How To Explain Technology To The Older Generation.

The world of technology is growing as a rapid pace. It’s hard for the knowledgeable to even grasp everything that changes. We all know that when you buy a computer, it will be out of date the moment you take it out of the box. That’s how fast things improve. I like to think that I am very tech savvy. I am not a pro in the field but I do know my way around gadgets and gizmos a plenty. But there are people who cannot understand it. When I say, “people”, I am talking about my mother. Bless her heart. She has an iPhone and for some reason, has an iPad, which I doubt she uses for nothing more than candy crush and words with friends. Are those two games still relevant now? She recently bought a new a computer. I had to go over and help her move some files. That was quite the task.

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Windows 7

Vista Comes With The Internet

I think the below film is loosely based on my mother. I can’t tell you how many times I have to explain to her how to install something, load something, copy/paste/delete files, or even, how to start her computer. She likes to tell me that I should go into the computer business because I can do so many things. I don’t think I am very tech savvy. I learned from other people and sometimes if I wanted to fix something, I’d spend all day fiddling with it till I figured it out.

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