My Neighbor Is A Jehovah Witness

Or I can title this, My new neighbor is a complete nutcase. I don’t know much about the J Hos but I do know you make other religions look normal. I don’t even know what the fluck you believe. Please tell me. How crazy are you? I was ready to call an end to my story about the dead zombie wife and all that ties into it. I was sad that you moved in and weren’t contributing to the legend. But what happens the day after I post the finale to the story?

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I Went To A Mormon Service: Part I

MissionariesThis will be a 2 part post. I want to cover the sacrament part in ‘part one’ and ‘part two’ will be the sunday school/bible study and the 3rd part of the service where the men all gathered in a room to talk about guy stuff. If you find this blog and you’re a member of the LDS, don’t be offended by what I write. I respect your beliefs. While I do find some things odd, I am not going to stone you for your beliefs. I am writing what I witnessed during the service and also adding my humor and take on it. Will I attend the service again? Maybe. Will I convert? Doubtful. I started talking to the missionaries not because I wanted to become a member of your church but because your religion intrigues me. All religions do. As of now, I am still on this Mormon (LDS) kick. You can read their addition to the Dead Zombie Wife legend here. These two Elders (Elder D. and Elder S) invited me to attend service with them. It’s hard when I work on the Holy Day. I did promise them I would join them. It wasn’t an empty promise. I want to attend a mass. I really do. I just need to have that day off and when you work in the business of retail, getting a weekend off is darn near impossible.

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