The Michael Wong Show: Part VII

Continuing from the last entry, this will be the final addition to the “Michael Wong Show”. Coming back from the commercial break, Michael once again performed a top ten list. This top ten list in this episode was titled, “Top Ten American Games Chinese People Cannot Figure Out”. This was also the last time we get to meet Gizmo. His appearance in this episode was short. I did find the top ten list to be amusing. It’s nice to see that Michael is also an ass to his own people.

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The Michael Wong Show: Part VI

After the first episode aired, there were numerous complaints from the old and young alike. Not everyone loved the show. There were groups of people who despised him and everything he did. It was a shock to many that the next day before they were to rehearse episode two, a line of protesters stood outside. They shouted about hate speech, and his lack of judgment. One woman was quoted as calling him, ‘a stain on the human race’.

Even with the hoards of protesters, Michael and his staff ignored their boos and hisses, and walked in the studio to complete what would be their last episode of the short-lived talk show.

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The Michael Wong Show: Part V

If you missed the first part of episode one, click here. You can watch the other parts of the series here, here, and here. It’s hard to decide which episode was better. Though I haven’t posted the second last episode yet, it will be hard for you to judge at the moment. Hopefully, I will have the rest up online within the next few days. After “Special Education Boy” left the stage, Michael Wong took a commercial break. It is hard to believe that a show such as this had many sponsors that actually wanted to be associated with the show.

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The Michael Wong Show: Part IV

After the pilot ran and the review board decided to give the show a time slot, Michael took to the air with a fantastic first show. Unlike many other late night talk shows, Michael’s show only ran thirty minutes. It would seem as if it wasn’t enough time to showcase his talent but Michael did it. He brought the house down and introduced us to some guest that we have never heard of. The only guest some people may be familiar with is, “Rap Master Funk Ass P”. He appeared during the pilot and was welcomed back to debut the full and unedited hit song, “My Sister P”. Being the first show of his career, it ran into problems first off.

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The Michael Wong Show: Part III

I hope you’re still reading about the show. If you’ve missed the first two installments, click here for part one and click here for part two. You won’t regret it. I know you’re all waiting for me to bring you the only two episodes to air but I feel it is important to showcase the pilot that brought Michael Wong to the television. In the first part of the pilot, we met “The Man From Oklahoma” and “Rap Master Funk Ass P”. I wasn’t too thrilled about the Oklahoma Man but you got to live with what you got. Rap Master Funk Ass P wasn’t the only big name star to appear on the show. You may be asking yourself how did such a Hollywood elite come to appear on a show that looks like it was produced by a third grade class? Do I have an answer? No. I wish I did. After the commercial break, we get to meet up with Jim Carrey! This isn’t some lame star with the same name but the real Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey had just starred in the movie, “The Truman Show”. With the success of the dramatic role, Carrey once again chose to stick with those kind of roles and hold off for a bit on the slapstick comedy he’s so well-known for. The movie didn’t so as well as people hoped. They weren’t ready for a serious role like this coming from him. The comedy in the movie was slim. There was some but there is only so many gay Eskimo jokes we can take before it becomes repetitive. Carrey has gone on the record for saying he doesn’t regret doing the role. He just wished people were more open to the possibly of him doing other things than just rubber face gags and fart jokes. I never say the movie. It wasn’t something I cared to see. At least when he appeared on “The Michael Wong Show“, we get to see a short clip of the movie.

If I were to decide on which guest was the best, I would have to say Carrey was. It looked as if Wong was a little more loose the second part of the show and these two actually had some sort of conversation. You can watch the clip of his guest spot on the show below. I have been a huge fan of Jim Carrey and was thrilled and a bit perplexed when I saw him appear on this show. I doubt we’ll ever see Brad Pitt or Drew Barrymore on this show. If any actor was to show up, I am guessing Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise. Those two have lost their marbles and we’ll fit in nicely with this group of misfits that run the show.


Did you ever see, “Gay Man in Alaska”? If you did, how was it? This is the first time we get to meet Wong’s sidekick, Gizmo. I am not joking around. Gizmo, from the hit movie “Gremlins” was Michael Wong’s sidekick. He is quite the ass to Wong. It would have been nice if he branched out and got his own show. If Alf can do it, why can’t Gizmo? The final guest on the show was a man from the middle east. His name is, Shani Nani. I am still unsure as to what he does but the dialogue between them is priceless. Like many of the guest Michael Wong has, he upsets him and berates him to no end. It boggles the mind to how Wong landed all the guest he did. When I get to posting the other two episodes, you’ll understand what I mean. Most of the guest ended up arguing with Michael or walking out in a huff. This might have been the only show that no guest left in such a pissed off manner.


Shani Nani finishes off the pilot episode. From how it ended, you’d think there would be more but there isn’t. If there is more, I don’t have the ending to the pilot. The full two episodes will be coming soon. I promise. There is a lot of work to do to edit the file. Please let me know what you thought of the pilot. I enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to watch the show. I am sure Michael Wong would be happy as well. You never know. Maybe the show will return for another take at the viewing public. Could you imagine if that happened!? What would he talk about? He’s been gone for 12 years. I am sure he has lots to talk about.