I have an issue with texting.

I have an issue with texting. I am not saying I don’t text. I do text. I text a lot but nothing compared to the amount of texting a teenage girl will do. My issue with texting is on the same level with the people who don’t put their phone down when you’re trying to assist them. I mentioned that before. You can read about my anger over people being rude when they talk on their cellphones when you’re serving them. It’s more of a customer service thing but even under the circumstances of having a conversation with a friend, that too irks me. We’re hanging out. Put the damn phone down and let’s chill. I didn’t waste my time driving over to your place to sit here while you talk to someone else via text. My issue with texting is the poor use of grammar. I want to have a conversation with you but I cannot ignore the fact that when we’re texting, you’re using texting lingo and or, leaving out words just to save time on texting.

I will spend time when I sent a text. I don’t like having spelling errors or even using shorthand to shorten the text. I will capitalize letters and I will use proper punctuation when I talk to you via text. I am not being a prude when I do this. It’s just how I am. If I am going to send you a message, I will be damn sure that I will speak like a human and not someone with little knowledge of the English language. I know I am not the best speller and I know my grammar is poor at times but when just sending a simple text, I take the time to spell each word out. I don’t want to see you use “b4″ instead of before and don’t use run on sentences. There is something called a period. I highly suggest you use it.

I am not singling out one person. Most of the people text me will use shorthand words and forget about the period. It’s one of those things that irk me. I know I have poor grammar. I said it before and from reading my blog, you know very well that I am a D student in that certain aspect of education. When I blog, yes, I should be proofreading my stuff and be damn sure that all things are correct and not full of grammatical errors and misspelling that are so obvious, you’ll wonder how in the world I passed English class?

But texting isn’t blogging. I am not writing a book or something that will be read by millions of people. It’s a text between two people and hopefully, it doesn’t go any further than that. I’ve learned my lesson when sending out a text, thinking it was being sent to just the original sender and not the entire list of people within the message. Thank heavens the reply I sent wasn’t too non-politically correct. It was more along the lines of being a bit anti-Semitic. Had it been sent to the wrong people, I would be in trouble with many angry people. That was my faux pas. I have no one but my drunken self to blame for sending out that message. But when I did sent it out, even being in the poor judgmental, I laughed and laughed.

Please take your time when texting me. You’re sending me a quick message that is no more than a few words. You don’t have to break out a dictionary or a thesaurus to impress me with big words that I’ll spend more time looking up just to figure out what the hell you’re saying than I will reading and then responding to your message. Small words and proper punctuation. That is all I am asking for.

I am well aware of auto-correct and the humorous outcomes it can create but browsing that site, I am sure that 99% of those photos are fake and they are only there to get a quick laugh. Auto-correct can screw up a message. It has happened to me. I, unlike most people, reread my message before I send it. I like to be sure all words are correct. I like to make sure I am using capital letters, and want to be sure that I am not sending you a run on sentence that will leave you gasping for air before you reach the end of my long message.

I don’t like internet lingo. I don’t like when you speak me to through texting with internet phrases, like LOL, BRB, or TTYL. Is it that hard to type a few extra letters when conversing with someone through texting? Yes, texting should be quick and an easier way to communicate with someone rather than calling them and have an actual phone call. I cannot recall the last time I had a phone call with a friend. Texting is easier and much better than speaking. If you know me, which you don’t, but if you happened to know me then you know that I am a terrible speaker. I dislike phone calls or anything that entails speaking in public or in front of a crowd. I am sort of like that kid in the google commercials who has an issue with glossophobia.


At least that little s**t scores the girl at the end (which is more than I can say for myself),  if he ever gets over his fear of talking to girls. Sorry, I rambled. Where was I? Ah, yes. Texting people rather than speaking to them. I rather write notes or letters to folks than talk face to face. I feel I am much better at speaking with someone through writing than I am speaking one on one with them.

Saying that, it isn’t hard to understand why I cherish texting and the proper way two people should reply to each other when having a conversation that involves the use of thumbs and not the mouth, which if you ask me, communicating via phone is going out like Blockbuster. I am not looking for the person on the other end of the text to dig up a thesaurus and pick a word that is way better than a simple words must people understand. You don’t need to use big words or sound all high and mighty when texting. I am not looking for you to find another word for, tired or hungry. Those words are fine. If you want to say those words, do so. I just don’t want you to switch those words out for short-handed alternatives or misspell them in such a way that no person (aside from yourself) will know what you mean.

I should get off my high horse and admit that I do make mistakes when I text. I at least try to fix it with another quick grammar_nazitext, sending you the correct word with a tiny asterisk. It solves any issues that may pop up after my text is sent. Believe me. I have been sent many of texts that are incoherent and to no avail, will I be able decipher the word or words you actually meant to send me.

Take this to heart. If you are going to text a friend, a family member, or any person you know, please take your time when sending the message. Also, before you send that important message, double-check yourself.  Be sure that the message is correct. Make sure you are using the proper there, their, they’re or the correct usage for, to, too, or two. Not to be a grammar nazi and as mentioned before, I am not trying to sound like I am the best typer or the best candidate for the “best grammar user” award. I bet you can find dozens (if not more) errors in this entry alone. I am not making this a blog post about proper grammar usage. It’s about texting and the hatred I have for those who lack common sense when sending a quick message. I want, no I need to be able to understand the message you sent me. No telling if you’re wanting to happen with grandma. I just like to send a text that is legible and readable and not just a jumbled group of letters that form nothing and make you resemble a third-grader just learning about contractions, capitalization, and the importance of commas.

Grammar is important.

Grammar is important.

I hope that I made myself clear when it comes to texting etiquette. Please try your best to spell words correctly and not use the atrocious things modern society has fallen prey to, internet lingo and the lack of the english language. You can scoff at me or you can ignore everything I have said. I just hope that I reached one person or maybe I share a similar viewpoint to this simple aggregation I deal with when I receives texts from family, co-workers, and friends.  But if I didn’t make an impression on you with my hatred towards poor texting, I will continue to feel pity on you. I wish you the best and when the world goes dark and loses all electricity (Revolution), I hope you can recant how to write a letter the proper way and avoid all the slang and silliness you use like it’s no big deal.




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