I have an issue with texting.

I have an issue with texting. I am not saying I don’t text. I do text. I text a lot but nothing compared to the amount of texting a teenage girl will do. My issue with texting is on the same level with the people who don’t put their phone down when you’re trying to assist them. I mentioned that before. You can read about my anger over people being rude when they talk on their cellphones when you’re serving them. It’s more of a customer service thing but even under the circumstances of having a conversation with a friend, that too irks me. We’re hanging out. Put the damn phone down and let’s chill. I didn’t waste my time driving over to your place to sit here while you talk to someone else via text. My issue with texting is the poor use of grammar. I want to have a conversation with you but I cannot ignore the fact that when we’re texting, you’re using texting lingo and or, leaving out words just to save time on texting.

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