Messy Desk

It’s Messy In Here

There is a little bit of a mess going around on my site right now. I knew this was going to happen. I just ignored it and hoped that maybe it would just fix itself. I was with Josthost. Yeah, they suck. After having some lots of issues I switched hosting companies a while ago. I never did fully switch things over correctly. Some links will not work (they are linking over to the old domain of idonteatthat.com). The same issue is affecting the graphics, audio, and other media items.

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The Old .Calm

I want to tell you a story. This is a story about a tiny forum that became something entirely else. I have discussed  the forum before and discussed the website as well. (here and here) The original website was a place for me to post a movie titled, Shoo Doggie Shoo. To those that were part of Sims Online Stratics, you know the story about that. I created a forum to post some other of my work online. It was just a place to share my writings and other works. I added in some forums and let it go. It started to become an alternative to ‘stratics.com’.  A group of us (the lemmings) become like a family and since this ‘war’ had broken out, we took it to the extreme and did just that. We made it a war.

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Hello From .Calm

After some failed attempts at getting this site online, I finally did it. Please make sure you ignore the Idonteatthat.com URL and get the URL for pitweston.com imbedded in your brain. I will be working the next few days on getting this site up to par. I will make sure links work. I will make sure all the files and behind the scenes data work perfectly. I have some ideas in the work and will be getting them implemented as soon as I can. This will keep me busy for some time. My site has been down for a few days with all this switching over to a new server. I could have easily contacted my hosting company to do the work for me but it was nice to know that I can do it myself…even if I failed more than once. Keep watch and I will be posting the updates to the site and letting you know when I change up anything. Thanks for sticking around and I promise to post more than once a month. It’s a blog, not sex during marriage.



JustHost: The Finale

The sun is setting on this hosting company. Soon, my site will be on a new server with a better uptime than the crap I deal with here. Within the next few days, I will be making some changes to the blog and hopefully making it more user friendly and add some nice features.

The website will also be different. I will no longer be found at this current site. My new site will be what I once had before. You can find the new site at http://pitweston.com At the moment, the site is nothing down.Keep looking here until you see a message from me about a redirect. This is a headache for me. I didn’t really think I would be doing this but after dealing with all the headaches justhost has given me, it is time I leave and go back to the company I once had before. Goodbye, Justhost!


Easy question. When I first started to do a blog, I was going to just do a blog about food. It started that way but it didn’t take too long to see that I wasn’t doing a great job of keeping it up. I ended up posting about anything and everything. I will write about movies, life, work, and food. Since the site isn’t about food and really nothing really about, foods i don’t eat, the domain idonteatthat.com is useless. That is why I am going back to my old domain of, pitweston.com

If you knew me before this site, then you probably know all about the antics that took place on .calm. It was just a forum and nothing more. I took the site down a while ago. The site ran its course. I planned on just deleting the forum and erasing all things from the site. I didn’t. I kept the sql file for the forum. It sat in a folder on my C drive for years.

I was curious about it. I wanted to see if it would work. I installed the pbpBB forums to my site. I installed it all and installed the database file. Nothing. I received errors left and right. I scraped the idea and put the sql file back into keeping. Yesterday, I tinkered with it again. I was really ready to see if I can get it to work. I spent a good time on it. I uploaded it and installed the forum again. Error. Instead of quitting, I copied the error and googled it. I found the answer and fixed it. Refresh the page.

Another error. Once again, I copied it and fixed that one too. With each error I got and everything that needed to be fixed, I did it. I did it till the site finally worked and all posts were readable. The site is fully functional. If I wanted to, I can get it going again and see it have life again. Do I? I was thinking of maybe putting it back up when I go back to pitweston.com. Do I resurrect the forums and let people post on it again? I thought about it and I decided not to. I will have a link for it. Those who care to can view it. As of now it is located here. (old forums) I read some of it. Funny stuff. Oh, if you are reading this and you are a member of the site and don’t remember password or login, let me know. I will get you access.

Please be patient while I get the site up and running fully. I have a few ideas brewing inside my noggin’. Thank you for visiting me here at idonteatthat.com. You will be finding me at .calm very soon.



Am I Just Writing To Write?

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now. I sometimes forget to blog and other times I just have no idea what to write. I write cause I enjoy it. I do hope people are visiting my site to read it and not just click a link and see that it isn’t what they wanted and move on to another blog, probably a more, well established one. But I keep at it. I keep blogging cause it gives me something to do. Yes, I would love to see hundreds of people stop by, read something on here and comment on it. That way, I at least know people are reading what I write. But sometimes it feels like I am just writing to no one. Should I try to focus on one thing and not jump around from one thing to another? Is there really some book I should read or rules to follow when you write a blog?  I don’t know. No matter. I will continue to write what I want. I will write about work. I will write about food, movies, and more often than not, I’ll write about the witch and the other evil forces that plague my complex.

If you do read this blog, thank you. I hope you enjoy it. I wish you would leave a comment or two and converse with me with whatever it is I write. Maybe some feedback once and a while will do me good. Maybe I will find that great idea that will launch this site into something that I would never dream of. Until that happens, I will write whatever comes to mind.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to leave some feedback. Oh, if you’re wanting to write a blog too, let me know. I love when people other than me post on my blog. I’m always looking for another voice. I’ll be happy to set you up to be a contributor. Blogging is fun. Interested? Let me know.

email me at pitweston@gmail.com