Day 3: The Aftermath

Day 3: The Aftermath

All the major news networks were covering the bombing. Every channel and all hours of the day. The world had their fingers pointed at everyone different than them. If you weren’t an American, you were a suspect in the destruction of Time Square. The terrorist won and succeeded in their heinous act. The first part of the plan set in motion got them one step closer to the de-evolution of mankind. With the images of Time Square plastered all over television, people everywhere feared the worst. Every major city went on lock down. It was a safety measure. We couldn’t be too careful. Who knows if this was just a one time thing or the start of a nationwide, even a worldwide terrorist attack. With the bombing still familiar in everyone’s mind, no one was aware of the virus that was lingering in the air. To those that were torn apart by the blast, they were the lucky ones. Everyone else is free game to the highly contagious virus. But how long would it be before the virus was to react and began to change those infected? The night after the attack, the President of the United States appeared on television to address the people. His priority was not to instill panic or revenge but a message of hope and uniting with others.

My fellow Americans,

With the beginning of a new year, we all look forward to a chance to improve ourselves. A chance to change our ways and set goals. Moments after the year began, the hopes and the changes we yearned for were ripped away by a group of cowards. Cowards whose only goal was to make the world fear them. We shouldn’t be afraid. We shouldn’t cower in the corner or run away. Hiding and running away only put us in a state of suspended animation. The grip of fear will only hold us back. We won’t be able to move on, to put our feet forward to a new year and a new chance of life. We must move forward…

He could eat his own words. He was out for blood. He wanted revenge. He wanted them to pay for their crimes. He knew nothing about the virus. He was clueless about the biological warfare the army had be secretly working on. To those that knew, they were prepping and gearing up for a new kind of world. The world as they knew it was over. They know the virus was stolen and the only suspect was the man they once thought of as, ‘that nice guy down the hall”. The virus was going to kill a majority of the countries population. That is what it was made for. But with the virus airborne, and the uncertainty of another attack,  the chances of containing it were lost. A cure was needed. They never thought of creating one. That wasn’t part of the plan. They were hired and ordered to create a biological virus that would aide in the war against terrorism. Now, with the attack in their own backyard, it was going to be around the clock work to mix one up. If it took years to create the virus itself, it would take just as long to get the cure going. With them keeping mum to the government, they prepped themselves for the impending doom. They know it would take two full days before the virus kicked in, and ended the lives of those infected. The virus was meant to kill people. It wasn’t meant to do anything more. That was its’ job. They tested it. They knew what it was capable of. But not every possible outcome is ever thought of. Not of the terrorist knew what the reaction between the virus and the explosives would create. It will only be a matter of tow days before the world changes forever. In two days, the dead will walk the earth.


This is the way the world ends…

This is the way the world ends…

This is the way the world ends….

This is the way the world ends…

Not with a bang but a whimper.

T.S. Eliot

If you were to ask anyone when the world was going to end, you can be sure they will say 12/21/12. Oh, those silly Mayan’s. Those mofo’s from so long ago decided to strike fear in the heart of (wo)man with a date so embedded in our minds, that we fear what will happen when that finally arrives. I find myself constantly watching documentaries about the topic. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, among other deadly acts of nature. These people go on to say that if we were to survive that, we would have to live through a nuclear winter. The massive ash clouds (from the super volcanoes) will block out the sun. Eventually, plant life will die. When the plants die, so does our livestock. But again, if we were to live through that, we’ll have to suffer through global blackouts. The world will grow cold and eventually, we’ll either be struck by planet X or a large solar flare will rip a hole in our protective seal and nuke everything.

Now we’re dead. What a crappy way to die. That’s only if their theories are correct. I had a theory.  I was sure the world was going to end on 09/09/09 but it didn’t. I was upset when it didn’t. Not that I am wanting the world to end with me in it but to pick a date and be sure as hill that it will and it doesn’t. Yeah, it pissed me off. According to something I read or was told (or maybe I just made it up and thought it was told to me), the actual number of the devil isn’t 666 but 999. It’s kind of like when you’re reading a book upside down. So I believed that Armageddon was going to fall upon us on 09/09/09. Not to mention, it was just a day after my 30th birthday and we all know there is no life after 30. Put those two tidbits together and, BAM! End of the world.

09/09/09 came and went. I woke up that day. I look outside. Hmph. No fire. No brimstone. Damn you, logic! I felt cheated. So if that wasn’t the big end of the world date, what is? Is it 12/21/12? Will we come to a halt on that day? I can go on and explain everyone’s theories about it just being their calendar and that’s when their cycle ends. But I don’t want to. I don’t believe that will be the day it all comes crashing down. When the world does come to an end, no one alive today will witness it. Could the date mean something? Maybe. Do I think so? No.

I went to see the blockbuster 2012. It was a waste of money. It was a movie disaster. (yes. I meant to write that). Sure it was exciting to watch California fall in the ocean. We witnessed a super volcano kill Woody Harrelson. Even the cool guy, John Cusack couldn’t save the world. And what happens at the end of the movie? It’s effin’ Noah’s Ark! Sorry if I spoiled it for you. As a favor, I won’t say what happens at the end of Titanic. The effects were awesome. The acting was weak. But like all the movies that preceded it, I went and watched it. I love disaster movies. I love movies about the end of the world or the end of the human race. So how will the world end?


It might not seem plausible but I will take this idea over all the others. I imagine far too often about this. It’s usually when I am driving home from the movies. There is this road I take always when I head back home. As I am driving down it, I get this picture playing in my head of a woman running down the street towards me. She is waving frantically. She is covered in blood. As I get closer, I see a man chasing her. Holy s*t! It’s a zombie. I slam on my breaks and stop in the road. She reaches my car and bangs on the window. I hear her screaming to let her in. I don’t though. I am frozen in fear. I see the zombie getting closer. She catches me staring at him and screams louder. I am still sitting there. I don’t know what to do. It’s not until the zombie lunges at her and she is tackled to the ground. He devours her, ripping the flesh from her arms and chest. I speed away and keep looking in my review mirror. The zombie is up and walking away. Ahead of me, I see a herd of zombies lurching out from the woods.

I’m effed.

This is usually when I snap back to reality and have a hard time deciding what I want to be. Do I want to be a zombie and feast on flesh or be one of those rebels who hunt down zombies? I think I would look good in camouflage. I want to wear combat boots (you’re mother wears combat boots). I want to have a backpack full of ammo, guns strapped to my body and a hunting knife tucked inside my boot. I’d be a bad-ass. Zombies just don’t decided to get up one day. They don’t just want to dance and hang with the King of Pop. Something has to start turning the wheels. I know exactly how it starts and who starts it. Let me break it down for you..