The Michael Wong Show: Part VI

After the first episode aired, there were numerous complaints from the old and young alike. Not everyone loved the show. There were groups of people who despised him and everything he did. It was a shock to many that the next day before they were to rehearse episode two, a line of protesters stood outside. They shouted about hate speech, and his lack of judgment. One woman was quoted as calling him, ‘a stain on the human race’.

Even with the hoards of protesters, Michael and his staff ignored their boos and hisses, and walked in the studio to complete what would be their last episode of the short-lived talk show.

The show began like the one before. Trying to start a new segment on his show, “American Word”, Michael opted out on it and skipped over it. There were a few viewers who found the short portion of the show to be nauseating. Some people shouldn’t try to speak the English language. One of those people is Michael Wong. Michael introduced his first guest on the show. It was a man from the 1970’s. It took Michael a few tries to actually get his name correct. Once his did, the man talked about peace and his participation in the local group, Parents Ore Trouble.


The 1970’s man left the stage and Michael was quick to welcome his second guest of the night. Right from his debut on “Karl Meets Forrest“, Karl Childers made the mistake of appearing on the show. Michael isn’t a man to hold back his words or his feelings toward people. His made is clear that Karl was a “stupid man”, a “homo”, and even threaten him with ‘kicking his butt’ and mentioned how he was going to die. Karl never filed a lawsuit or any other action. When Karl would go on to appear on many other talk shows. When he did, he would change subjects when the incident on the Michael Wong Show would be brought up. It was something he was once quoted as saying, “the worst mistake of my life.”


The show took a commercial break. Michael was to have another guest after Karl Childers but with the homophobic remarks he made, the gentleman backed out. The rehearsal tape has gone missing over the years but the guest was said to be a very, flamboyant man. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand why he didn’t want to appear on the show. I do not know what took place or what was said. I would love to get my hands on that tape. The following commercials aired only once. Purina’s product wasn’t the success they wanted. Not many people purchased it. It was pulled from the shelves within a month of its’ initial release.


Cow Shit and Horse Piss was also a disaster. A number of people were sent to the hospital after consuming it. After the trial and the large settlements, the company folded. It shouldn’t have ever been sold to the public. The young male in the commercial was rushed to the hospital days after the gig. He died after contracting Cholera. Maybe the folks that created this erm…shitty product should have read up on what happens when you eat fecal matter.


There is more to follow. Please check back for the next and final entry to the Michael Wong Show.

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