The Michael Wong Show: Part VII

Continuing from the last entry, this will be the final addition to the “Michael Wong Show”. Coming back from the commercial break, Michael once again performed a top ten list. This top ten list in this episode was titled, “Top Ten American Games Chinese People Cannot Figure Out”. This was also the last time we get to meet Gizmo. His appearance in this episode was short. I did find the top ten list to be amusing. It’s nice to see that Michael is also an ass to his own people.


After the list, Michael welcomed his first guest during the start of the second break. Not to make things seem normal, Michael welcomed the guest as, “Dirty Mexican Man”. It would have helped greatly if there was an interpreter on site. The Mexican Man scared me and I was sitting at home. How Michael didn’t get himself shanked, is beyond me. He was rude to the man from the moment he popped a squat. He too threatened Michael,


I can shoot both your eyes out with one shot.

After he threatened Michael, Dirty Mexican stormed off stage. It wasn’t anything new. Almost all his guest stormed off stage. The next guest only went by the name, “Poser”. He made a great entrance. Also, he seemed like the most normal guest the show has ever had. Poser spent a majority of the show gloating about being a great ball player and teaching Michael football. After an injury during a “Turkey Bowl” game, Poser quit the game of football and now runs in a number of marathons and ‘race for the cures’.


Poser tried getting Michael involved in a game but Michael wouldn’t have it. The tables were turned when Poser called Michael a derogatory name and demanded he shows to the next game. Poser slammed the ball into Michael’s face. The blow was hard enough that Michael had to leave the set. His producer, Shaggy took over to interview the last guest and end the show.

Shaggy welcomed out a man woman thing named, Bonnie. Bonnie was to talk about shopping and make up but chose to rant about non sequitur things. Bonnie’s appearance on the show sent shock waves into the LGBT community. Like every other group before them, they professed that having Bonnie on the show wasn’t to discuss beauty care but something to add a laugh track to. A jab at those who were different. The studio refused to comment on the allegations. Bonnie’s stint on the show, the top ten list, and many other things were all factors in the cancelling of the show.


This was the last time the show ever aired. The cancellation of the show was very two-sided. It depended on who you asked. If you asked twenty-something stoners, they probably would be the ones that rioted in the streets when the show was canned. Ask the naughty lady on shady lane and she probably praised the Lord when it was no more. The show caused some major controversy. It attacked many ethic backgrounds and let no one leave the stage unashamed. There has been talk about the show returning but there is better luck with Ghostbusters III being made than this show returning. It would be nice to see the show come back for one more go. Maybe not be as raunchy as the previous episodes but a more tame Michael Wong. Who knows. Maybe after all these years he grew a conscience. Get the word out and start a petition. Let’s try to bring this back! I hope you enjoyed this series on my blog. The Michael Wong Show was something that left a big impression on my life. I was honored to be one of the few that caught it when it aired on television. Take a look back at all the other posts and relive the show one last time.

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