Bucket Lists 2013

This year is just about up. It went by fast. Really fast. I wish I could go back and list all the memories and the big events that took place this year but sadly, my life is just about as exciting as watching a Kansas City Chiefs game. I know tomorrow is New Years but I am going to do this a little early. You can read my 2012 bucket list here. Calling it a bucket list isn’t the wisest of things. I am not dying. Go read up on my resolutions from last year and when you get back, I can tell you how it all went. I wonder how many I completed and how many fell through. Go ahead and read it.

Vote: Election 2012

It is time for another election. It is time for you, the American people, to vote for the person who will lead this country into a better tomorrow. We’ve heard Romney and Obama speak and explained their views on different and very important subjects. When the polls open tomorrow and you are standing in that booth, you need to think long and hard about who you will vote for. Will this person lead the country down the correct path or will they lead this country down a path of corruption and lies? I know who I will be voting for. I have my faith that the candidate that I am for will make me proud. They will lead us forward and show the world that we are not a joke anymore. We are a powerful country and we need someone to show people that we are a great nation. Vote tomorrow. Don’t pretend like this election doesn’t matter because it does. It’s a very important election. You are voting for the person that will lead this country into victory or lead us into a mess of epic proportions. We’ve had great men lead this country and we need to keep it that way. Don’t tarnish the presidency because you feel your vote won’t matter. It does matter. The future is in our hands. Obama or Romney, the vote is yours. You just need to vote correctly because there is only one right choice. Let’s just hope you make it. Please vote correctly. We don’t want this country to crash and burn.

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One Week Down

I have been smoke free for a full week. How awesome is that!? I will admit that there were a few times that I would have loved to taste a cigarette one more time. But I didn’t. I am keeping myself strong and not giving in to my temptations. My car is stocked full of gum and mints. When I drive, I need something. Not always but I still like to keep myself busy, well keep my hands busy still. With no patches, no real support group, and no gum. I am doing this all cold turkey. So far, so good.

They say when you stop smoking, you’ll eat more. I don’t think I have had a bigger appetite. I still eat the same amount of food. I’ve drank a few nights so far and amazingly, no cravings. The only thing that does bother me is I am chewing on the inside of my mouth all the time. I guess it’s that or smoking again. I did this before a few years ago. That lasted 6 months. This time, I want to last infinity. Right now, the cravings are really going away. They say three day hump and after that it gets easier. I think it has. I think that if I can keep my mind set on not smoking and find another solution of stress, I can kick this habit once and for all. 


I hope there are other people out here right now doing the same thing. I hope other people realize that smoking is a pretty nasty habit. I am not going to push you to stop. If you smoke and people want you to quit, I say only quit when you feel ready. Don’t let others push you into quitting. No one told me to quit. I just did it all on my own.

It has been a week. 7 days of not smoking. 7 days of some eff’ed up dreams, 7 days of healing my lungs and breathing better. Eventually, I will try and be active and start running. If I run, I am totally going 5k. When I hit a month, I’ll get back to you and let you know if I am still smoke free or if I went back.


Bucket List 2012

The new year is drawing closer. This year has been nothing special. I did transfers stores. I still live with the zombie, the ghost, and now I live near a witch. I never completed a task I wanted to do this year. But that is okay. I am still writing but not writing enough. I don’t blog as much as I should. I wish I could go on say how this year was fantastic and I accomplished much but I didn’t. It was a boring year and with 2012 only a few days away, I am hoping to complete things I said I would. I even have some goals I would like to make. Below are some goals I have for 2012. It’s my bucket list of things to complete before 2013 arrives or if the Mayan’s are right about the end of the world, then I have till only December 21st to finish it. We survived the rapture once, we won’t do it again.

1) Write More.

If you read this blog or if you know me, then you probably know that I like to write. I am currently writing 2 stories at the moment and have 2 more on the back burner. They are all pretty good stories. I like to think all my stories are good. Even my book, Eden, was fantastic. It was finished many years ago but I never did anything with it. It needs to be heavily edited and tinkered with some. I still am pretty bothered by the ending but if I ever go back to it, I’ll revise it. You can read some of the book here or here.

Today, I had a fantastic idea about my current stories I am writing. None of the stories are about monsters or things that are made up. Each one is about the dark side of people and the scary things people deal with every day. I am writing 2 at the moment. I write one while I sit on break and the other is written at home. I thought today about having all these stories intertwine. Why not have people from one story show up in the other and vice versa? The only thing I have to fix in the story I am writing at home, is change the main characters name and add a few side stories about people from the story I a writing at work. I hope this isn’t confusing. I know this had been done before but I have never done it. I think this will be an excellent idea. It will be a great way for me to publish my work. Which leads me into my next item on my list.

2)Publish Something I Have Written.

With the idea I have about my current stories, this will be a fantastic way to try and sell more than just one story. I have been thinking about going the route of doing an ebook. I can sell it for about a dollar or two. I still have yet to think about a price but since I am not a famous writer, no one is going to run to amazon to buy my book. Sell it cheap. Why? Cause the first ebook I sell will have a few stories in it, plus one of the four I am planning on writing. You’ll  need to pick up the next ebook to see what happens next. That’s pure genius. I have plenty of stories I can send off places. There are a few on my site you can read. Even some poems you’re welcome to enjoy. Check them out here and let me know what you think of them.

Poem 1 Poem 2 Poem 3  Poem 4    Poem 5


I am still doing the same think I have been doing for 17 years. I am at a new store and getting in the training program to be a manager. Will it happen? I hope so. I just don’t know when. I would like it to be sometime next year. It’s time for me to stop playing second fiddle and be the man in charge. This promotion can and probably take me elsewhere. I don’t mind that. I am ready to move on. Believe me. After all the crap I went through a year earlier, I will take anything.

4)Move To A New State.

I have been saying this for years but I always seem to never go for it. Guess I like knowing that I am safe and aware of my surroundings. Packing up and moving is a scary thing. You’re in a new place and don’t know anyone. You have to relearn everything and find doctor’s, gas stations, places to eat, etc… But it’s something I want. If I was to ever get promoted and become a manager, I will be on the look out for a new city. I would even look for a new state. Being the new guy is nice. You can be whoever you want and no one would be the wiser. I tried that though. I tried that at my new store but I can’t be something I am not. I stuck with being the funny, everybody’s friend kind of guy. Still, the company I am at, everybody knows everybody.

5)Not To Die.

I am sure this is everyone’s list. My health is fine. Aside from my constant panic attacks and the smoking, I think I am doing pretty well. I just rather not die. If I do die, I want to kick some zombie ass. That would be nice.

6)Be Healthy.

If I don’t die, then being healthy is the way to go. I bought a bike a while ago but when I tried the first time to be healthy, all these problems started to happen. Now, I feel like I should go back and give it one more try. I want to quit smoking. I am aiming for the first of the year. I want to start riding my bike, and maybe follow in the steps of my sister and brother and try running. If I want to run or bike, I will need to stop smoking first. We’ll see on that one. I still suffer from the panic attacks which for a while, seemed to go away. I thought maybe it was work related. Eventually, the horrible feeling of dying came back. I am not going to the doctors. I rather not be medicated for the rest of my life. Guess the only one to blame about these attacks and letting them continue is my own fault. It’s not even the attacks that are affecting me now. I have been getting arthritis in my right hand. It comes and goes. Like the panic attacks, it’s another issue  I deal with. Not getting meds for that either. With all this crap slowing killing me, I wonder if I will ever go back to normal. I guess I can start with quitting smoking. Like I said, we’ll see if that happens.

7)Do Another Food/Drink Log For 2012.

I did it once already and know I can do it again. I still find myself snacking for too much. That isn’t an issue. I don’t gain weight. I can eat all I want and not worry about looking like a whale on the beach. I did the log last time for my own amusement. I am not looking into seeing if I should eat better. I already know I should. I won’t ever do that. Unless eating better means being healthier, then I guess I will have to start eating right. But who wants to take away those little things in life that make me happy? I will never stop eating junk food or stop off at fast food joints. I am too lazy to cook. Someone else can do it for me. Even if that person is some 14 year old, acne ridden kid just looking for some cash.

8)Survive The Zombie Apocalypse.

When 2012 happens, the world will end. We know that. When it does, we’ll be waging a war against zombies. I have plans to survive. I better survive. I can’t fire a gun but I know enough to last a while when they do rise and feast on our loved ones. Watch some zombie movies and you have your own guide to fend off the undead and help repopulate a world that is nothing but a giant wasteland.

9)Get Married And Have Kids.

Just kidding. I actually plan on avoiding this again. I don’t need a wife. I don’t need kids. I am sure I can do it. This is always on my list and I always seem to get this one checked off. 


There aren’t many things on my list. I am sure during the coming year, I’ll think of something I want to accomplish. I am not looking for  fame or fortune. Both be nice but I just want to complete the things I have listed above. I want to write more. I want to publish something. I want to get away from this state and go somewhere else. It all depends on my job and what and where it will lead me. I will go far. I will check off the items on this list. These are my goals for the year. I just have to get my act together and let myself know that I can do it and to stop looking at a glass half empty. 



Election Year – 2012

Are you sick of Obama already? Do you think he’s put this country into greater debt? Can you do something!? Sure you can! You need to vote. Your vote will count. You can make this country a better place. Your one vote can bring this country back to the top.With a new election year coming close, there will be a wide variety of people who will do all they can to get themselves in office. I had the chance to sit down with two hopefuls. They both have their eyes on the oval office. You can watch the debate video below.


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