How To Explain Technology To The Older Generation.

The world of technology is growing as a rapid pace. It’s hard for the knowledgeable to even grasp everything that changes. We all know that when you buy a computer, it will be out of date the moment you take it out of the box. That’s how fast things improve. I like to think that I am very tech savvy. I am not a pro in the field but I do know my way around gadgets and gizmos a plenty. But there are people who cannot understand it. When I say, “people”, I am talking about my mother. Bless her heart. She has an iPhone and for some reason, has an iPad, which I doubt she uses for nothing more than candy crush and words with friends. Are those two games still relevant now? She recently bought a new a computer. I had to go over and help her move some files. That was quite the task.

My mother isn’t the best at keeping her computer free of spyware, malware, and any other bad ware there is out there. She just clicks on anything and her computer is bogged down and crawls at a pace that will make you feel like you’re cruising AOL on a 56K modem.

That is pretty much my mom with computers. She is clueless about them and the every growing technology we are going through today. Like I said, I had to help her with her computer. It’s a nice computer. It’s touch screen, no tower and has a wireless keyboard and mouse. Her computer is better than mine. Still, she needed some files from her old one to get on the new one. She owns an external hard drive. While she did things in the other room, I slowing began pulling files from the old one and placed it on the hard drive.

harddriveShe walked in at some point, while I was putting them on the new computer. She asked about the files and where they were. I told her I was moving them over. She was confused. She didn’t know what the hard drive was. I tried telling her what it was. How the files are being transferred over to the drive, then I will move it from the drive to the new computer. She still questioned it. She didn’t know how to access them. I sat there, and thought of how I can explain it in an easy way that she will understand.

Okay, mom. Imagine the computer is a house. Now, you want to move to a newer house. We are going to use this hard drive. It’s now the moving van. We are going to take stuff from your “old house” and load up the van. We take the van to the “new house” and start unpacking, bringing stuff from the old house to the new one.”

That’s the best way I could explain how an external hard drive works. It’s a moving van. The computers are houses abeinternetand we are packing and unpacking to move from one computer to the other. She was worried that the drive wasn’t big enough. No need to worry. It’s a terabyte of space. That hard drive is like Mary Poppins bag of goodies. The entire world can fit inside that bag. You have enough space.

I still need to get her old computer back to her. I had to work on it. She things some things got lost in the move. I swore I packed everything right. I labeled the boxes folders what they were and little by little, moved the stuff on to the hard drive. But here I am, still telling her each day what a hard drive is. I swore one day I was going to write up a book for her on how to work a computer because it seems like every four months, her computer is infected with every virus known to man, but she doesn’t understand why she hasĀ programs she never “installed” on her computer. Now if I can tell her what an external hard drive is, maybe I can explain to her what a virus is and why it’s not okay to click on everything true thing you see on the internet, even if Abe Lincoln says it’s okay.


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