I Don’t Eat There Anymore.

I am a picky eater when it comes to many things (like potatoes). It isn’t just food, it’s a lot of things. We all have our little quirks when it comes to things. I have an issue with straws. I’ll use them in certain style cups and won’t in others. I can’t use them in glass cups. I can’t and I won’t. I worked with a guy who could only have 14 ice cubes in his cup. Or was it twelve? No matter. That eff’ed up. Can’t talk really. I have problems of my own. Aside from my cup and straw rule, food is an important thing in my life. I like food. I really, really like food. If I had the chance I would eat all day. You might be thinking, what about gaining weight? Aren’t you worried about that? No I am not. I was gifted with a strangely high metabolism. I can eat and eat and not gain a pound. I am not worried about when I hit forty. I don’t think I’ll hit forty with my life style. If I don, that will be a joyous day. The angels with sing and a parade will be held in my honor.

I was determined to cook more at home. You know, eat healthier. That happens once in a blue moon. Cooking all day at work and then going home to cook more? No thanks. I’ll have someone else cook for me. Even if that means pulling a four-hour, greasy burger from a pan and slapping it on a stale bun. I am cool with that. Don’t get me wrong, I like a home cooked meal. I just get lazy. I put all my effort and energy it at work. I rather just be lazy at home. No sense in dirtying a dish. Also, ever try cooking for one person? It’s hard.

There are a few places around where I live that I refused to eat at anymore. I don’t miss it since there are other options. Some might be further away but it makes me feel better knowing I don’t have to put myself through those ordeals again. Below is a list of places I will not visit again. If you’re in the area, take my advice and don’t eat at these locations.


Popeye’s Chicken

4307 N Chouteau Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64117

Popeyes ChickenThere are two Popeye’s Chicken locations near me. I would go to this one more than the other. That was, until that fateful Thursday. I know it was a Thursday cause ‘Bones’ was on. I went to get my normal meal I get there at the time. I go with the, three-piece chicken (dark meat, original), side of mashed potatoes, biscuit, and a soda. I ordered my food and went home. I know I could have looked before I left but I am trusting person and assumed they got the order right. You know what they say when you assume something? Anyway, I get home and what do I find? Two breast and a wing. Yep. Totally wrong. There have been times when I would just suck it up and eat it but I wanted what I ordered. I wanted my dark meat chicken. So I pack up my food and travel back to the establishment. I am in line and approach the counter. The lady asks me what is wrong. I explain to her that I ordered dark meat and received white meat. She apologizes to me and says she will fix my order. Instead of tossing the food already handled my me, she takes the chicken and places it back on the rack to serve again. Double You Tea Eff? Are you serious!? You are really going to serve that again? I know I didn’t do anything to it. I know I just placed it back in the bag and brought it back to you. But it left the store. It traveled back to my house. Now, you expect someone else to eat that? My meal was fixed. I am still bewildered why I ate the dark meat chicken. I mean, that chicken could have been brought back too. I did email their corporate office and tell them about it. I got a call back from a lady and she was forgiving. They viewed the cameras and saw nothing of the sort. She didn’t accuse me of lying. She insisted this isn’t protocol. They use fresh chicken and serve people the best. Needless to say, I swore off that place after that happened to me. Maybe it was a one time thing. Maybe I imagined it all. Whatever the case may be, i refuse to eat at that Popeye’s again. I still haven’t.


4315 N Chouteau Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64117

SubwayThis strip mall is bad news for me. They didn’t screw up my order. The food was always fine. It was the way the lady behind the counter treated me. Maybe I was having a bad day. I probably had rage when I went in there. Maybe she was having a bad day. I don’t know. I am not worried about and I really don’t care. I refuse to eat there. Like the above mentioned place, I still haven’t gone back. I go in to get my meal. I entered the place. I was ready for my cold cut combo. The gal behind the counter could have been a centerfold for the ‘trailer trash whoe’ of the month. I am the only one in there. I walk up and I stand in line to order. She washes her hands (kudos!) and puts on some new gloves. I could already tell she is going to be a bitch. She slouches forward, gives me this ‘whatever’ look and says, “yeah, um…you need something?” Whoa. Don’t be like that. She was actually pissed that I walked in there. Sorry if I was disturbing you. If you want, I can wait till the monster truck rally is over to order. Maybe you need to cash that check from the Maury show. I am happy that you proved his is the baby’s daddy but that can wait. If that isn’t the case then I am sorry, you might have served a few years for robbery but right now, you’re serving me. So chin up. And make my damn sandwich. It was a sorry excuse for a sandwich. Am I justified for not wanting to go back there for poor service? I think so. Working in retail, it is all about service. Even if you’re not happy, put on a happy face and pretend like you are for five minutes. I like subway. I enjoy the food there. I am about to add another Subway on the list if the Andre the Giant look-alike doesn’t stomp around like an oaf anymore. Sorry your job sucks. Make my sandwich then enjoy that rack of lamb you brought for a snack after I leave. At least I have 31,452 other locations to get my order right.


Kam Sheng

7809 North Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, Missouri 64118

Kam ShengThis is not the same name of the place when I went there. It appears chinese restaurants change their names faster than Larry King changes wives. It could have gotten better or worse. One place I enjoyed, moved and changed their name. The food isn’t the same and it just doesn’t feel right. I still go there. They haven’t pissed me off enough not to. For Kam Sheng (or whatever they are going by now), I went with my old boss for a lunch and some chat. It was his first time going there. I raved about it. I let him know it was delicious. I went there all the time. They knew me and it was nice to walk in and they were already getting my food ready. So we go. It was a nice day. I order my general chicken and he orders some cashew chicken. We eat and talk about work and this and some of that. At one point in the meal, he gasps and pulls a long hair from his food. It was big. He pushes his food aside and refuses to eat more. I was shocked. I really was. How much hair have I eaten already? I rave about this place to him and his first time going, he gets hair in his food. It didn’t happen to me but just knowing that there was hair in his food, makes me think there will be hair in mine. After that visit, I haven’t returned. I enjoyed their food. They had the best general chicken. The new place I go, it’s okay. It’s not as spicy as I would like it. I like my general chicken spicy. Oh, and without hair. You can leave that out.




7412 North Oak Trafficway
Gladstone, Missouri 64118

McDonald'sIt’s only been less than two weeks since I put this place on my list of giving the middle finger to. Again, the food isn’t tainted with hair. They aren’t putting the food back in the shelf to serve. They just can’t get my order right. Ever. For a long time, I stopped eating their burgers. I am a nugget guy. I cannot count the number of times my sauces have been wrong. It’s BBQ and Sweet and Sour. I don’t ask for Honey Mustard. Take your time and think it through. Use what little brain you have left and process my request. I usually end up with a Honey Mustard tossed in. Once, they gave me six of them. Did I get any BBQ or Sweet and Sour? Nope. I had to eat my nuggets with nothing. I even asked to make sure they got my sauces in there. “Oh yes. I put your BBQ and Sweet and Sour in there.“. Obviously, she isn’t too bright. With my sauces always coming up short or wrong, I am hesitant about even ordering it anymore from this location. With my burger ban over, I returned to getting cheeseburgers and quarter pounders. Not to put too much stress on them, I ask politely for them to leave off the pickles. Leave off pickles means to leave them off. Omit them. I don’t want pickles. Whatever school they went to, whatever mommy and daddy taught them about the word ‘no’, never clicked. Each time, every visit there, I could come home with pickles on my sandwich. Yes, I can pick them off and I do. But that isn’t my job. My job is to order. Your job is to complete my order and make it right. If you think about it, I am making their job easier. I am giving them less items to put on the sandwich. You’d think they would thank me for that. And how do they thank me? By effing up my order and losing a customer. I will still eat at McDonald’s but I will be getting my nuggets and burgers elsewhere. Thank you for pissing me off. If it happens again…so help me!

Pizza Hut

All Locations

Pizza Hut LogoI already explained this before about why I don’t eat here. I never had a bad experience with them but after he told me that the location he worked at (which was the that I ordered from) was dirty and never cleaned, I added them to my ban list. Sorry to group them all together. But I just can’t eat their pizza knowing it’s dirty.  It’s a tough world we live in but I gotta do, what I gotta do.


You’d think I would have many more places that I avoid. I thought the same thing too. But as orders get screwed up, bodily fluid or hair in my food, I find ways to add places to my no fly zone. I am not saying you shouldn’t eat at these places. You’re welcome to. Do what you want. I am just giving you reasons not to. I like food. I like it be correct. I want what I ordered. I don’t want to open the bag and see otherwise. If I add more places, you betcha I will make another post warning you to not eat there. It’s tough being a picky eater. If I keep this up, there is going to be no more places for me to eat at.




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