and walked towards the front of the bus.
“No it isn’t Sally. We got three more stops.”
Sally kept walking, turning around to give him one last ‘fuck you’. “THIS IS MY STOP. Don’t follow me Chase. I want to be alone. I have things to think about.”
“Like what?” Chase asked.
Sally kept walking. Chase kept repeating himself over and over, “Like what? Like what Sally?” He ran to the other side of the bus. He pounded on the window, “Sally! Please stop! Talk to me! Don’t be like this!”
Sally didn’t listen. She ignored him and went about her way. She had quite a walk ahead of her. It was the prefect time for her to think about things. There were no puppy dogs and sunshine filling her thoughts. Her thoughts were dark and sinister. Chase ruined her life. He broke her heart. She had to retaliate. He broke her heart, she would do the same to him. She just had to think of how and when.
Maybe it was pure luck, or maybe it was fate. Coming around the corner, walking alone was Riley. He looked so happy. “What’s he so happy about?” Sally thought to herself. Riley has no reason to be happy. Why should he be happy and why should she feel miserable? Sally thought of the only logical thing to do. She was going to kill Riley. Okay, maybe not the most logical but a story by me isn’t complete unless people die. Sally was a sweet girl. She was happy, had goals and was in love. All that is now changed. Sally’s parents were right. High school changes you. Sally walked towards Riley. He saw her and paused a moment. “Hi Riley!” she shouted from afar. He said “hello” and waited for her to arrive. “Mind if I walk with you. I got some stuff I want to tell you about Chase.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “It’s bad.”

“Where do I begin?” She asked Riley. They both walked together. This was her chance to ruin Chase. She needed to come up with some real whoppers. It had to be enough to cut the ties between Riley and Chase.
“Start from the beginning, I guess.” He said to Sally.
Sally did just that. “Well, Chase is a very troubled kid.”
“Troubled how?” He asked.
“Enough where you might get hurt. See, this one time in 5th grade, he met this new kid. I forgot his name. His name isn’t really that important. So this kid and Chase became really good friends. They -were always together. Chase was sort of controlling. He wouldn’t let the kid go anywhere or do anything unless he knew about it first. So the kid lied one day and said he was sick. Chase wanted him to go bike riding with him at the park. So Chase went to the park alone. Well, turns out on his way home, Chase caught his ‘friend’ with another kid.”
“So he lied to Chase, big deal.” Riley said.
“It is a BIG deal! Let me finish. So Chase saw them riding bikes together. Chase was so upset, he followed them both back to the other kids house. His friend rode off and headed back home. Chase walked up to the front door and asked to see the kid who stole his friend away. When he opened the door, Chase beat the kid up.” Sally paused. She waited to see if Riley would say anything.
“Wow…Geez…What happened to the kid? Was he okay?”
Sally stepped in front of Riley. “No one knows. His parents were so upset and worried it might happen again, they packed up and moved away.”
“Wait…there’s more.” Sally stepped back and they both continued walking. “Once when Chase and his friend, the same one..well, they were playing football in the front yard. A kid asked if he could join. Chase’s friend said it was okay, but Chase kept saying no. Moments later, Chase was on top of the kid beating him in the face with the football. Kid had to get 50 stitches. And his ‘friend’? Well..he got it just as bad. Chase not only beat his face in with a football, but stoned him with rocks. It wasn’t until a neighbor saw him that he got away.”
“WOW!” Said Riley. “What should I do? I mean, Chase was really friendly with me. At first I thought he was like hitting on me, but I don’t know. He sounds sort of mental.”
“He is.” Sally said.
“Then why are you still his friend?’ Riley asked.
“I have known him forever. I just don’t want other people to get hurt. If I could, I would have stopped being his friend a long time ago. Trust me Riley, I would stop hanging out with him if I were you..It’s not worth it.”
Sally stopped at the crosswalk. “Well, I live just down there. Riley, please for your sake, stay away from Chase. He’s bad news.”
Riley didn’t say anything. He just stood there.
Riley stuttered a bit. “I…I…I got to go….” He ran off.
“YOU DO BELIEVE ME, RIGHT!? RILEY!! STAY AWAY FROM HIM! HE’S GONNA GET YOU HURT IF YOU DON’T!” Sally smiled. She thought she did a pretty good job. They sounded believable. She just hoped Riley fell for them.

Riley got home. He thought about what Sally said. He knew she was full of shit. But why? Why would she lie to him and make up all this stuff about Chase? He was not going to hang out with this girl at all this year. Even at lunch she scared him. She just, for no reason, hit Chase. Maybe she was mental. Maybe she really needs help. Riley felt it was his duty to call Chase.
“Hello?” Chased said. He was sitting on the couch watching TV. Normally, he would be at Sally’s house or out with her shopping, or doing something lady like, but today was not the day. Sally was different. It was as if she was a totally different person. What made her snap? What was going though her head? Chase had so many questions. He even tried to call her but she didn’t answer. He left a few messages. By a few, he means 20. A little over obsessive, so maybe Sally was a little right about him.
“Hey. Can I talk to you? It’s Riley.”
Chase didn’t mind. He had someone to talk to at least. “Listen, Sally talked to me when I was walking home. She said some pretty nasty things about you,”
“What!? Sally!? Like What!?” Chase had rage. How could his best friend talk shit on him? What was Sally doing? Was this because he didn’t want to be her boyfriend? That’s all he could think of.
“She said how you’re a really jealous person and you beat up a few people cause they tried to steal a friend away from you.” Riley said, “Is that true?”
“NO! I would never do that! I am the least jealous person ever. Sounds like to me, she is the jealous one. I think she doesn’t like you Riley. Maybe she thinks you’re trying to steal me away from her. ”
“Which isn’t true. She is still your friend. Nothing wrong with having two friends.” Riley said to Chase.
“Right. She is about to get an earful. What should I do?” Chase asked.
Riley thought for a moment. By the way his face looked, you would have thought him and Sally were twins.
“I got an idea, but it is a bit crazy. Not sure if you’ll be up for it.”
Chase didn’t stutter. “Oh, I am up for anything. If she is trying to hurt me and hurt you, I will do the same to her. I am tired of her shit. She plays this poor me thing off too much. Tell me Riley, what’s your idea?”
Riley told him everything. He explained it all. It was a good idea. If Chase said no to it, Riley would do it himself. He even said that. He wasn’t going to let some chick tell him who he can and can’t be friends with. Sally was about to get what’s coming towards her. She can play ball pretty good but Riley and Chase can play it better. They just needed to make their move. It was a long shot. All they needed was a yes and the plans were to be set in motion.
“Good luck Chase. Let me know what happens. Hopefully we can get her back at her own game. Later buddy.” Riley hung up.
It was all up to Chase now. Well not really. He had to be persuasive. He had to talk out his ass and make it work. Chase took a deep breath and dialed the number. It rang a few times.
“Hey this is Chase. This Tina?”
“Yeah.” she said.
“Okay. Look we need to talk.” He said. He wasn’t too sure about this. Woman aren’t like men. They tell each other everything. Tina could tell Sally everything. They could end up playing them as well.
“Sally told me some things about you. Some pretty horrible things. You think we can meet somewhere and talk? The mall or something?”
“What!? Sally! She’s like my best friend! What did she say?”
“I know she’s your friend. That’s why I am concerned. Look can we meet? It would better that way.”
“okay, sure. Let’s meet at the mall in a hour.”
“Thanks Tina. And sorry about Sally. She’s been acting different.” He hung up. So far, so good. The plans are now set. Now, it is time to start the real fun.

Tina was at the fountain waiting for Chase to arrive. She was puzzled about the whole thing. Sally is one of her best friends. Why would she start saying things about her? Maybe it wasn’t just the beginning. Maybe Sally was saying things the whole time. Tina wasn’t going to let Sally get the best of her. She was going to show Sally what she really thought of her. Tina should have thought as much. Sally was always putting her down for the people she hung out with. She didn’t liked to be judged. Where is Chase? They were supposed to meet ten minutes ago. What was taking him so long?
It did give her time to think. She thought about a lot of things. Mainly about her friendship with Sally. If this was all true, how would this change it? Could they talk through it and become friends again? Or, will Sally continue on with the lies and push Tina over the edge. She already pushed Chase over the edge. That wasn’t a smart thing to do. Now Chase, her once best friend is out to get her and ruin her for life. Sally’s dreams were gone. Her best male friend was gone. Once Tina is out of the picture, Sally will have no one but herself. Chase liked that idea. He wants Sally to know how it will feel to be alone.
Chase came walking in. He was alone. He waved to Tina and smiled. “This is gonna be good.” He said to himself.
“Sorry, I’m late. I had to do some chores. You know parents.”
Tina laughed. “Believe me. I KNOW parents. My parents are very strict. I am shocked they let me out of the house to come here.”
“Where did you say you were going?” Chase asked her.
Tina smiled, “Oh I didn’t tell them anything. I just left.”
“So Chase, tell me what Sally was saying about me. I need to know.”
“Oh okay. That’s why were here.” Chase sat down next to her. “This goes back far. She always said you were like a lap dog. How you followed her around everywhere. How you always had to be like her. Same haircut, clothes, music, movies, taste in food, everything. She said you wanted to be her.”
“I don’t want to be like her! I like Sally a lot but never enough to be a copy cat.”
“Let me finish.” Chase interrupted her. “She called you a whore, a slut, a skank. You name it, she called you it. She hates being around you. She even said how you are the one responsible for me not wanting to date her.”
“She wanted to date you!? I didn’t know that.”
“She said she talked to you all the time about it. She said how you always told her not to ask me. That I would turn her down, which I did, but that is besides the point. She said that you wanted me and the only way it would happen is if you told her to back off me and not bother with relationships.”
“She said all that!? I don’t know what to say.” Tina was floored. Her best friend stabbed her in the back and was spreading some pretty nasty rumors about her. “I don’t know how to thank you Chase. I really don’t. I think you’re a really great guy. You know what a true friendship is all about.”
“It was nothing. So Tina. What are you going to do about Sally? You gonna tell her off? Treat her how she treated you?”
“I don’t know. Let me see what she says.” From behind the corner, walked out Sally.
“You fucking bitches! I should have known!” Chase jumped up and was going to walk away.
“Not so fast.” Sally said. “Sit your ass down.” Chase knew he was defeated. He did as he was told. “Why all the lies Chase? Huh? Why?”
“What about what you told Riley!? I never did those things. You lied, just like me.”
“It doesn’t matter Chase! You broke my heart! You have this coming to you.”
Sally and Tina ran and tackled Chase to the ground. There was a struggle. Chase tried his best to free himself but the girls were all over him. The girls finally got him to his feet. Sally and Tina managed to get his hands tied behind his back. “Let’s go out the other way. Less people come in through those doors.” Tina said.
“Okay. Thanks for telling me about this Tina.”
“It’s no big deal. That’s what friends are for.” The girls hurried outside. Waiting in a dark minivan, was Sally’s older brother Frank. He was always there for Sally. When he heard about this kid Chase breaking her heart, he did what any other good brother would do. He set up a kidnapping. “Let’s go Frank before someone sees us.” Frank helped the girls toss Chase in the van and they sped off.
The mall walkers and shoppers didn’t notice a thing. It was just another normal day at the mall to them. It was the perfect day to shop and to walk. It was always the perfect day for a murder. At least for Chase it would have been. Still sitting outside, at the other entrance was Riley. He was hiding in the bushes with a gun he stole from his dad. It was in his plan to Chase to lure Tina to the mall and shoot her when she walked out with Chase. Riley just sat there, waiting. It was taking longer than he expected. “Where are they!?” he thought to himself.



I am not going to start blogging tonight. It is really late for me and I am tired. A storm is coming my way so I should turn off the computer and hope that I don’t get shocked or worse, killed by my computer.

Speaking of storms and computers, ever since I saw the first Final Destination, I worry about getting killed by my monitor. Remember the scene when the teacher sets the coffee cup on it and it drips down into the monitor? BAM! That’s what I see happening to me. Tiny shards of monitor glass all up in my face.

Okay…I guess I am blogging more than I said I was going to. I am not very familiar with WordPress but it doesn’t seem too hard to figure out. The point of this site is not to be yapping away about my fear of being murdered by my computer, bad horror movies, or even personal stories about me. The site is about food. It will be about food. Here and there, I’ll talk about random shit.

update: I am currently updating my site. Going through each post, one by one. I mentioned how this site was just going to be about food. Well, it’s not. It was but after a while it got boring and I decided to just blog about whatever comes to mind. Lots of what I write here is me just talking out of my ace. Please don’t take everything on here to heart or seriously. Find your sense of humor and use that. That’s what this site is about. I am being funny. I think I am being funny.

Take care.